The Everygirl DIY Floral Event at Anthropologie

Last week, in celebration of Mother’s Day, we teamed up with Anthropologie to host a fun DIY event with florals. Unthwarted by the torrential rain that fell on Chicagoland Thursday evening, we headed downtown with a backseat full of colorful, fresh blooms and crafting supplies ready to teach a money-saving skill to those who came out.

Anthropologie set us with the task of choosing a floral craft, and in brainstorming, we turned to the season for inspiration. Thoughts of parties, weddings, and outdoor entertaining fluttered through our minds. But ultimately, it was the fresh floral hairpiece worn by the “garden bride” from last year’s Budget-Friendly Bridal Fashion feature that got us thinking fresh flower hairpins would be a lovely, unexpected, and quite easy project to tackle. You can easily alter the style and color of the flowers to coordinate with an outfit, making it the perfect accessory to whip up if you’re attending an event, standing up in a wedding, or looking for a special accessory to don on the weekends.

So grab your garden shears, your favorite blooms, and get started!


fresh buds
wire cutters
floral tape
floral wire
scissors or garden shears
bobby pins


1. Clip the stem of the flower 2-3 inches bellow the bud. Using a 4-5 inch piece of floral wire pierce the base of the bud, stringing the wire across the entire width.

2. Fold the excess wire from each side along the length of the stem while twisting.

3. Beginning at the base of the bud, use green floral tape to wrap the stem covering the wire and securing the stem.

4. Continue to twisting the tape along the length of the wire and cut off any excess tape.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each flower and any greenery.

6. Assemble flowers as desired. Using a small piece of floral tape (about 2inches), wrap the stems to hold flowers in place.

7. Gently bend excess wire into loops and secure in hair with bobby pins.