The Perfect Solution for All Those Photos Lost in Your Camera Roll

There’s something to be said for the old-school feeling of flipping through a photo album — suddenly memories are a communal experience, rather than being trapped in your phone to be scrolled past and forgotten. I know you didn’t spend beaucoup bucks on that wedding photographer for someone to double-tap and move on. IT’S ABOUT APPRECIATION, PEOPLE.

Thankfully, albums have come a loooooong way from the days of thick tomes with those plastic inserts — remember those?! I’ve been living in the dark ages and thought that’s what a photo album was, and since I haven’t printed physical photos in about a hundred years, I was all “hard pass.”

Enter MyPublisher, proof that style and album can go hand in hand — without the photographer upcharge (because seriously, after the hoopla of a wedding, the last thing you want to do is shell out some more $$$). MyPublisher’s premium albums makes it easy to look like a bonafide designer, without the painful hours of messing with layouts and photo sizes. Plus, with pages that lay completely flat, there’s no weird arm finagling while browsing through your photos — a definite win.

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PREMIUM ALBUMS: perfect for major life events like weddings or births

The process is simple: gather the photos you want to include in one place (so it’s easy to upload) and then choose a layout. MyPublisher creates several layout options for you — so the heavy lifting is done. Simply drag and drop your photos into the available areas and watch your wedding come to life before your eyes. Voila! You’re done. There are also customizable options like cover design and adding text — if you want to put your own unique touch on the album.

Since the turn-around time is practically nonexistent, you can design your album, order it, and have it sitting elegantly on your coffee table in no time. Because ordering your wedding album shouldn’t be as stressful as actually having a wedding, am I right?

But this goes far beyond weddings — because if you’re anything like me, you have about a million photos lost in your camera roll and no idea how to free them. Try out the MyPublisher photo books for anything and everything you want to commemorate. Trip to Paris? Check. Holiday party? Check. An album devoted entirely to your dogs? Check. Check. Check. There’s even a Mini Book option, meaning you can carry photos of your pets on your person at all times. So, even if your phone dies, you have backup pics to whip out AT ANY TIME. It pays to be prepared, people.

PHOTO BOOKS: great to document travels or recap the year

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This post was sponsored by MyPublisher but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

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