We Need to Talk: Do You Untag Yourself from Photos on Social?

Check out our discussion on untagging yourself from unflattering photos in Episode Two now!

This week on We Need to Talk, we’re dishing on *shudder* unflattering photos — tagged on social for the world to see. 

Our Social Media Manager, Caitlin Timson, and our Editorial Intern, Abigail Yonker, hear from readers and chat about solutions to that cringe-worthy notification: the one where you discover you’ve been tagged in that photo. The one where your mid-sneeze, rocking a sloppy pony, with a ketchup stain on your chin. Not ideal. So… what to do? Catch the episode for our thoughts.

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Do you untag yourself from unflattering photos? Tell us in the comments below! 

  • of course I do 🙂 I also have privacy settings so that I can choose if I want to display the pics or not

    • Amie Melnychuk


      • carrie

        me too..!

  • Alex Gamboa

    I have a strong policy of never untagging. Truth be told, I used to be super photogenic, but seriously don’t think I’ve liked a picture of myself in the last three years, BUT that’s my own thing I need to work out internally. People who know me know what I look like. I know I’m beautiful. I’d rather be seen as an authentic person than a perfect person. If I actually do look not that great in a picture, maybe it’ll make someone else feel like they can be more comfortable with themselves. Either way, I can’t justify anything positive coming from untagging.

    • Caitlin Timson

      i love this! going to strive to have this attitude moving forward for sure. thanks so much for sharing!

    • Natalie Gough

      This is how I feel – I might not love the way I look in certain pics, but it shows i’m real and human. That everyone can take a great pic and a bad pic.

    • Abigail Yonker

      SUCH a good attitude! definitely something I want to be working on!

  • eli

    I think we’re so used to curating everything that we lost perspective on the difference between unflattering and spontaneous. I do have privacy settings to prevent unwanted posts on my feeds, but that’s mostly to prevent those mass tag signs, posts that don’t actually have me in them, and just generally things that I don’t feel my other friends need to see