The Ultimate Way to Personalize Your Wellness Routine

Health used to be about just achieving a common basis of healthy. Health trends had everyone going low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, trying fad diets left and right, and hopping on whatever regimen promised fastest results for the greatest population. Everyone was popping the same probiotic and looked to multivitamins to be their one-stop shop. But, you guys, it’s 2018. We know enough about health and our bodies to know that when it comes to health, it is not one size fits all. What works for someone may not work for you.

Our wellness routines have to be personalized and tailored to our unique needs. But it’s hard to do all the research yourself on what works and what doesn’t. I mean, we can’t all be doctors! This is why I’m obsessed with Care/of, which delivers personalized daily vitamin packs. It’s so good, their delivered vitamins and supplements are officially a part of our daily morning routines. You just take a quiz based on your diet and lifestyle, which takes less time than the line at Starbucks, and it’s honestly just as fun as a Buzzfeed quiz to find out which Gilmore Girl you are.


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From this, they recommend a perfectly understandable (and chic!) list of recommendations — as easy as popping a pill should be. The results are also all based on research and doctor input. So basically, you no longer need to be Gwyneth Paltrow to have a super specialized and legit nutritionist. You just go to Care/of! Also did I mention it’s perfect for the girl on the go (aka all of us)?

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Why choose Care/of instead of picking your own vitamins and supplements out at the store?

Funny you should ask. Here’s a list of the reasons Care/of should be your go-to in your personalized wellness routine.


Care/of makes personalized wellness routines easy.


Beyond just answering questions about yourself in order to know what to take (super easy), it’s delivered to your door in perfect cute daily packets. Aka no more aimless trips down the vitamin aisle of the health food store, not being able to tell a Vitamin b5 from Zinc (we’ve all been there). You’ll never again have to think about what vitamins you need, measure out the correct dosage, or add “get more vitamins” to your to-do list, since it’s delivered right to your door in daily packets.


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There are many vitamins and minerals you might not even know you’re missing out on.


Sure, you might know to take Vitamin C when you’re getting a cold or a probiotic for gut health. But there are many vitamins and minerals you might not even know you’re missing out on. As a vegetarian/part-time vegan, it’s crucial I get a daily b12 vitamin, and as a sunscreen-freak (as we all should be! Skin cancer and premature aging is no joke, people!), I often miss out on getting enough vitamin d3. Care/of is able to figure out your personal needs based on the lifestyle choices that make you different from someone else.


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They make their own vitamins and supplements so you know you can actually trust what you’re putting in your body.


Did you know that many vitamins and supplements sold in even the best health food stores aren’t regulated by the FDA? Care/of makes its own line of vitamins and supplements, from the highest quality ingredients. For example, their fish oil supplement is made from Wild Alaskan salmon and herbal supplements are all sustainably sourced.



It’s not just easier than buying your own vitamins — it’s cheaper, too.


Since I know you’re wondering about the cost, Care/of is about 20% less than what you would pay for the same supplements in a health food store. You can also opt out of any recommendations and add your own, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on something you may not be interested in. (PLUS, get 25% off your first month with code EVERYGIRL. I mean, can you even resist that good of a deal?)


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It’ll be a purchase you can feel good about in more ways than one.


A portion of every sale goes to the GOOD+ Foundation, which helps mothers in need receive prenatals so their baby is as healthy as possible, a crucial step for embryo and infant development. Can your shelf-bought multivitamin say the same?


Care/of doesn’t just offer vitamins.


As someone who is, admittedly, obsessed with wellness trends and being as healthy as I can (in the easiest way possible), I am totally smitten with Care/of’s quick sticks, which are as easy and simple as they sound. It’s a little stick full of powder that you just pour in your mouth for a pick-me-up (and some of them are even flavored for extra tastiness). The benefits of these sticks range from everything from energy (to replace your third cup of coffee), to immunity (goodbye, common cold!), to help catching some zzz’s (the tastiest sleep aid, ever). For my favorite, check out the gut-health stick with probiotics.



The packaging is the stuff of Instagram dreams.


If the reasons above weren’t enough for you, just look at how beautiful the packaging is (and with your name on them! How’s that for personalization?). If being able to set them out on your kitchen counter for decoration doesn’t inspire you to stick to your vitamin routine, I don’t know what will. Because it’s not too much to ask for something to be healthy and work well, but also to be Insta-worthy too.


Find out what vitamin routine works best for you and get 25% off your first month by using code EVERYGIRL at checkout.


This post was in partnership with Care/of, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.