What to Pack: Essentials for Your Carry-on, Work Bag, and Gym Bag


You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes and you can tell just as much about a woman by her bag. Whether you are heading to the gym or prepping for an important pitch at work, you always need to have your essentials in hand. More often than not, the bag you carry is just as important as the items in it.

Lo and Sons stylized the process of carting your life from point A to point B with these three convenient and impeccably crafted bags. The larger O.G. is the perfect sized carry-on, the O.M.G. for the gym, and The Brookline is dedicated for work, but each of these durable numbers are versatile enough for several different occasions. We’ve put together a list of all the essentials you’ll need with some of our favorite bags for travel, work, and the gym. There’s a place for your laptop and multiple pockets for sunglasses, shoes, headphones, lipstick, and whatever else you consider your must-haves whilst on the go.

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Carry-on Essentials

1. Lo & Sons O.G.: Our go-to travel bag, large enough to hold your 15” computer, everything on this list, and more. Also attaches to any suitcase.
2. Healthy snacks: To avoid the traveling temptations (though we always love a good airport Chili’s).
3. Scarf: Stay warm and travel in style.
4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste: To keep those pearly whites sparkling (even at 10,000 feet).
5. Headache medicine: In case the snoring gentleman wakes up and transforms into the very-talkative-guy-next-to-you.
6. Charger: Charge your battery before or after your flight.
7. Magazines: To help the hours pass during the “all electronics off” portion of the flight.
8. iPad: Store your favorite music and movies (for us, it’s When Harry Met Sally) to keep you entertained while traveling.
9. Gum: Keep that breath smelling minty fresh.
10. Sanitary wipes: True story: airports around the holidays are hotbeds of bacteria. Your best defense? Keep these puppies close at hand before and after security.
11. Rollerball: A lady should smell nice.
12. Make up: Beauty is in the eye of the ticket holder. Make sure you touch-up before you land.
13. Lotion: After a day of travel, your hands will thank you. Trust us.
14. Lip Salve: Keep those lips feeling soft.
15. Decorative phone case:  Play Words with Friends in style.
16. Passport case: Traveling without your passport may not be the best idea. Especially when leaving the country.
17. Headphones: Drown out the snoring gentlemen and crying babies.
18. Jewelry Organizer: To keep those precious gems precious.
19. Brush: Traveling can leave you feeling a little tangled.
20. Glasses: Essential for those who have trouble seeing or just want to look smart.
21. Wool socks: To warm up your tootsies from take off to landing.
22. Sweater:
The days of planes providing blankets are dead (we went to the funeral). Grab a fun (and warm) scarf-and-sweater combo to use as replacements.
23: Camera: For capturing all of those cute pet antics (oh, and precious family memories).

Work Bag Essentials

1. Laptop: To get your work done any time, anywhere.
2. Make up and perfume: For lunchtime touch-ups. It’s important to always look fresh-faced for presentations and meetings.
3. Nail polish: Somewhere along the way, the universe decided that bright red manicures will flake. Have a back-up polish to curtail chipping.
4. Sunglasses: Your future’s so bright you gotta wear shades.
5. Keys: You may want to get back in your car and/or house at the end of the day.
6. Sunscreen: Protect your skin!
7. Shiny wallet: Because you need something easy to grab in cash emergencies (read: you haven’t had your pumpkin spice latte yet this morning).
8: Business cards: Always crucial to have on hand for any aspiring career woman.
9. Flats:
When your heels turn into weapons of mass destruction.
10. Tide to-go: Don’t sweat the small stains. Instead of running to the dry cleaners when you get a bit of vanilla latte on a white blouse, always have a portable cleaner on hand to spot clean.
11. Headphones and phone: To mellow out on the train ride home (When we said “mellow out,” we assume you know we meant “listen to Taylor Swift”).
12. Altoids: For when your lunch was a salad with extra pepper and red onions.
13. Floss: Nothing worse than realizing part of your lunch is still in your mouth after a new client meeting.
14. Notepad and pen: To jot down your December work to-do list (1. Finish presentation. 2. Buy a killer dress for the holiday party.)
15. Charger: Because there’s nothing worse than your year-old cell phone dying in the middle of the day.
16. Lo and Sons Brookline: The perfect bag to tote your go-to work essentials.

Gym Bag Essentials

1. Workout pants: Nothing says “work it” like a tight pair of workout pants.
2. Band-aids: Because you don’t want an excuse to skip your cardio, even if you have a blister or two.
3. Gym Shoes: A woman should never compromise on wearing the right pair of kicks, whether you’re out to dinner or running the track.
4. Lo & Sons O.M.G: The essential gym bag, complete with side pocket for shoes and compartments for everything else.
5. Socks: Because working out without socks would be both gross and uncomfortable.
6. Pink Wrist Weights: Who said your weights can’t be fashionable?
7. iPod Mini and Headphones: Workout playlists are sacred. We all need a little Britney to get us through our run, but we may not like to admit it.
8. Workout Tank: Tight and bright, to ensure a few glances from your gym crush.
9. Lara Bar: Hungry? Why wait. You don’t have to grab a snickers.
10. Roller perfume: Because that “just came from the gym scent” won’t always do.
11. Hair Ties: Your cascading locks should be hidden away while you sweat out the day’s stress.
12. Sports Bra: To keep yourself from getting a black eye.
13. Water Bottle: Who enjoys sipping out of water fountains anymore?
14. Deodorant: Smell like a lady.
15. Shampoo and Conditioner: Rinse and Repeat.
16. Brush: You never know who you are going to run into after your gym departure. You should never have to make an excuse for your appearance.
17. Flip Flops: Unless you prefer standing in a dirty gym shower.

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