Three Nail Art Trends You Can Do At Home

  • Story and Nail Art By:: Lyndsay Rush
  • Photography By:: Alaina Kaczmarski

I’m pretty into nail art. And not to be one of those people who’s like “Oh I knew of that band way before they were famous,” but I was getting wild with my nails long before people were even calling it ‘nail art.’ It started with swapping out a standard French manicure for bright colored tips, and slowly seeped into holiday themed nails and culminated in many of my guy friends unfollowing me on Instagram (what’s the fun in having amazing nails if the digital world can’t see?).

So when I was asked to demonstrate tutorials for three ‘beginner’ nail art manicures, I said yes faster than it takes my 60-second top coat to dry. (In fact, I think what I actually said was “I’ve arrived!”, but tomato-tom-ahto.)

The best advice I have for at-home nail art sessions is practice makes perfect. I love seeing nail art pics (Alicia T is my idol) and attempting to recreate them. The hard truth is it rarely ends up looking exactly like the pros, but seeing as we are not professionals, it’s important to just be patient and have fun with it. Also: splurge on the nicer base and top coats—it’s truly worth it and will let your hard work last much longer!

First and foremost, all of these start with the same important steps. Prepping the nails.

Step 1: Take off any old polish and then thoroughly wash your hands, preferably with a moisturizing hand soap to prevent drying out the cuticle. We teamed up with method since their new nourishing hand wash does just the trick (and we’re obsessed with the pretty bottles and three scents it comes in).

Step 2: While your hands are still damp, use your cuticle tool to push back those bad boys. Then buff and file your nails so they’re in the shape you prefer and smoothed out. 

You’ll want to do this simple prep for any at-home manicure. Alright… let’s begin!


Look 1: Some Like it Dot. (And yes, half the fun for me is naming these designs.)

Supplies Needed:
Nail polish [top coat, base coat, white, black] Cuticle tool
Nail polish remover
Nail file
Nail buffer
Nail brushes
Tin foil
Bobby pin
**This is one that I did for a friend, but I promise it’s just as easy doing it on your own hands!

We already discussed steps 1-2 above…

Step 3: Slap on your base coat and let it dry.

Step 4: Next add two coats of your lightest color polish. 

Step 5: Once it’s completely dry, use a fine nail brush dipped in nail polish remover to correct any cuticle slips or mistakes. 

Step 6: Take some of the black nail polish and pour it on your tin foil swatch (just about a dime size will do). Now comes the magical part: open your bobby pin up so it’s straightened out, and dip it in the black polish. Then all you have to do is dot your nail in the center/top of your nail bed. Repeat on all digits and finish with a top coat. The beauty of this design is that it looks much more impressive than it actually is.

Step 7: Easy right? Now it’s time to show it off. #EverygirlBeauty


Look 2: Killer Lineup 

Supplies Needed:
Nail polish [top coat, base coat, any two colors that your little heart desires!] Cuticle tool
Nail polish remover
Nail file
Nail buffer
Nail brushes

Repeat steps 1-3 from the first design.

Step 4: On your odd fingers (thumb, middle, pinky) paint an intersecting line through the middle of your nail at an angle (going left on left hand, right on right hand).

Step 5: Use a nail brush dipped in remover to perfect your line if you got a little shaky.

Step 6: Fill it in, making a triangle in the same color.

Step 7: Now on your other two nails, do a triangle at the tip of the nail in your second color, using the same method (a line, perfect the line, fill it in) but going in the opposite direction as the other nails.

Step 8: Now add that same triangle to the tips of the odd fingers (in the alternate color). You can also just add it to the middle finger and leave the others as is. Or add any other intersections that you want. The only rule is straight lines and angles. You can even get crazy and add a third color.

Step 9: Top coat time!

Step 10: Admire your work and text pics to your friends.

Look 3: Over the Moon

Supplies Needed:
Nail polish [top coat, base coat, and a bright color of your choice!] Cuticle tool
Nail polish remover
Nail file
Nail buffer
Nail brushes

Repeat steps 1-3 from the first design.

Step 4: Using a fine tipped nail brush dipped in your polish, trace the natural curve of your bare cuticle ‘moon.’  Repeat on all nails.

Step 5: You’ll likely need a nail brush dipped in remover to perfect your curved lines.

Step 6: Now go back and fill in the rest of the nail from ‘moon base’ to tip. 

Step 7: Leave those moons bare and appreciate the fun reverse French tip situation you just created. 

Step 8: Put on that top coat and go about your fabulous life.

This post is sponsored by method but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

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