This Is What 9 Dates in 7 Days Looks Like

And 6 other things to check out on the Internet this week

Here at The Everygirl, we understand the nature of busy women. You barely have time to eat breakfast in the morning, let alone spend the day surfing the web. That’s why this week, we’re sharing some of our favorite articles on pop culture, design, and more.


1. This is what going on nine dates in seven days looks like and Bumble, god bless

Single and ready to mingle, y’all.


2. You have to hear trans Veteran Laila Ireland’s speech at a GLAAD gala in San Francisco

“We chose to share our story so that everyone can see that trans people are no different from the next person who bleeds, or cries, or loves,” Ireland said. “People like me and Logan want to serve the country that we love — a country that is already great.”


3. 33 (!) new holiday films are coming to the Hallmark Channel this season and GET YOUR KLEENEX READY

Among the stars and directors: Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Dreams coming true here.


4. You need to see these photos of Colin Firth in his twenties and excuse me I AM DEAD COLIN COME REVIVE ME

The thirsting continues.


5. Meet the woman who served more than two decades in prison and is now a Ph.D. candidate at NYU

Can people be redeemed? An investigation.


6. Ranking all the features of the new $999 iPhone and can we talk about unlocking your phone with your face Apple, the thumb was fine, YOU WENT TOO FAR.



7. Idris Elba singing a newfangled version of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s classic “Baby Got Back” is the best song I have ever heard

Marry me, Idris.

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