The Everygirl’s 30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Journaling

Now that we’ve finally escaped the grasp of Polar Vortexes that force us to dress like an abominable snowladies, we’re more than excited to embrace warm weather with open arms. (i.e., Dance in circles singing ala Dame Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music). But after the spring cleaning is done, and the taxes are filed, we’re pretty much in a holding pattern of work and leisure—mix in some tulips and pastel colored everything—and voila, you have Spring! But this year at The Everygirl, we want to take the energy and sense of renewal that arrives with this season, to the next level.

A short while back, a TEDTalk of Matt Cutts aired where he decided to try something new for 30 days. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, more-so a personal dare; nothing outrageous, just a practical activity that he could incorporate into his life. 30 days—just enough to gain a full experience and judge whether the new activity would become a personal ritual or a pleasant pastime. Those 30 days changed his life. We admired this foray into personal growth, so we’ve taken on the challenge too.

Our first challenge: 30 days of journaling, starts on April 1st, which gives you one week to find a journal! Seems simple enough, right? Dear Diary, Today I met someone special… Okay, let’s aim for a bit more substance. Most of our days are guided by a routine: Wake up, scan Twitter, avoid puddles and go to work; lather, rinse, repeat. Toss in a sprinkle of the occasional birthday dinner with a dash of the gym and life can seem monotonous. But journaling regularly can be therapeutic and bring some perspective into the repetition of life, especially after 30 days; how did you actually feel about your time spent? Are there ways you can better focus your energy? When you look back on your month, did you live it to the fullest?

30 days in the season of revival isn’t forever, and who knows? It could just change your life. Will you join us on April 1? Instagram photos of your journals with the tag #TEG30DayChallenge. We’ll regram a few of your photos throughout the month!

Do you ever mix up your routine? Have you done a similar personal dare? What did you discover about yourself and setting goals?