Weigh In: Colored Lights or White Lights? Plus More Holiday Debates!

Get ready to weigh in: How early is too early for holiday music? Do you go live tree or fake tree? What about Cyber Monday versus Black Friday? This week on We Need to Talk, we’re diving into great holiday debates!


Unleash your feelings in the comments below! 

  • Christine

    Where is the beige sweater from?

  • Brenda McKay

    Here’s a funny tidbit: growing up, all I wanted were rainbow colored lights on our tree, and my mom always refused. She was white lights only, all the way. I thought the rainbow was so pretty! My mom’s opinion was that it was kind of juvenile and white lights were far more classic and chic. As soon as I got married and bought a house with my husband, we got rainbow lights for our tree. And I LOVED them – for about 3 years. Then I started to see what my mom meant. They clash with colorful ornaments, for one thing. They don’t look cohesive. And thus, at the age of 31, I came around to my mom’s line of thinking. Alas, she was right. White lights will always be a classic, chic palette for your ornaments.

  • CharliesInternshipNY

    Coloured! Much as I think coordinated Christmas trees are pretty, I much prefer the mad jumble of colour that goes on my tree. My family has a tradition of buying a Christmas ornament from each country we visit, so our tree is decorated in the weird and wonderful. l think the coloured lights complement all the different things on the tree, and looking at it reminds us of past Christmases, the journeys we’ve made and the memories we have from those places.

  • White twinkle lights all the way! My parents love colored lights and I have spent my entire life trying to convince them to switch to white. They even have rainbow LED icicle lights on the outside of the house.

  • Kati Boldt

    1. White lights ALL the way.
    2. Doesn’t matter which day but I prefer online shopping.
    3. Fake Tree but spray it to smell like a live tree!
    4. I start decorating Thanksgiving night
    5. Holiday music loooooong before Thanksgiving (before Halloween…don’t judge)

  • Unless it’s December 1st, it’s too early for holiday music. Personally, I don’t like most Christmas music anyways and all the “winter seasonal” stuff doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I’m all about the fake trees – I have a 3 foot tree that I bust out each year (small apartment). I don’t like that these majestic pines and spruces are planted and allowed to grow for a handful of years only to be chopped down, have their corpses stuffed with baubles and then throw out in the trash after the festivities. Extreme? Well yeah… I don’t really do much shopping around the holidays, so I’ll pass on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With regards to white lights vs colored lights – white lights for a tree and indoor decor. Colored lights for lining windows or outside decorations.