The Everygirls Go to Europe! Come Meet Up in London!

It’s truly a dream come true! Ever since our first trip to New York City almost two years ago, we have talked (joked) about maybe going to Europe together one day. You know–after the million things we needed to do first were completed.

But now it’s happening, and we simply cannot believe that the opportunity has finally arrived. We have teamed up with Contiki Vacations to experience their 10-day trip to London, Paris, and Rome. So starting Saturday, we’ll get to spend three days in each city with a group of other 20- and 30-something travelers, complete with trusty tour guide! That’s right–we leave TOMORROW! This will be Alaina’s first time back since she studied abroad six years ago, and Danielle’s maiden voyage over the Atlantic (it was originally her goal to get there by her 30th birthday, but she’s quite content it’s happening at 31)!

During our first stop in London, we are thrilled to be co-hosting a little get-together in London on Sunday night, and we’d LOVE for any readers in the UK to join us! Thanks to the help from Tola at the Levo League, we’ll be meeting up for drinks at Longford’s Bar in Marylebone.

London Meet-up Details:
Sunday, October 20
6-8pm GMT
Longford’s Bar
Melia White House London
Albany Street, Regent’s Park, London NW1 3UP
(Closest Underground Station is Great Portland Street on the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines.)
Please RSVP to [email protected] by Saturday at noon (GMT)–they need a head count of how many people will be there!

Please note that content on The Everygirl will continue as normal while we are gone thanks to all the hard work of our team: Tiffany, Maggie, Kelsey, Amy, Anna, Kim, Julie, and Emily, Allyson, Jackie, and all of the contributors!

We will of course be Instagramming and Tweeting our hearts out so please follow along with the hashtags #TheEverygirlAbroad and @Contiki.

Finally, ANY AND ALL RECOMMENDATIONS for budget-friendlier bars, restaurants, and shops are appreciated! (Especially for Rome, which we know NOTHING about!) We are hoping to bring back a ton of great travel content for you all.

Merci! Wish us luck! Bon voyage!

  • Gutted to be heading out of London that night so I won’t be able to meet up with you girls, but for food in London, I hope you’ll find the restaurant section of my blog helpful – just click on the pictures!

    (I also have a big Los Angeles section from when I was living out there on the site for the next time you’re on that part of the West Coast!)

    Enjoy your trip xx

    • The Everygirl

      Checking out your recommendations now. Thank you!

  • i’m so gutted that i won’t be home this weekend to meet up! but hopefully you’ll have another meet-up. enjoy my hometown!!


  • In Rome, stay away from restaurants near the Vatican as they are total ripoffs. Make sure you have crepes in Paris from a street vendor and try cider in London (my favorite is Brother’s Pear or Strawberry). Have a great time!

    • The Everygirl

      Thank you! 🙂

      • Alaina Bos

        When you’re in Rome you have to eat Focaccia bought from a street vendor! It’s to DIE for!! Also, the Trastevere neighborhood is amazing. Tons of delicious restaurants and bars within a few blocks span…and it’s not touristy at all.

  • Ilaria

    I live in Rome and I would be very happy to come and say hello 🙂

  • Ilaria Romano

    ops. better said with my Facebook profile: I live in Rome and would be happy to come and say hello 🙂

  • Samantha

    Ahhh!! So exciting! I LOVE London and am dying to visit Rome and Paris. While in London, be sure to check out The Laughing Gravy near St. Pauls. One of my favorite restaurants in the world

  • Kat

    It’s not necessarily budget-friendly, but if you can fit it in, I would suggest going to High Tea at The Orangery in Kensington Palace. While I am sure there are other tea spots that are just a great (maybe even better) I often recall this time in London fondly. The gardens are beautiful, the tea is amazing, and I mean it was Princess Diana’s official residence.

  • everydaychic

    How exciting! WIll be following along on Instagram. xx

  • Have an amazing time ladies! When/if you visit the Vatican, climb to the top of the Cupola! Spend the extra 10 euro to take the elevator half way since there are several hundred steps. The view of the city from the top is breathtaking!

  • Mary Beth Mulholland

    when in Rome 😉 i love that you ladies are doing this!

    i studied abroad in Bologna, italy and when visiting Rome, it was so nice to just grab some food from the local market or street vendors with fresh cheeses, prosciutto, veggies etc and bring with into the gardens of Villa Borghese. You can eat outside amongst the beautiful sculptures and sunshine. It’s the 2nd largest public park in Rome, and just lovely! And, if you have time to venture inside the Villa, it houses sculptures by Bernini and works by Caravaggio.

    ciao, ciao, ladies!

