The Everygirl’s 30-Day Challenge: One Month of Self-Improvement and Growth

  • Copy by: Jessica Coffin

Oh hello, autumn, we didn’t see you sneak up on us; we were too busy fueling our professional infernos to notice you’ve arrived! Are there enough words to describe the dedication you all showed for your dream jobs? We doubt it, because for every applicable synonym to “hustle” there were twice as many Everygirls out there pursuing dreams. You started new jobs, launched websites, and even began blogging! Making your “I want to” become “I do” isn’t easy yet met your career goals head on and we’re so proud!

We saw your Instagrams and Twitter posts, but now we want to hear about your ventures directly from you! What was the scariest part about making your next move? How did you narrow down what task(s) you would tackle? Don’t forget to let us know how they turn out, too!

Now, if you’re like us, you’re beyond motivated to keep up the momentum: It’s back-to-school season and although you may not be an official student anymore, we’re all students in the school of life, right? Also, any excuse to wear a schoolboy blazer is cool with us.

We’re constantly working on ways to better ourselves and this month, we are partnering with Invisalign clear aligners brand to encourage readers to pursue the best version of themselves. September’s challenge: 30 Days of Self Improvement and Growth!

As we grow, we’re constantly evolving and rediscovering ourselves. What we need and want from life, and how to get it, can be easily lost in the daily battle between ‘have to [do laundry/walk the dog/make dinner]’ and ‘should [attend social gathering/stay late at the office/workout].’ But aside from your New Year’s resolution (yeah, remember that old thing?) what have you actively tried to improve on in your life lately? Our career challenge was just one element of your world, and there’s certainly more to your mind, body and spirit than just your job.

The beauty of this challenge is that what you want to improve can be in any area of your life: Maybe you want to challenge your mind? Sign up for a language class or brush up on a subject you wish you’d studied more in school. Perhaps you want to start a new workout regimen to challenge your muscles against their usual routine. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up dance! Or meditation! Or drawing! Or web development! Whatever it is, the first step in handling it is deciding to do something about it. So let’s do this! 

Pick your personal growth challenge and do it at least 20 minutes a day for 30 days.

There are no professors in the school of life to hand out homework, and no final exams to test if you’ve achieved your personal goal, but we know you don’t want to settle for second best anywhere in life. Test or no test. 

What is it on your list of things to do that you can take on for the next level of personal happiness? Be brave in embracing a change! This challenge is for you, and we’re here to support you! Share the task you choose with us using the hashtag #TEG30DayChallenge, and we’ll regram some of your photos throughout the month! You’re our inspiration and as a wise Everygirl once told us, “Stop making excuses and just do things.”, Victoria McGinley

The Everygirl and Invisalign want to know: What area in your life needs the most attention? What are your biggest distractions? What helps you get focused?


This story is brought to you by Invisalign clear aligners, a clear teeth straightening treatment that discreetly straightens teeth from minor to complex cases while providing the confidence of a great smile from the first day of treatment. We hope this challenge will help inspire you.