The Everygirl Book Club: Wife 22

So now that you know the details of the new Random House Reader’s Circle for The Everygirl Book Club, it’s time to get down to business. Grab a cup of joe and find a cozy spot in your home to curl up with our first book, Wife 22, by New York Times best-selling author and featured Everygirl, Melanie Gideon. This week, we’ll be reading through Chapter 31 (not to worry! It’s only 96 pages.) Don’t forget to meet us back here again next Monday for our first book club discussion! Feel free to read ahead, but we’ll only be discussing pages 1-96.

Though we’ve yet to delve into the first week of reading, we’d love to hear your impressions of the novel so far. That’s right, we’re giving you permission to judge a book by its cover. Do you have any predictions for what’s to come in Wife 22? Did the book summary pique your interest? C’mon ladies. Don’t leave us hanging. What are your thoughts so far?

And as for everyone’s questions regarding time zones and joining the book club, yes, it’s easy to participate weekly, since it will be an ongoing conversation within the comments section of the post. Regarding the video conference with the author at the end of the month, that will likely take place on a weekday evening, so everyone in United States time zones shouldn’t have a problem getting on. We will update you as to whether a recording can be posted later, and we definitely encourage readers elsewhere in the world to meet up with others in your city!