We Need to Talk: The Dating Apps That Actually Work

This week on We Need to Talk, we’re doing a deep dive into online dating — plus, Cofounder and Editor, Danielle Moss, is sharing her insights on Tinder, after meeting her fiancé on the app last year. 

Our Social Media Manager, Caitlin Timson, and Cofounder and Editor, Danielle Moss, chat about all the intricacies of online dating — from the Tindermen and their tigers to knowing the rules so you can break them all. Danielle fills us in on all her tips from her online dating days and spills about how she and her finacé Conor first met.

P.S. Watch till the end to see our favorite bloopers! 

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What’s your best — or worst — online dating story? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Love the videos and you two. But get a better mic! 🙂

    • The Everygirl

      Thanks for the feedback, Marie!

      • Pro tip: iphone headphone microphones record TV quality sound and are
        easy to hide (earbud in bra strap and lace it through your shirt- phone in your back or front pocket)… use voice memos on iphone to record and then put the sound with the video after and it will get rid of the echo…. you can also buy a really cheap microphone to plug into your iphone that clips onto your shirt if you don’t want to use your headphones 🙂

  • This was such a good video! Modern dating is so hard and I can’t believe that you met someone special through tinder!! Good on you!! Can’t wait for more videos!!

  • Nikki Laraja

    ahh, I loved this post, so relatable!

  • Allison Bohs

    Love the “We Need to Talk” series!

  • Amanda

    Love this! Met my boyfriend on OKCupid, gave him my number, deleted the app. He texted me and we texted back and forth for 3 weeks before setting up dinner (also had dates 2 and 3 planned before we met for date 1). When you know, you know. There are definitely horror stories out there (I have a few!) but you know a quality guy when you meet one (and, if he’s smart, he’ll know you’re quality, too 🙂 )