The Everygirl 30 Day Challenge: Saving for the Holidays

Can we get a victory lap? Getting fit, staying fit and especially starting out your fitness journey can be trying on the best of days, but we’re glad you did it with us! Now that the challenge is over, will you keep it up? We love seeing your posts so keep them coming and let us know what workout had you hooked during the heart of fall.

Up next: Parties, hams, and white elephant gifts are on the horizon and budgeting for the season of spending is something we shouldn’t ignore. Avoid the stress of last minute gifting with this month’s #TEG30DayChallenge: 30 Days of Saving for the Holidays.

You don’t have to have all of your financial goals figured out right now, but making small adjustments to your day-to-day finances can carry into other areas of your budget. Start simple: tell us what small change you’re making to save a few extra dollars. Lunching in instead of at that spot around the office corner, a movie night in instead of happy hour with the girls, repurposing some of your summer dresses for a winter revival or sipping a homemade latte—are just a few ways you can save this season. Your budget and finances—with a little TLC and attention—will begin to make more sense.

Not convinced that bailing on your barista a few times a week will make a dent? How about this: We’ll be posting ten of our favorite savings stories and be giving away two $250 Visa gift cards to give a little extra oomph to your efforts. Do we have your attention now? Good. To enter, tell us what you’re going to do to begin saving, how much you plan to stash away and why, on Instagram. Tag us with #TEG30DayChallenge and keep us posted throughout the month on how it’s going.

photo by Jennifer Skog for The Everygirl