Welcome to The Everygirl!

The Everygirl is a comprehensive online resource for every woman out there to experience her life better lived. It is the inspiration to help you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. Whether it’s how to incorporate a little creativity into your day or motivating you to go after your dream job, The Everygirl is for you. We are sharing the stories from real women who dared to dream and are committed to making it happen. It is our mission and hope for you to use The Everygirl site to be inspired, but also to take action to become the woman who believed you could, so you did.

In true spirit of The Everygirl, we’d like to give you some insight on how to take full advantage of our online site:

Here we have the bread and butter of The Everygirl.

  • Career profiles detailing the professional paths of successful and inspiring entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and bloggers. How did they end up where they are today? How did they discover their calling? Did they make an empowering career change? Did they make a powerful networking connection? How did they rise to senior-level management? The Everygirl asks all of these questions and more with our detailed Career interviews.
  • Fashion photo shoots styled by Everygirls with products you can actually afford! Three cheers for that! Most items included in our fashion posts will adhere to a price cap of $200, except on the rare occasion when we encourage you to make smart investments (i.e. don’t skimp on a warm winter coat). Zero guilt, all the fun!
  • Finance advice from real girls in the industry for all those who skipped out on Finance 101. The Everygirl finance features clearly lay out all you need to know to make smart financial decisions. Budgeting, opening a Roth IRA, investing your hard earned income… stick with us and you’ll have a solid financial foundation to make informed decision about your dollars.
  • Living like an Everygirl. We’ll be featuring real homes. Girls who have turned their rented apartments with bad carpet, beige walls, and kitchens the size of closets into personalized, charming spaces. And we’ll include tips on how you can incorporate their ideas into your own home. Living will also include easy-to-execute but ever-so-lovely tips and ideas on entertaining. We’ve got you covered with guides on making all these things happen. On a budget, of course!
  • Travel tips and city guides that won’t break the bank. Everygirls want to visit new places and experience new cultures. Unfortunately, allocating travel funds and figuring out how to budget while you’re on the go isn’t always easy. We’ll help you get where you want to go.
  • Health and wellness advice columns and easy-to-follow workouts. A healthy girl is a more productive, happy Everygirl. It’s easier to chase your dreams when you’re energized and stress-free.

On the main Features page, you’ll see a grid with images of all our features. Hover over an image and the headline and excerpt will appear. You can sort the grid by clicking on any of the aforementioned topics in the drop-down menu, at which point all of the articles not classified as such will disappear from the grid.

Once you select a feature to delve into, you’ll be directed to the article page. All feature articles have both a large photography slideshow and an article below it. Be sure to click on the arrow to the right (or left) of each image to start scrolling through the slideshow. From interior essentials to the latest in fashion, when products are available online you’ll be able to click on the image to access them directly on the original purchase site. You can tell if an image is clickable based on whether the black arrow icon changes to the pointer icon (it will look like a little hand if there’s a link!). Whether it’s a career profile or a home tour, The Everygirl Features will be your guide to inspire!

Tips on balancing a budget, checklists to help you furnish your first home, instructions on how to navigate Photoshop, and guidelines to file an LLC—you name it, The Everygirl Handbook is here to help! All items in the Handbook are downloadable and printable for you to store, print, e-mail, edit, or stick up on your fridge. We want it to be a constant resource for you.

We want to help Everygirls everywhere succeed in their career aspirations, so check our Jobs section regularly for current available positions and internships. Many of the listings on The Everygirl are for smaller, privately run brands and companies who often don’t post on larger job listing sites. We’ve found these are frequently the best places to get more hands-on experience and learn from the best. If you are an entrepreneur or small-business owner who wants to add to your team, contact us at The Everygirl so we can help you reach girls everywhere.

The Blog details an ever-rotating selection of need-to-know-now delights: amazing budget finds and sales, beautiful new blogs to explore, fancy words to start using in your daily vernacular, and DIY projects found on Pinterest are just some of what you can expect to see. The Blog will be updated five days a week, so visit often!

Here you’ll find the obvious. Who we are and what we do. Read The Everygirl’s manifesto and learn more about the site’s co-founders, Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss. Check out who has been contributing their talent to make The Everygirl as resourceful, beautiful, and fun to read as it is. And see what advertising options are available for your brand!

Last but not least, The Everygirl is committed to connecting with you. After all, this site is for you! Please let us know what we can do to further enhance your Everygirl experience. If you’d like to submit names for career profiles or ideas for features, drop us a note, e-mail, tweet, Facebook post, or comment, and we’ll respond as soon as we can!