Watch This: The Way Way Back

  • Copy by: Louisa Wells

At every start of a new summer, that glimmer of hope and that all-too-familiar feeling of excitement of what the summer holds wraps us in its warm embrace. The possibilities of summer romances and all of the magic and adventure they entail can have us wishing for those summer months to return the rest of the year. When you have a whole summer ahead of you it sometimes feels like anything can happen—especially when you meet the one guy you hope can change your summer for the better.

Recently, I went to a screening for the movie The Way Way Back and the memories of the thrill of a summer romance came rushing back. In the movie, the main character Duncan heads to the vacation with his mom and his mom’s boyfriend (Steve Carrell)  where the whole family spends their time enjoying the beach, sun, and each other. Of course, the summer isn’t all what it’s shaped up to be, and Duncan finds himself coming-of-age in more ways than one. When he meets the girl next door (literally) his summer takes a turn for the exciting. What I love most about this movie is that Duncan is the “shy guy,” which makes the budding summer romance between him and his beach-side neighbor that much more enticing. You’ll find yourself rooting for his success throughout the entire movie.

The Way Way Back takes you through the roller coaster of emotions that a summer love can bring. It will have you leaving the theater nostalgic for those family vacations where nothing seemed to go right and where your crush on that one guy made an impression, even if it was just for the summer. Even if all you have left are the memories, there’s nothing quite like a summer surrounded by the people you love. Don’t you just wish you could go back?