Try This: Stylebook

  • Copy by: Meghan Freier

We instantly fell in love with Stylebook– an app that transforms our iPhones and iPod Touches into our own virtual closets. Stylebook saves us both time and money while searching for the perfect, new addition to our wardrobes. For just $3.99, it made all of our fashion and organizational dreams come true. Aimed at helping build and create personal wardrobes, the app has over 90 different features that helped us achieve an effortlessly chic look every single day.

From a calendar feature that helps track when outfits are worn, to the style expert feature which offers professional fashion advice, this app can take care of all of your wardrobe needs. Here are a few features that made us fall in love with Stylebook—

Virtual closet: With the ability to add your own clothes into your phone, Stylebook literally becomes a closet in your pocket. It enables you to import photos of your clothes directly from the mobile built-in camera, photo library, or the web. In addition to becoming a mobile closet, Stylebook also lets you create new outfits with the clothes you already own. This feature allows you to become your own stylist (and what girl doesn’t love that!) as you virtually transform your wardrobe into a magazine style outfit layouts.

Shopping: The shopping feature takes mobile online shopping to the next level, allowing us to conduct advanced searches for not only the exact color, style, or store they want to purchase from, but also allows users to set price points. In addition to narrowing down options, the app also lets you insert potential purchases into your personal closet, so you can test out the potential purchase with items you already own.

Pack feature: Being able to create a packing list from literally anywhere (the subway, a waiting room, even a classroom) is genius. Having your entire closet catalogued on your phone makes the long, drawn-out hassle of packing disappear, and can be done whenever you have a free moment.

Organization: A little organization can go a long way when getting dressed. Being able to physically see what clothes you have and when you wore them puts even the most organized physical closet to shame.

Stylebook is available for $3.99 in the App Store, and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This post was sponsored by Stylebook.