The 2020 Wedding Dress Trends You Need to Know


PSA: I love love. When I see a giggling couple walking the street holding hands, my heart skips a beat. When I sit adjacent to an elderly couple enjoying breakfast at a local diner, I may or may not shed a small tear. When I watch a bride walk down the aisle and I turn back to catch a glimpse of a groom’s eager face, I feel so much secondhand happiness that I might actually combust. It’s no surprise that as a hopeless romantic, I love weddings. 

This wedding season, I look forward to tasting delicious appetizers, taking home creative party favors, leaving my mark on dance floors across the country with my sick dance moves, and drooling over trendy bridal couture that will make me want to sign up for Love Is Blind and get this show on the road.

And who better to give us a peek at the bridal fashion we’ll be seeing this upcoming season than Cathleen Holloway, owner of Holloway Events, a boutique wedding planning company in Houston, Texas? From working on the sales and design team for Watters Design to opening Lovely Bride in Houston alongside founder Lanie List, Holloway has had her fair share of watching trends emerge and grow in the wedding industry. The 2020 wedding season is approaching, and we are ready for it. Keep reading for her take on this year’s insider trends that are sure to make you fall in love this year.


Trend #1: Colorful florals


We already know what you’re thinking: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” We hear Meryl Streep in our heads at the sound of florals too, but Holloway noted that florals aren’t going away this year, as they graced recent bridal fashion runways in a fresh and bold way. “A ton of designers are doing hand-painted gowns and colorful floral applique on an overall white dress,” Holloway explained. She noted that designers such as Zac Posen, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Ines Di Santo incorporated color into their gown collections for this season. 

“I think color-wise, we’re still looking at soft pastels such as celadon greens, pinks, and light purples. In years past, the color palette was more tonal as opposed to highlighting a texture. Texture has been back for the past five years but now they’re painting on the texture as opposed to having one color,” she said. “Now, designers are cutting lace, painting it, and placing it on the dress. We’re seeing a color palette of pastels within one dress and it’s really beautiful.”

When talking about her inspiration, she mentioned The Hydrangea gown by Monique Lhuillier. “It’s an entirely hand-painted organza gown that has pink and green hydrangea watercolors on it. That detailed pastel look is what designers are doing these days,” she explained.



Trend #2: Grandmillenial touches 


Known lovingly to many of us as “granny chic,” Holloway noted that the grandmillenial style is making its way into the bridal scene. “The grandmillennial trend is starting to trickle down to wedding gowns—you know, the old-timey, more ‘stuffy’ look made popular by dramatic floral couches, ruffles, embroidered linen, and crocheted sweaters,” she said. “We see Oscar de la Renta bringing back massive bows. I hope it stays, I think there’s something so feminine about a bow on a wedding gown.”



Trend #3: Fit-to-flare shapes


When addressing the fit of this year’s collections, Holloway stated that “a soft A-line is definitely a trend right now.” She explained that it is “a softer look that highlights the shape, yet still brings in a little bit of fullness in the skirt.” So the big question? What does that mean for ballgowns? Per Holloway, we won’t be seeing as many of them in 2020. She acknowledged that “I don’t think a ballgown is ever out, but it’s just not as prevalent. I think that a softer silhouette that still shows the bride’s figure is really key right now in bridal fashion.”



Trend #4: Statement earrings


After following this season’s collections of aforementioned designers, Holloway predicts that statement earrings, a trend of 2019, are here to stay. “I love when a bride changes from their heirloom antique jewelry as their something borrowed and then they put on an amazing dramatic piece of jewelry, like the large flower earrings from Lele Sadoughi’s line, as their something new.” She added, “it’s such a fun transition from evening to night and can be really rejuvenating for the reception after the ceremony.”



Trend #5: Embroidered veils


We love a good veil moment, and Holloway shared that she does too. She stated that “veils are coming back with a vengeance.” She mentioned that “a lot of brides are leaning back towards a veil” and credits it making its way back to bridal couture after the royal weddings we’ve seen over the past few years. “We’re seeing a ton of embroidered veils with incredible detail in the form of pearls, beautiful floral appliques, and sequins. We’re seeing a lot more detail than we did four years ago. I think now, brides are willing to be a little more daring for that short period of time they’re wearing their veils.”



Trend #6: The one that never goes out of style


And last but not least, before colorful florals, “granny chic,” soft A-lines, dramatic jewelry, and veils, one trend is tried, true, and here to stay. Per Holloway, the key to a timeless wedding? Staying true to yourself.

Making the yearly fashion trends work for you and choosing what makes you comfortable is the way to go. “You want to feel like yourself on your wedding day,” she stated. If feeling your best means keeping it classic, do it. If it means being daring, go for it, girl. Being yourself is always in style.