Everything at West Elm Is 25% off

I’m not joking when I say every major piece of furniture in my house was purchased at a West Elm sale. Bed? Dining Table? Both at a Labor Day 20% off sale. Television console? One day sale. Dresser? Present from a sale. Throw on our couch? Clearance sale.

You get the point.

Sadly, the sales don’t come along too often so filling our home with furniture has been a long and sparse process. Great for my budget, but not so much for the overall aesthetic of the house.

One thing my West Elm sale expertise has taught me is that when there isn’t a minimum on the sale, you take advantage immediately. Whether it’s for a cozy throw to give your living room a fall aesthetic or an upgrade from the metal bed frame you’ve been holding on to since college, now is the time to shop.

Here are a few of our favorite, classic pieces you can currently get 25% off.


25% off at West Elm + Free Shipping

use code FREETRIP

west elm

Lush Velvet Pillow Covers

With 6 colors available and a price this low, it may be the best buy of the sale!

west elm

Black Gallery Frames

It's time to start building your gallery wall!

west elm

Modern Hanging Mirror

The perfect accent piece for your wall or above a dresser.

west elm

Space-Dyed Throw

A cozy throw that provides warmth and a touch of luxury.

west elm

Metalwork Coffee Table

One of our new favorites!

west elm

Enamel Cafe Trays

Deco-inspired and completely glamorous!

west elm

Spirited Slogan Dish

Good for every surface.

west elm

Linen Duvet Cover

When better to save on an investment piece?!

west elm

Mobile Chandelier

Available in 4 finishes, this is a staple piece for your dining room.

west elm

Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser

It goes with every style.

west elm

Bliss Sofa

Like curling up to watch Netflix on a cloud.

west elm

Souk Wool Rug

The perfect rug for your living room or bedroom.

west elm

Curved Terrace Nightstand

The extra shelf means you can have storage and a beautiful accent piece.

west elm

Slope Leather Lounge Chair

Comfort and style!

west elm

Clouded Agate Coasters

Just what your coffee table has been waiting for.

west elm

Modern Brass Candleholders

Looking to dress up your bookshelves?

west elm

Cotton Canvas Curtain

Curtains make a room look pulled together and fresh.