The Everygirl 30 Day Challenge: Saving for the Holidays

Can we get a victory lap? Getting fit, staying fit and especially starting out your fitness journey can be trying on the best of days, but we’re glad you did it with us! Now that the challenge is over, will you keep it up? We love seeing your posts so keep them coming and let us know what workout had you hooked during the heart of fall.

Up next: Parties, hams, and white elephant gifts are on the horizon and budgeting for the season of spending is something we shouldn’t ignore. Avoid the stress of last minute gifting with this month’s #TEG30DayChallenge: 30 Days of Saving for the Holidays.

You don’t have to have all of your financial goals figured out right now, but making small adjustments to your day-to-day finances can carry into other areas of your budget. Start simple: tell us what small change you’re making to save a few extra dollars. Lunching in instead of at that spot around the office corner, a movie night in instead of happy hour with the girls, repurposing some of your summer dresses for a winter revival or sipping a homemade latte—are just a few ways you can save this season. Your budget and finances—with a little TLC and attention—will begin to make more sense.

Not convinced that bailing on your barista a few times a week will make a dent? How about this: We’ll be posting ten of our favorite savings stories and be giving away two $250 Visa gift cards to give a little extra oomph to your efforts. Do we have your attention now? Good. To enter, tell us what you’re going to do to begin saving, how much you plan to stash away and why, on Instagram. Tag us with #TEG30DayChallenge and keep us posted throughout the month on how it’s going.

photo by Jennifer Skog for The Everygirl

  • Clara DV

    I love this challenge (and I really needed something like this right now!). I’m going to try to drink tap water instead of going to the drink machine. It doesn’t seem like much, but at the end of the day it’s at least $2 saved a day. Plus it’s a healthier choice than any soft drink.

  • Love this challenge and totally jumping in!! Going to love all the motivation!

    – Kaitlyn |

  • Ugh do I ever need this challenge!!! I’m usually pretty good with bringing homemade lunch and coffee to work, but as soon as I fall off the wagon, it’s 2 weeks of downward spending spiralling. Gotta keep it up and save some $$$! 🙂

    • I can definitely relate Carly, it’s so easy for things to spiral out of control even if you’d gotten into the ‘habit’ of being smart with your money – I’ve done it too many times!

      Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

  • Dana

    Starting to use resources like Digit ( and Acorns ( for easy ways to save money without even thinking about it!

    • Alexis Crews

      I love using Digit. I started using it a few months ago and it’s saved for me without me even realizing it. I also have automatic savings set up, but with Digit it helps prevent me from overspending and it provides me a little cushion when I need it. I’m thinking of using that savings towards my next trip.

    • I use Acorns too, Dana! I’m not quite sure I understand it but it’s amazing to see how much I’ve contributed in just a month!!

  • Amie Melnychuk

    I need more ideas to add to what I already do:
    We make a meal plan and buy groceries accordingly.
    I only allow 1 lunch bought a week.
    Use the Keurig with grinds brought from home.
    Drink tap water.
    Carpool or take the bus as my commute.
    Knitting from my yarn stash.
    Sewing from my fabric stash.
    Doing house renos with only materials we have on hand.
    Cloth diaper the baby.

    • You’re really proactive, Amie! Have you thought about composting or making canned/frozen meals ahead of time so you don’t have to go to the grocery store as often? I’m currently experimenting with the perfect homemade tomato sauce that I can start canning at home! It’ll be a great staple to have on-hand and save me a trip to the grocery store every week with a staple I can always count on! You’re really doing a stellar job already, though. Keep it up!

  • aj

    I have a move happening during the holiday season, right between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s going to be a rough few months, but I’m thankful I started to make these smaller changes earlier to save up for the move.

    Because of the move, I’m trying to use up everything that I have and avoid eating out or getting daily coffee. I need to purge before I can move! This is going to save me around $200 dollars before I move by just eliminating eating out for a few weeks. That money saved is going to be used to buy my parents gifts, who have so generously agreed to come and help me with the move!

