What to Watch on Netflix this Holiday Season

We’ve finally reached the last month of the year and the holidays are already in full swing! Can you believe it? And with the colder weather comes our annual retreat indoors to snuggle up with some cocoa (or wine), festive music, and (duh) a nice, long Netflix queue.

You’ve already watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life—and you probably still have some strong feelings about it—but fear not: There are plenty of other amazing choices to keep you sane and entertained during the year’s coldest and most stressful months. So we’ve rounded up some great new picks (and some old classics) to get you through the holidays.

Miracle on 34th Street

Anyone else remember watching this EVERY Christmas as a kid? You can’t go wrong with 1994 Mara Wilson and New York City in December.

White Christmas

The most classically classic Christmas film to ever exist? You decide.


It’s our (not so humble) opinion that you can never have enough Bill Murray.

Love Actually

Because, well, duh.

Less holiday cheer, more binge-worthy…

Captiveavailable Dec. 9

OK, not the most festive or cheery of choices to start off this list. You’ll recall, however, how a certain series called Making a Murderer took over televisions (and broke the internet) last Christmas? Captive, an 8-episode Netflix original about real-world hostage situations, is slated to be the next big true-crime docu-series. Get ready to binge.

Fuller House Season 2 | available Dec. 9

After eight hours of gritty true-crime drama, you may need some lighthearted fun and 90s flashbacks to cheer yourself up. The first season of the revival was campy, to be sure, and it stumbled when relying too heavy on nostalgia. So here’s hoping the second season propels the story forward in a heartwarming, Full House way.


Versailles | available Dec. 14

Love The Tudors? Maybe a little Game of Thrones meets Reign? Versailles, an ambitious period drama following the infamous Louis XIV and his enigmatic brother, will hit Netflix halfway through December.


Barry | available Dec. 16

With little more than a month left of Barack Obama’s presidency, Netflix will release Barry just in time for Christmas vacation. The movie begins in 1981 as a young Obama arrives for his first year at Columbia University.

The Crown

The 10-part Netflix Original Series documenting the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II was met with major critical acclaim—meaning if you haven’t watched it yet, you should. Lovers of Downton Abbey will like this one: Like Downton, it proves that a good period piece doesn’t need gratuitous violence or sex to be compelling. It just needs, in the words of The New York Times, “to give actors the time to act.”

North and South

This mid-2000s British miniseries, set during the Industrial Revolution, is sure to satisfy your historical romance cravings.


Watch ’em before they’re gone…

Just Friends | leaving Dec. 25

Christmas cheer, Anna Farris as a crazed celebrity, Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit, AND a cheesy love story? CAN YOU EVEN GO WRONG? This instant-classic is leaving Netflix for good on Christmas Day, so watch while you still can.

Fixer Upper | leaving Jan. 1

Is it just us, or is watching home improvement shows, even the reruns, totally cathartic? Get your HGTV-therapy in while you still can: Seasons 1 and 2 of ever-favorite Fixer Upper will be gone at year’s end.


Saved by the Bell | leaving Jan. 1

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A little 90’s nostalgia can cure anything. Binge the series and revisit the good old days before Saved by the Bell disappears in 2017.

What are you watching this holiday season? Anything to recommend?