Watch This: Some Girl(s)

  • Copy by: Anna Mathias

The high school sweetheart. The fling. The older woman. The younger woman. The one that got away. Most of us can identify with one—or more than one—of those in our past and present romantic ventures, which is why I was so intrigued by Some Girl(s). The film, directed by Daisy von Scherler and based on Neil LaBute’s play, follows an unnamed male writer (Adam Brody) as he zig zags across the country to revisit his ex-girlfriends, portrayed by Jennifer Morrsion, Mía Maestro, Emily Watson, Zoe Kazan, and Kristen Bell. He is on a mission to figure out what went wrong with each past love and apologize in person as a way to relieve his conscience before his impending nuptials.

The interactions between the unnamed protagonist and each former flame are sharply written yet intimate. There are apologies given, insults thrown back, and genuine conversations that draw in the viewer. Over the course the movie, we better understand what kind of man the main character is, the influence (or lack thereof) these exes have had on his life, and the lingering wounds that have been inflicted on each woman. 

I enjoyed this movie because it felt real. There were moments I could relate to—the unraveling of an apology, the rehashing of past memories that were trying to be forgotten, and feeling as though I had been wronged in some way by an adorable yet painfully unaware guy. The actors are also great. Adam Brody has perfected the balance between charming and self-absorbed (hello, Seth Cohen). He makes us believe that maybe he is a good guy with good intentions who just doesn’t get women. And each actress, particularly Kristen Bell and Zoe Kazan, is adept at conveying the emotions any woman would feel towards an ex—confusion, regret, and bitterness. However, the movie does have its flaws—Brody’s character is a little too unaware of the damage he’s caused. He doesn’t realize the extent of his selfishness in his past relationships until the final two vignettes and by that point, our antihero seems fixed in his ways.

While Some Girl(s) won’t leave you with warm feelings (although over an hour of Adam Brody screen time might), I definitely recommend this film. Those who gravitate toward realistic movies will enjoy identifying with the characters, their relationships, and the complicated nature of love.

Some Girl(s) is available on Vimeo On Demand.