  • Michaela

    Gelato is a must in Rome & “Il Gelato di San Crispino” is fantastic.
    Two streets away from the Trevi Fountain (Via della Panetteria 42).
    The flavours with meringue chunks are absolutely delicious.

    Three incredible cities. Have a wonderful time!

  • Oh! Well, maybe next time you girls can add Copenhagen to the list! Hope you enjoy your vacation. I’m sure it will be amazing!

    • Nina

      I can see I’m not the only Dane who found this lovely site! That’s nice 🙂

  • Nina

    I’m so excited! I’m Danish but I’m studying at the University of Kent at Canterbury this semester so I can come! This sounds really great!

    • I am actually American but have lived in Copenhagen for three years with my husband and three kids. I love how small the world can be sometimes!

      • Nina

        Me too! Hope you like little Denmark (must be very different in some ways) 🙂

  • aww I’m missing you all by days!!! would have loved to see my fellow Americans! x

  • Lauren Keeler

    Get a salted caramel macaron from Laduree in Paris and a grilled cheese from the stall near the church at Borough Market in London. mmmm. Must go back. Enjoy!

  • Aw, looks like I just missed you all! My husband and I were just in London & Paris. It was absolutely enchanting. Be sure to have breakfast at the Wolseley!

  • Beck

    Pret a Manger in London is great for fresh salads and their brownies are HEAVEN. They’re everywhere and you just run in and can eat them in one of the beautiful leafy squares that abound in that city. I was there last week and ate there a few times. Dar Poeta is the BEST pizza in Rome and it’s in a great neighborhood, Trastevere with cute cobblestone streets.

  • Stephanie

    If you’d like some Paris tips or to meet an American “local” feel free to contact me! I also run customized walking tours for women that indulge the senses – would love to be your walking hostess! [email protected]

  • Meg

    So jealous that you’re going to London! If you’re there on Sunday, you will love the Sunday UP Market near Spitalfield’s Market – it’s a bigger version of Dose in Chicago. If you end up in Notting Hill/Portobello Road, be sure to check out Ottolenghi on Ledbury Road – it is a tiny deli with delicious Paleo-friendly salads. Not too far from there is The Westbourne – my favorite neighborhood gastropub – very local, great food and low-key atmosphere. Finally, you MUST go to Liberty of London!

  • elena

    so excited for you ladies! please post a blog on what you packed for europe. i’m going next year & have no clue…

  • Siobhan Malone

    That is amazing for you but a shame for me. I have been living in London for 4 years and literally just moved back to the states a week ago!! haha oh well, you will love it and enjoy the lovely fall weather.

    One of my favorite pubs in London and slightly cheesy which makes it that much better is the Tattershall Castle. Its a pub on a boat on the Thymes and looks out at the London Eye and you can see Big Ben as well. We had our leaving drinks there for a nice scenery to say goodbye to our lovely home and city!!

    Have fun and looking forward to reading about it and seeing photos on Instagram!! 🙂 Xx Siobhan

  • Julie

    I studied abroad in Rome last year! Go to Barnum Cafe on Via Pellegrino or anywhere in the Trastevere neighborhood. For gelato, PLEASE go to Old Bridge in Vatican City. So great.

  • Kristin Gaudio Endsley

    Hi ladies! Have a wonderful time. In London check out Polpo for a fantastic dinner, The Riding House Cafe for lunch, and The Breakfast Club for brunch. Shop around Neal’s Yard, but East London is amazing on Sundays. Go to the Columbia Flower Market, and then head to Brick Lane for some great shopping finds.
    In Paris, shopping in Le Marais is great. Alson on Rue Montmartre, start at Les Halles and Rue Montmartre and head north into Montmartre neighborhood and then up to the Basicila. Grab a glass of wine and people watch on Rue St. Germain as well.

  • overit

    Wouldn’t it be more Everygirl to share how to plan your own trip to Europe rather than getting a free one from Contiki???
    You both need to practice what you preach

    • The Everygirl

      Do you mean how to save for it? Because we have a number of finance articles on saving, budgeting, and making smart financial decisions. Or do you mean booking flights? Yes, I suppose we could write a post that includes a laundry list of sites for booking flights. As for planning a trip, deciding what neighborhoods to stay in, and where to eat, visit, and what to see, that actually is the point of the trip. So we are happy we can now report back on all of that as educated travelers.

  • Vicky

    When I was in London last month, I found the Sainsbury grocery stores to be a lifesaver when I wanted a sandwich for lunch/ dinner. They’re only 2 or 3 pounds and the money I saved on a couple quick meals were so much better spend on a few nice dinners and shopping!

  • How fun! Enjoy London!

  • I cannot believe I missed you guys in London! When will you be back in Merrie Olde England?

  • ferf