The Top 10 Home Tours of 2017

Here at The Everygirl, we’re always looking forward to seeing the beautiful, varied homes submitted to us for our home tours — including some of our own team! This past year was no exception, we toured many an exceptional and stylish home — from 250 sq ft. to 4,000+ sq ft. We’ve rounded up 10 most popular home tours of 2017 (based on page views and pins) and a few details about the inspiring women who are responsible for them.


10. The Everygirl Cofounder Danielle Moss’ Holiday Home Tour

Who: Danielle Moss, 35

What she does: Cofounder & Editor of The Everygirl

Living situation: This is Danielle’s 6th home (in 7 years) in Chicago and first home with her husband, Conor.

Fun fact: The holiday movie she connects with most is While You Were Sleeping!

Decorating tip: If you like decorating, don’t let a small space stop you. Pick a couple holiday decorations you love — a strand of garland or some twinkle lights go a long way.

In her words: “Even though it seems like everyone has the best relationships with their parents, know that you are not alone. It can feel so isolating — especially when scrolling through Instagram, so my advice would be to create your own family via your friends.”

Click here to check out Danielle’s full home tour!



9. Inside the Nashville Home of an Airbnb Instagram Star

Who: Kaitie Moyer, 28

What she does: Owner of one of Instagram’s most coveted Airbnbs

Living situation: Kaitie shares this cozy 1,540 sq ft. home with her husband and cats! Their coveted Airbnb resides in their yard.

Fun fact: Her home decor goal is to have almost every item be vintage, homemade, or previously owned.

Decorating tip: When it comes to decorating a room, start with anything that’s going to serve as the main focus of the room. After that, the rest can be filled in.

In her words: “Relax. You will buy that dream home and you will be living in a new place and you will have all pets and all the things.”

Click here to check out Kaitie’s full home tour!



8. This Blogger’s Chic NYC Apartment Will Inspire You to Decorate

Who: Olivia Trewatha, 33

What she does: Fashion Blogger

Living situation: You can find Olivia, her husband, and her baby boy in their quirky NYC apartment — that was once used as a hotel.

Fun fact: As someone with many talents, Olivia has worked in the corporate field as a technical recruiter and is now in the creative field as a full-time blogger!

Decorating tip: To truly pull off a spacious look in your apartment, you have to limit the amount of “stuff” you have.

In her words: “My blog started off very much as a hobby. I wanted a place to share the clothes I would wear to work on a daily basis. It has slowly evolved into a full-time job and more wholistic of our lives here in New York City.”

Click here to check out Olivia’s full home tour!



7. Tour the 500 Sq Ft. Apartment That Made Our Editors Gasp

Who: Megan Hopp, 30

What she does: Interior Designer

Living situation: Megan lives in a 500 sq ft. apartment in Brooklyn. To be specific, she’s located in Carroll Gardens — a neighborhood with a 6-minute commute to Ikea!

Fun fact: Megan bought an eight-seater dining room set from a garage sale at the age of 16 and forced her parents to store it in the garage until her junior year of college.

Decorating tip: For the goal of creating a new feel with old furniture, switch up walls and floors — furniture can look completely different against a new color or pattern.

In her words: “Nothing is going to look like you thought it would, not at all, yeah, you always knew that, but no really, not at ALL.”

Click here to check out Megan’s full home tour!



6. This Home Renovation Is Better Than Your Favorite HGTV Show

Who: Hannah Wilson, 27

What she does: Owner of Blank Slate Renovations & Interior Design Student

Living situation: As their first project since starting Blank Slate Renovations, Hannah and her husband renovated this 3,637 sq ft. Dallas home that had been sitting vacant for a decade. Although this home is for sale, they’re currently settled in a Dallas high-rise.

Fun fact: Before settling in Dallas, Hannah and her husband sold everything they owned and moved to England. Since then, they’ve backpacked through Europe and also lived in Malibu!

Decorating tip: If you’re handling a space where everything is visible in one eyeshot, be mindful of how cohesive the home looks. For instance, Hannah used furniture placement to divvy up the open space in this renovated home.

In her words: “Find your passion. Not what your mom wants it to be, not what your church wants it to be, and not even what your husband wants it to be. You need to find you.”

