The Super Bowl

  • Copy by: Meghan Freier

It’s almost been a week since Super Bowl XLVII. Some of us are still recovering from our post-Super Bowl party food comas, while others are basking in football glory. For sports fans and advertising executives alike, Super Bowl Sunday is hailed as the most important day of the entire year. But not all of us are football aficionados or enjoy the multi-million commercials. Some look forward to the game day grub promised at Super Bowl parties, while others watch the game only for the halftime show. And what a show Beyoncé put on this year, she not only brought down the house with her electrifying performance, but the lights too!

Are you an avid sports fan—did you watch for the football? Or are Super Bowl snacks more your thing? Did you consider the first half a mere warmup for Beyoncé’s halftime show? Are you an advertising junkie who enjoys watching just for the commercials?

We want to know, what was your favorite part of Super Bowl XLVII?

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