How to Wear the Latest Trends (We Asked an Expert)

This week on We Need to Talk, we’re chatting about how to rock a crop top and how wide leg trousers are different from gaucho pants — long live the ’90s. 

The latest trends are here and we needed help — PJs as outerwear is all our dreams come true, but how do you wear them out without looking like you stumbled out of a midday nap?

We consulted Jeannine Benoit Adams, the founder of Ready Pretty, for her sage style wisdom and our Social Media Manager, Caitlin Timson, got the low down on how to rock the crop, and the one pair of mules to invest in this season.

P.S. Watch till the end to see our favorite bloopers! Plus, a special visit from our latest office obsession: June!

How do you wear the latest trends? Do you have style questions you need answered, like, now? Tell us in the comments below and Jeannine will come to your rescue!