Wedding Week: Budget-friendly Bridesmaid Fashion

The fashion is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite part of a wedding. From the style of the gown to the level or horrificness the bridesmaids are forced to parade around in, all eyes are on the clothes as soon as Canon in D starts playing. People spend a small fortune on the bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses when in reality you can find beautiful dresses for reasonable price points. So that was the main goal with this two-part fashion feature: to set reasonable price caps while not skimping on the overall look.

Here were the guidelines to ensure fashion inspiration for The Everygirl:

  • Bridal gowns could not cost more than $1000
  • Bridesmaid dresses had to come in under $300
  • Shoes priced under $250
  • All items had to be available for purchase online or at national retailers

Done, done, and done. So today I present the bridesmaid fashion, all affordable and dare I say – rewearable!

There are styles for five different themes:
1. garden wedding
2. beach wedding
3. girly pink wedding
4. crystal white wedding
5. black tie wedding

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the bridal looks that coincide with each of the maids.

You can click on items throughout the feature to purchase!

Styling: Alaina Kaczmarski // Photography: Stoffer Photography // Styling Assistant: Danielle Moss // Hair: Reva Gorbaty and Kara Osborn // Make-up Artist: Caitlin Armstrong // Florals: Hello Darling // Wedding Cakes: Celestial Kitchens // Studio and Props: Buckingham ID // Assistants: Kelly Lawler and Yvonne Kaczmarski // Garden Bridesmaid: Dana Olson // Beach Bridesmaid: Zoe Tyler // Pretty in Pink Bridesmaid: Gwen Torsky // Crystal White Bridesmaid: Ashley Lucchese // Black Tie Bridesmaid: Madison Niemann // Black Floral and Ivory Beaded Sashes: Something Ivory // Lunch Catering Care Of: Hannah’s Bretzel