Top 10 Home Tours of 2016

We are constantly inspired by the women who submit their homes to be featured on The Everygirl. Before ringing in the new year with new homes, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the top home tours of 2016 and the women who live in them.

10. This Girl Mastered Decorating from Scratch While Staying on a Budget

Source: Andrea Posadas for The Everygirl

Who: Cait Weingartner, 28

What she does: Director of Collaborations with Collectively while maintaining her side hustle Pretty & Fun

Living situation: Cait and her fiancé relocated from Chicago to San Francisco, both selling all of their furniture before the move and only bringing a mattress with them.

Fun fact: We featured her stylish Windy City studio on The Everygirl in 2013.

Decorating tip: Utilize Craigslist (both for buying and selling) as much as possible! Cait set up an IFTTT alert to help track down a vintage piece to use as a television stand. Because of the alert, they were lucky enough to jump on the piece as soon as it was posted.

In her words: “I still think that moving to Chicago in 2011 was the best decision I’ve ever made—I knew no one but moving 800 miles away from home ended up opening so many incredible doors for me. Getting out of your comfort zone can be really scary but is always worth it in the end.”

Click here to check out Cait’s full home tour!

9. A Chic Santa Cruz Office Space Designed on a Budget

Source: Carlie Stasky for The Everygirl

Who: Natalie Comstock, 27

What she does: Founder, Natalie Dressed and Style + Spirit

Living situation: This jean queen left her full-time job in the venture capital world to put her fashion aspirations to the test. She created her dream job and this amazing office space in her family home she shares with her fire fighter husband.

Fun fact: Around the time her office finally felt finished, Natalie found out she was pregnant and would have to transition the space into a nursery.

Decorating tip: Think out of the box about how you can make things both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For example, Natalie utilized the original trim around the top of the room to hang all her heels and save floor space.

In her words: “I like spaces to feel bright and airy, but I also want them to have character. I gravitate towards a lot of different styles so I try to just choose things I love and make them work together.”

Click here to check out Natalie’s full home tour!


8. This Bright Minneapolis Studio Combines Form and Function

Source: Melissa Oholendt for The Everygirl

Who: Jackie Saffert, 26

What she does: Development Associate, PACER Center

Living situation: This apartment is Jackie’s first venture in solo living.

Fun fact: Jackie was once an Everygirl intern!

Decorating tip: Planning is key! Make a list of everything you want and rank the items by priority, so you purchase what you actually need first. It will also help you stick to a budget and deter you from walking into a store with wide eyes and no plan. Be careful not to put too many things from one store together so your home looks curated and not matchy. 

In her words: “For anyone whose 9-5 doesn’t fulfill their interests or passions, a side hustle is crucial to fill whatever void is there—creative or otherwise. I think side hustles are especially important for people like me who aren’t quite sure what their passions are yet; having one allows you to develop different skills until you figure out what’s right for you.”

Click here to check out Jackie’s full home tour!


7. Tour the Michigan Home of Former Domino Editor-in-Chief Michelle Adams

Source: Marta Xochilt Perez for The Everygirl

Who: Michelle Adams, 33

What she does: Lead Consultant at Adams Creative Consulting and shop owner at The Maryn

Living situation: After living in New York for 8 years, Michelle decided to take back her personal life and move home to Michigan near her family.

Fun fact: Michelle spent her senior year of college cold-calling the receptionist at Condé Nast, emailing the web team (and just about any Domino email she could find), researching the staff, and applying for internships. She finally landed an assistant position from an informational interview.

Decorating tip: Ignore trends altogether. Look for pieces that make you happy and that you enjoy living with.

In her words: “Don’t be afraid if your point of view is different than others. Just run with it and continue to cultivate it by seeing as much and reading as much as possible.”

Click here to check out Michelle’s full home tour!


6. How One Couple Made Their 700-Square-Foot Apartment Feel So Much Bigger

Source: Tory Putnam for The Everygirl

Who: Andi Teggart, 27

What she does: Owner, Lucky Collective, a social media, event planning and creative shop

Living situation: Andi and her husband have lived in their 700 square-foot apartment for a little over a year. To stay on budget, they were both willing to compromise and knew that their “dream apartment” wouldn’t happen right away.

