Why We’re Addicted to The Dating Podcast We Met at Acme + 5 Episodes You Need to Listen to Now

Sex is one of those things that we’re not supposed to openly talk about, but at the same time are supposed to know everything about. Lindsey Metselaar, a native New Yorker and relationship expert, is opening up the taboo conversation on her weekly podcast, We Met at Acme. It delves into all things millennial dating — from dating app etiquette, to sex on the first date, to everything you need to know about STD’s — with an inclusive array of guests, including celebrities, therapists, and even porn stars! We Met at Acme takes a witty and relatable approach to the topics we don’t talk about enough through real life experiences, while still providing the educational information that we need to know. Think the 2018 version of Sex and the City, but with way more astrology talk!

Dating someone who has cheated before or loving everything about someone but not wanting to be with them can be unchartered territory for most, but Lindsey helps us with her 20-something take on it all. If you’re looking for something new to listen to on your commute to work or while you’re having a chill night at home, I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorite episodes of this podcast so far!


Episode 4: Britni

In one of the very first episodes, Lindsey gets real with her good friend, Britni and let’s just say they have the girl talk of our dreams! They cover every topic — from red flags, to dating multiple guys at once, to bringing up what you like in bed right away with your partner. Lindsey explains her three texting rules to live by (hint hint, if he wants to talk to you, then he will reach out, ladies). The most important takeaway is to allow yourself to be honest and vulnerable. Sex and relationships take practice and time, and at the end of the day, we’re just trying our best to figure it all out!


Episode 12 – Olivia Perez, Founder of Friend Of A Friend

Lindsey sits down with boss babe Olivia Perez and talks everything social media and dating. From guys sliding into the DM’s to to deleting pictures of your ex off your page, they give their opinion on it all. As a young business owner, Olivia shares her experience with men being intimated by her success and how she doesn’t let it slow her down. In this episode, they answer the controversial question of  “Should the guy love the girl more?”


Episode 24 – Carli Blau, Sex Therapist

Okay guys, you’re going to want to get a paper and pen out for this one. Licensed sex and relationship therapist Carli Blau shares everything you’ve ever wanted to know and more on safe sex. This episode is all about recognizing that knowledge is power — the more you know, the more you can prevent, protect, and prepare. Carli answers lots of questions, like how often you should be getting tested, what exactly is HPV, and if you should be freezing your eggs. I’m just telling you now, I was mind-blown. 

Lindsey and Carli also open up about why loving yourself and your body first is crucial, about being yourself from the beginning, and sex taking consistency — if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! Listen to the episode to hear why.


Episode 28 – Jesse Israel, Founder of The Big Quiet

Jesse Israel, founder of The Big Quiet: Mass Meditation for Modern People, shares how his personal exploration into orgasmic meditation has shifted how he talks about sex and women. Woah, did I just say orgasmic meditation? — yes, yes I did, and you’re going to want to know more about it. He explains the importance of being present with your partner and focusing on pleasure over everything else!

In this episode, they compare masculine and feminine energies and how you probably have both, being held at the end of the day, and if men should be getting women an Uber home after staying the night. Maybe drop a subtle hint to your partner to listen to this one too!


Episode 45 – Amy Chan, Founder of Renew Breakup Boot Camp

This one is all about coping after a break-up, valuing your self-worth, and acknowledging unhealthy dating patterns. Amy’s mission, through Renew Breakup Boot Camp, is to provide people with methods of healing and finding the true source of their wounds. This episode also discusses anxious versus avoidant attachment styles (this is super interesting!), how over-giving might mean overcompensating, and listening to your intuition. Spoiler alert: Amy believes there is no rule book for the right time to have sex with a new partner, and I’m with her on this one!

If you listened to these episodes and still can’t get enough, head over to We Met At Acme, where Lindsey shares her favorite articles and books to read! (Bonus: she posts the most entertaining poll questions on her Instagram stories).


What’s your favorite episode and advice of Lindsey’s? Let us know in the comments!