The Top 10 Home Tours of 2014

Hopefully you have been inspired by our roundup of The Everygirl Top 10 Career Profiles of 2014. And we’re back! This time with gorgeous, elegant, serene, and overall amazing home tours of 2014.  We compiled the list after gathering data regarding online traffic and number of social shares each home tour received. In total, these ten homes have received over half a million pins on Pinterest!

Our hope has always been for you to be inspired by real women, how they live their lives, and their personal stories—this is proof that you are. Today we included decorating advice and words of wisdom, along with links to the full home tours. Be sure you don’t miss these stunning homes!

#10: Amanda Holstein, 25, San Francisco, California

What she does: Creator and Editor of the blog Advice from a Twenty Something  and Part Time Publisher Services Manager at Federated Media

Living situation: Amanda rents a charming Russian Hill one-bedroom apartment.

Fun fact: With a career in digital marketing, Amanda has worked with brands such as Gap, Old Navy, Intel, and eBay.

Decorating tip: Amanda is a fan of budget friendly art—she frames magazines, postcards, and fabric to create a unique look.

In her words: “I certainly don’t know everything, but I think every girl needs a friendly voice to relate to during this unpredictable stage in our lives.”

Click here to read Amanda’s full home tour!

#9: Katherine Vo, 29, Orange County, California

What she does: Actress

Living situation: She lives with her husband in a 750 square foot space.

Fun fact: She used over 20 bottles of spray paint DIYs in her home!

Decorating tip: Katherine recommends creating your own statement art. She says: “It’s cost effective but more importantly, it’s therapeutic, gratifying, and a fantastic way to spend quality time with yourself!”

In her words: “If it feels like work, don’t do it. Sometimes it’s better to try to purchase something if the thought of making it stresses you out. You don’t want to get frustrated half way and quit a project because it’s too difficult.”

Click here to see Katherine’s full home tour!

#8: Kate Arends, 30, Minneapolis, Minnesota

What she does: Director of Marketing & Communications for North Corp and Blogger at Wit & Delight

Living situation: Kate rents a modern one-bedroom apartment with her husband.

Fun fact: She has a line of party and entertainment products at Target, which launched last September!

Decorating tip: Kate believes in mixing old and new pieces and being conscious that while renting nothing can be too precious, especially if you move every couple years.

In her words: “Eventually, you’ll know what you’re doing… and all the hard stuff? It’ll be worth it.”

Click here to read Kate’s full home tour!

#7: Ruth Allen, Marlborough, MA

What she does: Owner of Ruth Eileen Photography

Living situation: Ruth rents this tiny loft with her husband.

Fun fact: Her photography has been featured on sites like 100 Layer Cake and Style Me Pretty!

Decorating tip: For DIYers, she recommends buying a “spray can trigger handle” before spray paint projects because she has lost feeling in her hands from too much spray painting. Yikes!

In her words: “Focus more on what matters most to you in your life. As a small business owner, you can easily make your work your life. You begin focusing too much on your success and lose track of what matters most to you or why you even started your business in the first place. I would tell myself to fight for a healthy work and personal life balance. Because in the end, your best work comes out of focusing on what matters most to you.”

Click here to read Ruth’s full home tour!

#6: Laura Bateman Reif, 32, Washington D.C.

What she does: Account Director, Corporate Education Partnerships, Discovery Communications and Owner of Bateman Beauty

Living situation: Laura lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her husband and new baby.

Fun fact: She used to work for Travel Channel.

 Decorating tip: Laura says that the decorating process often becomes a tense negotiation (with her husband!). To compromise, she tries to keep things from becoming too feminine.

In her words: “You should always ask for what you want, even if you think the answer will be no. You might be surprised at what’s possible!”

Click here to read Laura’s full home tour!

#5: Amellia Quapp and David Dailey, 24 and 27, New York City, New York

What she does: Assistant Merchandiser at Club Monaco

Living situation: Amellia and David (her roommate) share this small two-bedroom apartment.

Fun fact: These roommates met on Craigslist and thanks to Amellia entering the Fizz56 and Lulu&Georgia giveaway, they were able to add fun additions into their apartment.

Decorating tip: Amelia lives by the motto: “Buy nice or buy twice.” She chooses to invest in quality pieces versus spending money on items that will quickly need to be replaced.

In her words: “Be spontaneous. Spontaneity is a quality I am always working towards and I cherish all the spontaneous adventures that have added quality and unforgettable memories to my life.”

Click here to view Amelia’s full home tour!

#4: Katie del Castillo, 27, Arlington, Virginia

What she does: Human Resources Officer, Captain, U.S. Army and Blogger behind Life with a Dash of Whimsy

Living situation: She rents her one-bedroom loft in Arlington, VA.

Fun fact: Katie has completed four marathons in three years with a personal record of 3:40. Go, girl!

Decorating tip: She purchases most of her artwork while traveling so that every piece has a memory behind it.

In her words: “Be less afraid to try new things and to adapt if things don’t turn out as planned.”

Click here to read Katie’s full home tour!

#3: Kate Davison, 33, San Francisco, California

What she does: Executive Assistant/Marketing Coordinator, Mashery, an Intel Company

Living situation: Kate lives in a one-bedroom flat with her boyfriend.

Fun fact: Her dining room table was only $45 on Craigslist!

Decorating tip: She uses vintage suitcases and trunks to store art supplies and other less frequently used items because of limited storage in her home.

In her words: “Things aren’t always as they seem. You will make mistakes. But it’s up to you to learn from them. Travel. Explore. Adventure. Repeat. And just remember, pace is the trick.”

Click here to read Kate’s full home tour!

#2: Katie Taylor, 31, Austin, Texas

What she does: Executive Assistant [State Government] and Lifestyle Blogger at Spray Paint & Chardonnay

Living situation: Katie owns her home, which is located near downtown Austin.

Fun fact: She worked in the music industry for over 10 years.

Decorating tip: She loves shopping at antique markets and estate sales for unique pieces.

In her words: “At 23, I was still figuring out what and who I wanted to be when I grew up, as most mid-20 somethings were. Deep down, I always knew I wanted to make something on my own, but it’s taken almost 10 years for me to finally put the faith in myself to get it done. Over the past few months, it’s been amazing to see what faith and effort will accomplish, and it gives me great hope to see what the future will bring!”

Click here to read Katie’s full home tour!

#1: Alaina Kaczmarski, 29, Chicago, Illinois

What she does: Co-founder and Editor of The Everygirl

Living situation: Alaina rented this charming one-bedroom in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Fun fact: Her home tour has been pinned over 189,000 times on Pinterest!

Decorating tip: Alaina is the queen of gallery walls—to achieve a similar look, arrange gallery walls on the floor (like a puzzle) until satisfied; next, start on the right and slowly move to the left when placing frames on the wall.

In her words: “I try to buy timeless, neutral pieces that can change with my style.”

Click here to read Alaina’s full home tour!