Fun fact: She has a plant (on her dresser) that’s been with her the entire 5 years she’s lived in San Francisco!

Decorating tip: Make sure your apartment reflects you and is a space where visitors can feel comfortable. It’s your home, not a museum!

In her words: “Bravery and courage are always rewarded. She reminded me that what I was doing—moving across the country, starting my first job out of school and a new life—was brave and when we make those brave decisions, it pays off.”

Click here to check out Andi’s full home tour!

5. This Tiny San Francisco Apartment Is Our Bachelorette Dream

Source: Jen Kay for The Everygirl

Who: Anum Tariq, 30

What she does: Freelance Fashion Illustrator and Stylist

Living situation: A 550-square-foot studio apartment that maximizes every inch. Before moving in, Anum purged her closet and used the money to purchase new furniture.

Fun fact:  She left a full-time job to focus on her side hustle, which has evolved into a successful Etsy shop.

Decorating tip: Having less square footage means choosing petite furniture in lighter colors. By maintaining the same color palette throughout, she was able to create seperate spaces that all fit together in a cohesive way.

In her words: “There are no sick days, so you really have to suck it up and get it done, because it’s your name on it.”

Click here to check out Anum’s full home tour!

4. A Taste of Brooklyn: Tour This Chef’s Sophisticated Williamsburg Abode

Source: Emilia Jane Photography for The Everygirl

Who: Sarah Schiear, 30

What she does: Private Chef & Founder of Salt House

Living situation: She created her swoon-worthy space with the help of Havenly.

Fun fact: She’s booked some clients we’d all like to have, like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Decorating tip: The key to maximizing your space? Get creative and organized with storage and choose items that serve multiple purposes.

In her words: “If you find something that feels good and magnetic to you, keep doing it. I never could have imagined where my love of cooking would go.”

Click here to check out Sarah’s full home tour!

3. Tour a D.C. Designer’s Colorful, Contemporary Apartment

Source: Abby Jiu for The Everygirl

Who: Heloise McKee, 28

What she does: Founder & Creative Director, Mintwood Home 

Living situation: Heloise shares an apartment in the U. Street Corridor with her best friend–and her sister lives in the same building, only a few floors away!

Fun fact: After interning at a design firm for two days, she knew she wanted to leave teaching and go into interior design full-time.

Decorating tip: Use neutrals such as whites and greys for the base or “the bones” (i.e. couch and chairs) and then add color elsewhere. That way you have more options for trading out pillows and fabrics down the road.

In her words: “I have put everything on the line for this company, and if I miss a couple parties and happy hours I know it will be worth it in the long run.”

Click here to check out Heloise’s full home tour!

2. A San Francisco Apartment Rooted in Neutrals

Source: Jen Kay for The Everygirl

Who: Ashley Kane, 27

What she does: Founder & Lifestyle Blogger, Brunch on Chestnut

Living situation: Ashely and her boyfriend live in the heart of the Marina and two blocks walking distance to an overlook of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fun fact: Her first job out of college was working for Google.

Decorating tip: Mixing brass, gold, and marble with warm rustic wood pieces creates a cohesively cozy atmosphere.

In her words: “Live in the moment. Trust your gut. Everything falls into place, as it should.”

Click here to check out Ashley’s full home tour!

1. The Everygirl Co-founder’s Scandinavian-Inspired Apartment

Source: Danielle Moss for The Everygirl

Who: Danielle Moss, 33

What she does: Co-founder and editor of The Everygirl, stylist, photographer, graphic designer, and blogger behind

Living situation: Danielle was halfway through a lease when she met a friend to see a renovation she had been working on. She loved it so much that she broke her lease and moved in ASAP.

Fun fact: Danielle has moved 5 times in less than 6 years!

Decorating tip: You don’t have to buy everything at once, so figure out what you need most, and slowly start investing in pieces as you can afford them. Always wait for big stores to have sales, look for floor samples to go on sale, and check craigslist, etsy, Ikea, and flea markets.

In her words: “We’re told we can do anything and have it all, but in the end, something’s gotta give. Dream big and work hard, but give yourself a break.”

Click here to check out Danielle’s full home tour!