What We Learned During Our #CareerChat

Last night we hosted a #CareerChat with Secret’s Career Confidence Coach Nicole Williams. Thank you to those who joined us and brought such thought-provoking questions, advice, and feedback! Nicole gave us insightful advice on the topic of personal branding, why it matters, and even delved into the how-tos like how to cultivate your own personal brand and how to utilize social media.

We discussed what makes up your personal brand, why it matters, confidence and being fearless in 2014 (#befearless), and how to brand yourself via social media. Readers interacted with @thegirlontop, @TheEverygirl_, and @SecretDeodorant, and each other. We were excited to see participants were so excited that they’re planning their own coffee dates to talk more about their careers.







How do you exude confidence in the workplace? What are some of your favorite social media tools? How do you plan a grow your personal brand in ’14?

This post was sponsored by Secret.