What to Do Tonight Now That The “This Is Us” Season Is Over

  • Copy by: Kelly Etz
  • Feature Image Courtesy Of: Glamour

If you’re anything like me, This Is Us has been emotionally destroying you for the past 18 weeks. I’ve literally been chugging water every Tuesday in preparation for the river of tears that will burst uncontrollably out of my eyes come 9 p.m. If you think I’m being a touch dramatic (big surprise), you have either never seen the show or CLEARLY HAVE NO SOUL. 

Because we’ve been in a whirlwind of all the emotions these past weeks, it’s been hard to re-emerge into this brave new world… aka: a world without This Is Us (at least, for the next few months). You may be at a loss for what to do with all the empty time (not to mention space in your heart) to fill tonight. Fear not: I’ve compiled and handy and probably-not-really-that-helpful list of ways to fill the void. 

If you’re missing the bucket o’ tears and already restocked all your Kleenex.

Tuesday nights are now officially designated cry-your-eyes-out evenings, so why mess with the flow? Pop in A Walk to RememberStepmom, or Marley and Me and steer into the skid. Hey, a good, cathartic cry is healthy… right?


If you’ve fallen in love with Milo Ventimiglia and want to stare at his face for a while longer.

You’re in luck. You’ve got a healthy dose of the Gilmore Girls backlog to get through (#Jess4Eva), a hell of a lot of Heroes, and some solid B-movie action with Rocky Balboa. Don’t forget the infamous clip of him doing a few casual, nbd push-ups with Ellen sitting on his back. Bonus points if you go deep in the archives and delve up some clips of The Bedford Diaries. RIP WB.


If you’re ready for a serious change of pace… aka: laughter.

My hardcore love for The Office30 Rock, and Parks and Rec, runs deep, so I am literally on the edge of my couch cushion for the premiere of Trial & Error, conveniently scheduled for tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC. So ready for the laughing-so-hard-you-end-up-crying kind of tears. The Mindy Project and New Girl are also more-than-solid choices to take your mind off your pain. Laugh it up, girl. 


If you want to try a low-key kind of night where your heart doesn’t swell to its exploding point for a change.

What did we do when there wasn’t This is Us? Did that time ever exist? I vaguely remember pedestrian activities like going out and socializing with friends. Could be something there.


If you’re not ready to let go. Because, seriously, are any of us?

Start from the beginning and binge all the episodes again — you know you want to. Enlist a friend, significant other, roommate, or family member who hasn’t seen it so you can experience it all again through their eyes. Besides, this time through, you’ll be able to contain yourself. Probably. Maybe. Okay, it’s hopeless.