Top 10 Home Tours of 2015

  • Copy by: Caroline Wilder

Throughout 2015, we were constantly inspired by the beautiful homes our readers submitted to The Everygirl—not to mention the women who created them. We’ve gotten to know some of these women by taking a peek into their lives and homes. From high-powered women with corporate jobs to hustling entrepreneurs who have created their own life map, these women have shared the wisdom they’ve gained in business, life, and, of course, all things decor. Before ringing in the new year with new tours of bright, beautiful, chic homes, let’s take a look at the top home tours of 2015 and the women who live in them.

10. Chelsey Cobbs’ Oklahoma City Studio Loft Tour

Source: Carli Wentworth for The Everygirl

What she does: Owner and makeup artist at Chelsey Ann Artistry

Living situation: Chelsey rents an 800-square foot historic studio loft in the Midtown neighborhood of Oklahoma City with her son London.

Fun fact: She travels with the Bobbi Brown team and was once part of a surprise wedding.

Decorating tip: Small space living has forced Chelsey to come up with two strict rules: Everything in her home must be both beautiful and functional.

In her words: “Be nice; give more than you get. Be impeccable in keeping your word. Take risks; don’t give up. Live in the grey; keep your life balanced. You aren’t always right, and you aren’t always wrong. And never drink cheap bourbon.”

Click here to check out Chelsey’s full home tour! 

9. Megan Koranda’s Chicago Home Tour

Source: Evan Hunt for The Everygirl

What she does: Founder and owner of busywrist, a jewelry company

Living situation: This beautiful apartment made Megan and her fiancé  (now husband) first-time homeowners.

Fun fact: She interned for Variety in London as a result of her aunt bidding on an internship at a silent auction.

Decorating tip: Don’t be afraid to create your own art for the gallery wall you’re building! Megan spent hardly anything on art because almost all of it she created herself.

In her words: “Don’t stress so much! And don’t compare your path to others. The future is exciting and everything will all work out as it should. Just be patient, and enjoy the process of figuring out who you are and what you want to do.”

Click here to check out Megan’s full home tour!

8. Miriam Schneider’s San Francisco Home Tour

Source: Rosa Delgado for The Everygirl

What she does: Education brand marketing at Google and owner of paper and interior company, Hazel Collective

Living situation: Miriam’s home sits in a sweet spot—within walking distance of Golden Gate and Buena Vista parks!

Fun fact: She convinced the Google team to take a five-week road trip across the country visiting college campuses. The coolest part? Mode of transportation was an old retrofitted school bus!

Decorating tip: Mix and match highs and lows. Put thrifty finds from the flea market with a splurge classic piece from Restoration Hardware.

In her words: “There are so many interesting places to see, things to do, and people to meet, and we grow and learn only when we approach all of it with an open mind and an open heart.”

Click here to check out Miriam’s full home tour!


7. Cori Magee’s Los Angeles Home Tour

Source: Kimberly Genevieve for The Everygirl

What she does: Graphic designer at Pretty Haute Mess

Living situation: Cori and her husband rent this colorful LA home.

Fun fact: She found this beautiful home on Craigslist! Never underestimate the power of research.

Decorating tip: See what you can DIY or transform that you already own. You’ll save money and hold onto some of what made your house a home in the first place.

In her words: “Make every decision for you only. Not for mom and dad. Not for the goal of ‘success.’ Just for you. If you’re always keeping your needs in mind, even bad decisions will ultimately lead to the right one.”

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6. Victoria Solomon’s New York City Apartment Tour

Source: Victoria Solomon for The Everygirl

What she does: Owner and interior designer at Victoria Elizabeth Design

Living situation: Victoria rents this beautiful condo in the Hell’s Kitchen district of New York City.

Fun fact: She created all of her own art! (Tell us those black and white abstracts aren’t to die for.)

Decorating tip: Splurge on big pieces that should really be an investment like a sofa, bed, or desk. You can fill the rest of your space with vintage finds.

In her words: “Usually around this age, you realize you love working in the field you studied, or you want to do something completely different. Before you make this switch, take some time to appreciate being a little lost and think about what it is you really want to do. It’s the perfect age where you can think a bit more about the rest of your life without being too tied down yet.”

Click here to check out Victoria’s full home tour!

5. Jaclyn Johnson’s Los Angeles Home Tour

Source: Kimberly Genevieve for The Everygirl

What she does: Founder of (No Subject), creator of Create + Cultivate, partner at the soon-to-be-launched On Holiday

Living situation: Jaclyn has made this bright LA abode her home where there is no shortage of dinner parties or cocktail hours!

Fun fact: She got her first job out of college on Craigslist. Fast forward to 2015, and she’s been listed among Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30!

Decorating tip: Don’t be afraid of variety. Play with texture. Layer different fabrics and colors.

In her words: “Everything happens for a reason. Things happen for a reason and lead you to where you need to be, with the people you need to be surrounded by.”

Click here to check out Jaclyn’s full home tour!

4. Kellee Khalil’s New York City Apartment Tour

Source: Claire Esparros for The Everygirl

What she does: Founder and CEO of

Living situation: Kellee has been renting this Lower Manhattan apartment for two years. It was the first place her broker brought her to and she fell in love.

Fun fact: As Kellee helped plan her sister’s wedding, she became frustrated, wishing there was a one-stop shop for wedding planning. She wanted to simplify the wedding planning process and was born.

Decorating tip: The key is to mix affordable finds with more expensive investment pieces.

In her words: “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything works out in the end and you are exactly where you need to be right now.”

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3. Kathleen Barnes’ Orange County Home Tour

Source: Monica Wang for The Everygirl

What she does: Social media manager for Urban Decay Cosmetics and blogger behind Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Living situation: Kathleen and her husband Christian downsized from a three-bedroom house to this one-bedroom apartment in sunny Orange County for his surgical residency.

Fun fact: Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, she doesn’t store her sweaters in her oven!

Decorating tip: DIY projects and Ikea hacks are your friend. Do research. Look at home tours. The Internet is your friend!

In her words: “Relax. Everything isn’t going to be perfect and that’s OK. Enjoy yourself. Live in the moment and know that some of your funniest memories will come from your mistakes.”

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2. Ceres Ribeiro’s Union City, NJ Home Tour

Source: Emilia Jane Photography for The Everygirl

What she does: Business intelligence analyst at Bloomberg LP

Living situation: Ceres had been eyeing this apartment for a year before deciding to buy. Now she and her fiancé live there.

Fun fact: With a little time and a lot of Friends episodes, this Brazilian learned the English language!

Decorating tip: Research amazing deals and transform furniture with IKEA hacks. Spray paint and hardware go a long way.

In her words: “Hard work pays off. I never imagined that I would be where I am today! It’s a great feeling when you actually accomplish much more than what you dreamt of.”

Click here to check out Ceres’ full home tour!

1. Alaina + Danielle’s Chicago, IL The Everygirl Office 

Source: Stoffer Photography for The Everygirl

What they do: Co-Founders and editors of The Everygirl

Living situation: Our co-founders combined work and life for a year to bring their homes and The Everygirl office under one roof!

Fun fact: Danielle is used to living alone post-college, while Alaina, who grew up with siblings and has always had roommates, feels lonely after too much time to herself.

Decorating tip: Neutrals are the easiest way to create a cohesive look.

In their words: “Know that creating a home you love takes time, so don’t expect to have the apartment of your dreams right out of college. Slowly but surely it will come together!”

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