Watch This: Smash Season 2

  • Copy by: Meghan Freier

Smash fans—the wait is over! NBC’s hit show returns tonight at 9/8 CST in a special two-hour premiere that promises drama, music, dancing, and of course, Marilyn. Personally, I could not be more excited that Smash is back! I’ve been a huge fan right from the start, and am excited to see Bombshell make its way to Broadway! Thankfully, I wasn’t the only fan—season one was award winning (snatching up a Primetime Emmy Award, among with three other major wins), and received great ratings too. Even after a successful first season, season two promises to be even better after “cutting the fat” and focusing on what Smash does best. The music (have you heard the soundtrack—wow!). The incredible vocal talent featured on the show, combined with its talented cast and dramatic story-line, combine to make a beautiful melody and television treat! Opening where the freshman season left off, season two will focus on the opening of Bombshell, and the many bumps in the road on the way to Broadway.

Adding to the already exciting second season, multiple highly-celebrated Hollywood stars have signed on for cameos and part-time roles, including Sean Hayes, Liza Minnelli, Rosie O’Donnell, Matthew Broderick, and Jennifer Hudson. These big names, combined with the already star-studded cast, will bring next season to the next level of television and Broadway glory. I have to say, I can’t decide whose guest appearance I’m most excited for. The Sean Hayes/ Debra Messing television reunion is going to be epic (especially for Will & Grace fans), but Jennifer Hudson is a musical powerhouse and rocked her performances in the next season preview! Watch the season two preview below and decide which guest will be the best addition! And I promise—the preview will turn you into a fan, even if you haven’t seen a single episode! Behind on Smash? Need a quick recap so you can watch the premiere tonight without being completely lost? You’ve come to the right place, here’s what you need to know about season one (warning: all spoilers if you have not yet watched but plan it):

Broadway writing duo Tom and Julia come up with Bombshell, a new play based on Marilyn Monroe’s career, romantic life, and eventual demise. After bringing on Eileen (who recently divorced another huge Broadway producer…think James Cameron/ Kathryn Bigelow relationship) to produce the show, the hunt to find a director begins. They settle on Derek Wills, an award winning director who often lets his playboy personality and “my way or the highway” attitude blur his artistic brilliance.

Once the production team is decided, casting for Bombshell begins. Most of the casting goes smoothly, but the team has a more difficult time deciding who should play Marilyn. Two candidates are left standing at the end of casting. Contender #1: Seasoned Broadway performer, Ivy Lynn. She has the voice, the body, and the blonde hair—and previous Broadway experience. She’s the natural front-runner and assumed shoo-in for the part. Contender #2: The underdog and newcomer, Karen Cartwright. Originally hailing from Iowa, Karen offers some amazing talent (both in singing and dancing), but lets her naiveté get in the way while competing for Marilyn. After a callback, Ivy is eventually given the part of Marilyn.

So Marilyn is settled, and the cast goes ahead preparing for Bombshell, right? Not quite. Ivy is eventually replaced by a major (and emotionally unstable) Hollywood actress, Rebecca Duvall (played by Uma Thurman), to generate publicity and media buzz around the show. Publicity is what they wanted, and publicity is what they got! The morning of Bombshell’s big out-of-town opening, Rebecca is poisoned (with peanuts—she is deathly allergic) and backs out of the show. Going against the rest of the production team, Derek decides to cast Karen as Rebecca’s replacement as the show opens in Boston. Bombshell‘s run in Boston is a huge success, so the show and its dramatic cast is headed for Broadway! That was season one, so now however unprepared you were for the premiere tonight—you can watch! Are you planning on watching the premiere of Smash? Which guest star are you most excited to see on season two? Personally, I can’t wait to see Jennifer Hudson! I think Jennifer + Smash = a match made in heaven! Which character are you hoping isn’t brought back this season? I hope that scheming Ellis is gone! He doesn’t care what (or who) he steps on in his rise to success and fame—I hope he’s gone forever! Last but not least, if Bombshell was a real Broadway show, would you buy a ticket? I would be first in line! Who’s with me? Happy Watching!

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