Click here to check out Hannah’s full home tour!



5. You Would Never Guess This Apartment Is Mostly IKEA and Craigslist

Who: Sarah Lyon, 25

What she does: Communications Associate & Blogger

Living situation: After seven years of living around the country, Sarah decided to return closer to home in Washington, D.C. and is now living in her first non-studio apartment!

Fun fact: In addition to her experience with journalism, Sarah discovered her interest in higher education administration and made the move from NYC to Philadelphia to study it in a one-year master’s program.

Decorating tip: Craigslist is key — especially because 95% of Sarah’s furniture is from there. Browse the website regularly, use appropriate search terms, and follow the common decorating advice to not buy everything at once.

In her words: “As women, we’re often competitive with ourselves and can be our own worst critic. It can be hard to let things go and support ourselves, but it’s possible. In the end, you’re the only one who’s going to truly, fully be there for yourself.”

Click here to check out Sarah’s full home tour!



4. We’re Swooning Over This Tennessee Tudor

Who: Amanda Ford, 25 & Adam Ford, 26

What he/she does: Amanda — Public Health Educator, Registered Dietician | Adam — Band Director, Photographer

Living situation: Called The Happy Tudor, Amanda and Adam live in a Tudor-style house known for fabulous lighting and beautiful details. It’s their first home together.

Fun fact: Similar to a fairytale, Amanda and Adam grew up in the same small town and began dating their sophomore year of high school. They’ve now been married for over three years!

Decorating tip: When dealing with wood, it’s challenging to mix and match shades while looking purposeful. To neutralize the tones, try maple — it’s underutilized but works well.

In their words: “Always seeking out beautiful spaces and images, evaluating how they were created, what we would change about them, and seeing how to best implement elements of the designs that resonated with us into our own home. It is through this process that we really feel you not only see what works and what doesn’t but that you also come to develop your own style and design voice.”

Click here to check out Amanda & Adam’s full home tour!



3. Tour the Cozy, Elegant Home That Is Major Interior #Goals

Who: Shay Cochrane, 32

What she does: Owner of SC Stockshop

Living situation: As her 3rd home in seven years, Shay lives in an airy comfy-chic home in Tampa with her family!

Fun fact: Although she had plans to attend grad school for counseling psychology, Shay decided to work full-time — until she quit her day job to start her own business as a wedding photographer.

Decorating tip: Do research on the contractors that you hire — make sure they have a great track record and leave pleased clients, because your house won’t be an exception.

In her words: “At the end of the day though, my goal is to run creative businesses that are profitable and thriving and that allow the rest of my life — my marriage, my family, my health, and my friendships to thrive as well. I 100% believe that that is possible if you are willing to draw the line to protect what you care the most about.”

Click here to check out Shay’s full home tour!



2. Tour This Refined and Fresh Family Home in Dallas, Texas

Who: Erin Vogelpohl, 38

What she does: Stay-At-Home Mom

Living situation: After designing and building three homes in four years with her husband, Erin and her family live in a 4,300 sq ft. home in Dallas.

Fun fact: Erin was only 21 when she began her first full-time job as a teacher!

Decorating tip: Keep things simple — if the items you add to your space serve no purpose or don’t make you happy, get rid of them.

In her words: “Whether you work full time, are a single mom, or you stay at home, we all have different struggles and challenges. But in the end, we are all moms doing the best we can for our families!”

Click here to check out Erin’s full home tour!


1. The Everygirl Cofounder Alaina Kaczmarski’s Greystone Home Tour

Who: Alaina Kaczmarski, 31

What she does: Cofounder & Editor of The Everygirl

Living situation: Deemed her favorite Chicago home (out of her six), Alaina lives in this vintage Greystone with her husband and two dogs!

Fun fact: After six years of writing on her original blog, Live Creating Yourself, Alaina recently started blogging personally again with her launch of Elizabeth Street Post.

Decorating tip: When it comes to sharing a home with dogs, accept that things will get ruined. Her suggestion? Investing in affordable rugs, cleaning their paws, and bathing/grooming them frequently will help a lot.

In her words: “It’s rare any place you live in will be FOREVER so make your house – or studio or dorm – YOURS. It’s so worth it.”

Click here to check out Alaina’s full home tour!