The Latest Trend You’ll Want to Wear All Season

The emergence of “New Victorian” takes the lustrous fabrics, high collars, and lace accents of the 1800s and marries them with modern sensibilities (hello, ankles… and a whole lot more). The result is a playful trend to delight in this season — rich velvets, exaggerated sleeves, and frilled details pair perfectly with the frozen romance of December. Move over, minimalism.


Source: VivaLuxury

Source: Kate La Vie


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  • Allie

    I’m sorry, but WHAT “The Victorians weren’t exactly known for their trendy fashion sense” are you joking? The Victorian area is absolutely chock full of trends and embellishments. You can’t walk into a restored Victorian home without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of detail and interest. Their clothing bordered on ridiculous.
    The false idea that Victorians were stuffy boring people needs to stop.
    I couldn’t read another sentence because that stopped me in my tracks with just, wrongness.

    • B

      I had the same thought, how could they say that?!

    • Hi Allie – thanks for this comment! I wrote this article, and I’ve reworked the first paragraph, because I agree that the high society Victorians were very fashion forward. Thanks for keeping me on my toes! Apologies 🙂

  • I don’t think the Neo-Victorian aesthetic ever completely rotates out of my wardrobe, to be perfectly honest. But that’s probably a throw-back to my Goth days – when frilly blouses, black velvet, and ruffly details were the norm du jour.