The Products You Need for a Healthier Kitchen

Whether you’re a health nut, a yo-yo dieter who has tried everything from paleo to keto, or a junk-food lover who’s more likely to be caught at Taco Bell than Whole Foods (no judgement!), you’ve likely had some exposure to healthy eating (even if “healthy eating” means adding spinach to your Domino’s pizza – gotta get it where you can!).

The real secret to successfully eating healthier (while still staying sane) is truly cooking at home more often. And the secret to cooking healthy at home more often is stocking your kitchen with items that make healthy cooking easier, and stocking your pantry with more nutritious versions of all your favorite foods. When a craving hits, you won’t have to ignore it. Instead, you’ll be prepared to DIY a meal that’s as good as it is good for you. Stock up on these products that make healthy eating a breeze, and get ready for a happier, healthier you.




Turn various veggies into noodles, delicious salad toppings, or bake them into curly fries.

Verve Coffee Roasters

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

If you're drinking a cup (or three) a day, you should know where your coffee comes from, and that it's full of all the good antioxidants without any of the bad stuff (pesticides, added chemicals, etc.). This one is fair trade, organic, and made in California, so you know exactly what you're getting.


Fry Pan Set

This pretty blue nonstick fry pan set is toxin-free, doesn't emit harmful fuels, AND is on sale (win-win-win!).


Automatic Nut Milk Maker

If you're a real health nut, you might be having oat milk with your coffee and almond milk in your smoothies. But many of the packaged kinds are processed and full of added chemicals. Make DIYing your own a piece of (dairy-free) cake with this easy-to-use nut milk maker.

Primal Kitchen

Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing with Avocado Oil

For a delicious dip or a way to trick yourself into eating more greens (ranch is the best salad dressing after all!), opt for a version that's dairy-free and made with heart-healthy avocado oil (but just as delicious as the unhealthier kind!).

Menu Denmark

Bottle Grinders

Not just your typical salt and pepper shakers, these chic bottles grind more than just S + P. They also grind any herbs and spices for more nutritious and tasty meals. Add basil to your salt or get creative with your own combos.

Good Grips

Salad Spinner

Lettuce needs to be washed at home (all the dirt, pesticides, touching... yuck!), but can get soggy after washing. The salad spinner dries your lettuce quickly for fresh, non-soggy lettuce instantly.

Instant Pot

Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

Throw ingredients in the pot and set a timer for an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean way to make a variety of stews, sautéed veggies, and more.


Chickpea Rice

When you're craving carbs, don't ignore it, just use healthier alternatives like this chickpea-based rice. Next time you're craving risotto, make a healthier version with this kind from Banza.


Hand Held Spiralizer

The spiralizer for the girl who likes to keep it simple (or just lives in a studio apartment!). Make zoodles for one with this easy hand-held spiralizer.



Sure, you can DIY your own green smoothie in one of these easy-to-use blenders, but you can also make soups, purees, dressings, lattes, dips, and more.


Ceramic Porter Storage Bowl

Get rid of those plastic containers that's as bad for your body as it is for the environment. Instead, try out these ceramic storage containers that are even prettier and won't leak toxins into your food.

Sakara Life

Chocolate Probiotics

Next time your sweet tooth strikes, have an option on hand that satisfies the craving AND gives you major health perks. This one is organic, loaded with probiotics and prebiotics, and contains only 1g of unrefined coconut sugar – the sweetest way to gut health!


Herb Keeper

Make your meals more flavorful and nutrient-dense by keeping delicious herbs fresher for longer.

Urban Outfitters

Angled Stainless Steel Straw Set

Satisfy your iced coffee addiction with a DIY version that will be healthier for you and the planet. Use stainless steel straws, organic coffee (see above), and a dash of cinnamon instead of heading to your local coffee shop.


Hearts of Palm Pasta

Another healthier alternative is this low-carb, high-fiber pasta made out of hearts of palm. It's veggie-based, but tastes as close to regular linguine as "plant-based" can get.

Click and Grow

Smart Herb Garden 3 Starter Kit

You know that herbs add more nutrients (and more flavor) to your meals, but growing your own ensures you're getting the most nutrient-dense herbs and saving money while you're at it. Whether you have a big backyard or are in a studio apartment, you can grow them with this genius indoor herb garden.


Onion, Tomato, and Avocado Keepers

Ditch the plastic bags or aluminum foil and store your half-used produce the smart way. These containers keep your produce fresher for longer, so that half of avocado won't turn brown overnight.

Mrs. Meyer's

Dish Soap

Chemicals in dish soap can linger on dishes and be absorbed by our food... really. This dish soap is paraben-free, uses soap bark extract (a natural degreaser), and contains plant-derived ingredients.


Water Carafe

Drinking enough water is key to optimal health, and adding delicious extras (like lemon, mint, or strawberries) is key to drinking enough water. DIY your own spa water, iced tea, or juice to sip throughout the day with this carafe.


Sandwich Bag

Get rid of disposable food storage once and for all. Make plastic storage bags a thing of the past with these easy-to-store and reusable options.


Sea Salt Tortilla Chips

Got a serious guacamole addiction? Try these grain-free tortilla chips that are made with avocado oil, are non-GMO, and contain more fiber and protein than your typical chips for guilt-free snacking.

Bee's Wrap

Eco Friendly Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

Wrap up leftovers with good-for-the-environment wrap instead of plastic wrap. You probably get it by now: a healthy kitchen means healthy for you AND our planet.