Valentine’s Day

  • Copy by: Brianna Cook

February 14th is here again, and we want to wish all of our Everygirls a happy Valentine’s Day! Each of us has seen this holiday come and go many times over the years, and as such, we’ve had plenty of time to define what it means for us. Long gone are the simple grade school days of exchanging cards with classmates (when everyone was obligated to participate). As we’ve grown up, so has our idea of this Feast of St. Valentine and the way we incorporate it—or don’t incorporate it—into our lives.

While we can all agree that the focus of the day is love, there are differing opinions when it comes to who should actually be celebrating. Is it worth bothering over if you don’t have a date? Or should you embrace the chance to spread the love to those around you, regardless of your relationship status?

What’s your take? Do you like the idea of celebrating with friends, like we illustrated last week with our friendship soiree? Or do you feel that Valentine’s Day is best suited for those in a romantic relationship?

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