We’re Everygirls and… we provide uniforms to children in poverty.

  • Copy by: Megan Kelly & Jessica Roy

My colleague (and friend) Jessica Roy and I are traders at a private investment firm in Boston. After receiving our Masters in Finance in 2010, we knew we needed a new project but this time it had to help others. We loved our day jobs and felt so grateful for the lives we had, but something was missing and that something was giving back. We were searching for the right volunteer opportunity when a friend casually mentioned that children in Tanzania can’t attend school without the proper school uniform and the cost of the uniform is no more than $20. I was shocked to learn that such a small amount of money can prevent children from receiving an education. I wore a uniform in school growing up and had no idea that this problem existed in developing countries. I also knew that this was an easy problem to fix.

After doing some research to highlight the problem and confirming no one else was addressing it, I asked Jess to join me in this effort. Tailored for Education was born in May of 2011 with a mission to provide school uniforms to children living in poverty around the world.  We hope to break the poverty cycle by providing students with the uniforms they need to stay in school and attain the higher levels of education needed for a safer and happier life.

In the very beginning, we set out to run Tailored for Education like a business so that we could help as many children as possible realize their full potential through the gift of education.  So far we have been successful; by the end of the month we will have provided roughly 6,000 uniforms through partnerships in Haiti, El Salvador, Kenya, Honduras and Cambodia. Additionally, we have projects lined up in the Dominican Republic, Malawi and Rwanda.

Megan Kelly and Jessica Roy