Transcend the Office Dress Code with IFB

Nothing is more terrifying for the young working professional than these three words: office dress code. It conjures horrifying images of untailored pant suits, boring blazers, and nylons on 90-degree summer days. You spend 8 hours of your day at the office, sometimes more depending on deadlines and projects. You should love what you wear while plugging away at your desk.

Whether you are working in a white-collar cubicle den or a creative loft, your style doesn’t end the minute you walk into the office—which is why we (Independent Fashion Bloggers) are thrilled to be working on this new Office Fashion series with The EveryGirl, that focuses on helping the young professional woman with her work-chic wardrobe. Our goal is to show you how to build a closet full of options that blend today’s latest trends (and your personal style) with your office’s dress code. As young female entrepreneurs, we know that finding stylish office pieces can be awfully tricky—but it is possible!

When it comes to office fashion, these are our three main rules:
1. Rely on fit, not flash.
2. Accessories make the outfit.
3. Embrace color.

1. Rely on fit, not flash

You don’t need excessive sparkle to convey your strength and confidence when it comes to the office. This doesn’t mean you can’t add a little sass to your outfit; we are never ones to turn down a pretty top. But fit is ten times more important than flash. Crissie went with a dark denim high-waisted pencil skirt that hits right above the knee. Both feminine yet sophisticated, the skirt accentuates her waist and a white, ruffled blouse is neatly tucked in. To complement the outfit, Crissie chose bright cobalt pumps and a gold belt, adding in a little flash without going overboard.

2. Accessories make the outfit

While you may have to adhere to a strict office dress code, no one can stop you from adding a colorful scarf or key jewelry pieces to jazz up an otherwise lackluster outfit. To add more personality to her basic white blouse, Taylor chose this printed scarf and her personal collection of vintage bracelets to bolster an otherwise simple outfit. Another stylish accessory option is a structured, colored purse which is one of this season’s hottest trends. Taylor designed her own bag (thanks to Brahmin) and it brings together a healthy dose of summer fun in a classic, professional way. Cute and versatile? Yes please.

3. Embrace color

A common sentiment among young working professionals is that they are intimidated by color. How can we add it into our wardrobe without looking too trendy? Our advice is when embracing color, do it in a classic way. Crissie chose a bold yet classic wide-leg trouser that accentuates her tall frame and paired the bright pants with a cream sweater, toning down the vibrant blue color and adding a touch of preppy sophistication to the outfit. Remember, it’s all about balancing the bright with neutral. With a structured bag and a metal chain necklace, Crissie’s outfit reflects her modern yet refined personality.

With these three rules, you can build an office wardrobe that will match your personality and charm. All it takes is some dedication, time, and attention to detail. Vibrant, unique, chic. These are the words that should be associated with office fashion, don’t you think? We’re aiming for smiles, not yawns.

Models: Crissie Fuller, Digital Strategist for IFB; Taylor Davies, Senior Editor for IFB
Photography: Amanda Boyce

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