What to Do When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

This week on We Need to Talk, our cofounder Danielle Moss gives tips on how to cope when things don’t work out as your planned or your self-imposed timelines are slipping you by. We outline concrete steps to take to break out of this loop and move forward — wherever you’re at in life. A must watch!


Check out Danielle’s article, mentioned in the video, here.


How do you deal when life isn’t working out how you thought it would? Tell us in the comments below! 

  • Cara

    Love this! Great advice…

  • F.Dominique Avila

    Thank you for this! I really needed to hear this today.

  • great video! It is very helpful;)

  • Abbie Peterson

    Love love love! Always good and freeing to hear this reminder!

  • I swear, coming across this video today was fate. I SO needed to hear this. Thank you!!

  • Love these videos!

  • Meghan Nicole Burns

    Love this. Life typically does not go as planned.
    Meghan | http://tanlinesanddaisies.com/

  • Olivia

    I’m so glad I watched this! Very helpful since I’ve been feeling just like you described – like I’m not where I’m supposed to be, geographically or professionally. It’s encouraging to hear that lots of successful women have felt the same way before and it will change.