The Everygirl’s Wes Anderson-Inspired Oscars Party

When my friend and photographer Anna Reynal came to me with the idea of us collaborating on a shoot for the upcoming Oscars, I enthusiastically agreed. We knew we wanted to go in a different direction than the traditional black/white/gold Oscars palette and instead celebrate what the Oscars are really about – embracing the best of the best in film – so we chose one of our favorite recent film directors, the iconic Wes Anderson (think Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Moonrise Kindgom, and his adorable short films for Prada), and brought in elements of his style to drive this more quirky and colorful party for Hollywood’s biggest event. Biggest takeaway? Make an experience out of watching the Oscars! Don’t be afraid to serve up fun movie-theater style snacks in place of home baked goods, kick back with a game of Oscar Bingo, and provide confetti for your guests to throw when their favorite nominees win an award.

Product Sources

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