    • That’s a fabulous way to save! Those coffees can add up so quickly and I wish it was a habit I could kick, but even just cutting back once a week has made a huge difference! Moving is always unexpectedly expensive too (especially in between major holidays!), way to be proactive and save now. Good luck with your move!

  • Jennifer Farias

    This is a great idea and the perfect time for this challenge! I plan on meal prepping and making coffee at home to avoid spending money on food/drinks. I also plan on cutting back on shopping for this month. I have plenty of clothes that I can re-use in different ways rather than buying something new. Ideally would love to save $200 by the end of this challenge, thanks for the motivation!

    • That’s awesome, Jennifer! Re-working my wardrobe is one of my favorite things to do after a season-change. I hope it’s going well so far!

  • Natalie

    Love this idea! Hope to get some good ideas from others.

    This winter I’m getting a seasonal position at a retail store for a few reasons – one, to save some money for nicer gifts for family and friends. two, to get store discounts for the gifts I’m purchasing. three, to keep my weekends busy thus reducing the spending that occurs with ubers, bar tabs, etc. Hoping to earn $500 for gifting so my normal finances aren’t impacted by the holidays.

    • Natalie– this is absolutely a great idea if you have the time for it! I think the holidays will be so much less stressful if you don’t have to worry about trying to completely rebalance your budget in order to get someone a really special gift. Between that and being too busy to go out and spend on the weekends you’re going to have a lot of fun shopping for gifts with a little less financial stress to worry about!

  • Lo Lo

    I spend so much on coffee and eating out. I’m working on getting up early enough to hv coffee at home. Also trying bring my lunch to work and also eating simpler to slash grocery bills. I spend more $$$ on restaurants/coffee/groceries than I do BILLS.

    • Food is one of my greatest weaknesses Lo Lo! If it looks good, I want to eat it, cook it and ultimately have it in my belly. I hope this month will help you rebalance a bit! I find that trying to make my favorite dishes at home is a great way to cut on cost– especially when I think of how much I COULD have paid at a restaurant for it!

  • hheh

    I sooo need this right now.

  • disqus_D5kKv1Utgm

    I really want to start planning out meals for the week. Not only will this help me to not go crazy trying to figure out what to make, but it’ll help me budget for food, too. I’m also planning on unsubscribing from a lot of sale/promotional emails from stores so I resist online impulse shopping!

    • Unsubscribing from emails is another one of my favorite things to do to kick my shopping habits! I’m so glad I’m not alone! Out of site, out of mind, right? Also, I’d say this is a shameless plug but The Everygirl truly has a lot of really amazing recipes that end up making super tasty leftovers, I hope you can try some and let me know what you think, Lisa!

  • Carol Fosdick

    Great idea. I plan on eating more out of my cupboard and freezer, instead of running to the store instead of taking the time to see if I really need it or already have it. Also, I need to go through my fabric stash and use what I have.

    • I told Amie (who posted earlier) that I’m working on making my own tomato sauce at home for canning (well jarring). Pasta is so quick and easy to make and so inexpensive to stash in the cupboard that I make it a point to buy a new box every time I go to to grocery store as long as it’s on sale. I currently have enough pasta to last me through the winter but it’s really handy on short notice and saves me from mandatory stops at the grocery store when I’m hungry (because that’s about as dangerous as it gets!) Good luck Carol!

  • Ivana

    I’ve completely fallen off the eating out wagon. To save money, I am going to start prepping my weekday meals over the weekend. That way when I come home exhausted during the week there is no excuse not to cook.

    • That’s a wonderful idea, Ivana! What kind of meals do you plan on making-ahead? I’m a big fan of soup but haven’t quite mastered the re-heating process of my frozen meals, let me know how it goes for you and if you have any tips!

  • Chloe Pierre

    Is this open to UK subscribers too?

  • Michelle Tang

    Hmm.. I can admit I spend way too much and any form of saving would be patching barely an inch of my broken pockets. I would say brewing my own coffee and tea, and storing for outdoor use would say me almost $35/week, and an additional $30/week if I were to work at home instead of at a local coffee shop. 🙂 Oho imagine what I could save, eating at home instead! Challenge accepted!! 🙂