Valentine’s Day Style: The “Last Minute” Edition

It’s here again. Two days away, actually. How did that happen? And falling on a Friday night no less! 

Maybe you actually planned ahead, or better yet, made an exceptionally wise fall purchase otherwise known as the LOVE graphic sweater a few months back. Regardless, if you’re not scrambling for something to wear, I am truly impressed. Perhaps though, you’re like most busy women in February (cough, me), and you’ve just realized that not even your sister’s Amazon Prime membership can get you that little red dress in time for Friday night. And the clock continues to tick. 

Not to worry. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to call for an expensive “date night out” dress, pink bows or sky-high stilettos. Nor does a “date night in” ensemble mean swapping your favorite dress for sweatpants and a pint of Chunky Monkey. Here’s how to achieve that effortless, romantic look you’ll love — with zero stress on your part.

Tips to Creating an Effortlessly Romantic Look:

1. Start with your favorite casual dress, preferably one with a pattern. Stripes, polka dots, florals–anything goes here! 
2. Layer on a classic, chunky sweater. To create a more defined waistline, tie your sweater in a knot at your waist.  
3. A statement necklace is a great way to add sparkle to an otherwise casual outfit.
4. Pointed red D’Orsay flats will give you that polished, feminine look of heels without the hassle.
5. Use your Valentine’s colors effectively. An accent of red or pink here and there is the perfect amount. Break up the hues with a contrasting color or pattern to avoid looking like Kitty Purry
6. Red or bright pink lipstick is a way to add instant polish. (Hint: Check back tomorrow for more Valentines Day beauty tips!)
7. No fussy hair here–opt for some soft waves to top off your look.
8. Not satisfied with what’s in your closet? Head around the corner to Old Navy! They have some amazingly festive picks for under $30.




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