The Everygirl Book Club: Then Again // week three

It’s week three and we’re over halfway through Then Again, this month’s selection for the Random House Reader’s Circle for The Everygirl! Once again, Diane has provided us with a wealth of topics to discuss, including: humor, memories, failed relationships, and losing a parent.

We’ve posted some questions below, but feel free to share your own thoughts, questions, and opinions. And remember that our commenting programming allows you to reply directly to one another’s comments and get e-mail alerts when new comments are posted, allowing everyone to engage in conversation. That way, time zone and location is not a concern, and the conversation can continue all week!

If you read ahead, be sure not to address anything that happens after page 201 (Chapter 11). No spoilers please!

Discussion Questions:

Diane says, “Humor helps us get through life with a modicum of grace.” What role does humor play in your life?

In Chapter 8, Diane describes one of her favorite memories: a perfect afternoon with Woody sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum. What is one of your favorite memories? Why was that particular moment or experience memorable?

Al Pacino made Diane think about the difference between being an artist and being artistic. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Chapter 10 explores Diane’s relationship and interaction with her father, Jack, during the final months of his life. How does this chapter differ from earlier passages about Jack? What are your thoughts about their father-daughter relationship?

Speaking of Al Pacino, Diane says, “I wanted him to want me as much as I wanted him.” Have you had similar feelings in a past relationship? How did you get through the breakup? What lessons did you learn?

Diane asks, “What is perfection, anyway? It’s the death of creativity, that’s what I think, while change, on the other hand, is the cornerstone of new ideas.” Do you agree or disagree with her conclusion?

Several times throughout the book Diane reveals her intense fear of flying. What is something you’re afraid of and how do you cope with that fear?

Week 4 Assignment:
Read up to page 270 (Afterward) and come back on Monday, September 3,  for our final discussion!

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