Welcome to The NEW Everygirl!

What the what?! You must be thinking, “Everygirls, you mentioned a product line, but this is a whole new website!” Well, readers, you are correct! After almost two years of being live, we are so happy to unveil a fully revamped TheEverygirl.com. This redesign has been in the works since July and we were so happy to work with a great team of designers and user experience and programming experts (Eleven Eleven Creative here in Chicago). Enough of the chit chat. We present… The Everygirl 2.0!

Let’s walk you through a few of the main changes…

Navigation: Thought the old site was tricky (ie impossible) to navigate? Yeah. So did we. As you all know, we designed the original TheEverygirl.com ourselves, meaning any sort of expertise in user experience was completely lacking from the equation. Now, we are glad to get this done right. Finally! Not only are all of our main categories visible in the top menu bar, letting new and old readers alike know exactly what kind of content the site offers, but you can hover over a menu category and find subcategories, the latest article, and featured stories in that section. 

Articles: No more blog posts and features. All of our stories will now feed to the homepage in an equal opportunity manner. Whether it’s a Career Profile or a This or That, you’ll see it appear in the menu across the top. Speaking of which–you can organize the three main stories at the top by Latest, Favorites, or Random (the latter of which will pull stories from our archives, so maybe you’ll find something that went live a year ago that you haven’t seen yet!)!

Related Articles: If you find yourself particularly enjoying a story or type of story, you’ll now easily be able to click through to similar articles! A menu of Related Articles will now appear at the end of every story.

Credits/Contributors:  The Everygirl team (both in Chicago and nationwide) is made up of dozens of talented, remarkable, and fun people–and we want you to get to know them better! Plus we believe in giving credit where credit is due. So at the end of every story, you’ll be able to see the name, headshot, and portfolio and social media links of those that contributed to the story. And clicking on the contributor’s name allows you to easily see other work they’ve done on The Everygirl. So if you find a photographer whose work you love or enjoy a writer’s voice you relate to, we encourage you to check out their other articles–or perhaps start following and getting to know them via social media! 

Cities: Although the core of The Everygirl team lives and works in Chicago, TheEverygirl.com is an international editorial site with stories and subjects from dozens of cities. Though the home base is in Chicago, we’ve featured women from all over the world–the Cities tab in the top right of the Navigation bar allows you to easily sort articles by city! And we will hopefully have more and more local content going up within the next year.

The Shop: The Everygirl is now offering a product line! We will be offering a small array of items that are inspirational, budget-friendly, and beautiful (yes–that is shiny gold foil lettering)! Does it get any better than that? Thanks to the amazing women we’ve featured on our site and the talent of letterist Molly Jacques, we’ve turned their words of wisdom into beautiful daily reminders you can keep on hand or hang in your home or office. (Note: We are not currently selling other brands’ products in The Shop but will update you if that changes!)


Filters: Finally! You’ll be able to peruse our extensive Career Profiles archives by field and city. So if you want to learn more about getting into online media, you can select that and read the interviews we’ve done with women in that field. Similarly, our newly revamped Travel section and Job board will have filters, allowing you to easily sort by location.

Mobile Optimization: Whether you’re viewing on a 20″ monitor or iPhone, TheEverygirl.com will adjust to your screen accordingly, making it easy to navigate.


Thank you so much and we sincerely hope you enjoy the new site! Please note we are working to make sure all of our old features and blog posts have transferred over properly and this might take a day or two to fix any glitches. In the mean time, enjoy! And let us know if you have any feedback!

This wouldn’t have been possible without any of you reading the site. Thanks, again!