Which Type of Vacation Stay Is Right for You?

  • Copy by: Reema Desai

You finally decided on a destination, tickets are booked, time off has been requested, and now all you need is the perfect place to stay. (Well, you probably also need new luggage, an upgraded travel wardrobe, and a few more dollars in your budget, but those are just details, right?) More than ever, we have numerous options on how and where to spend our vacation time. Some of us want to wake up in the heart of the city living like a local, while others want to live it up in a five-star suite.

Regardless of your lodging style, we’re here to help. Read on for our vacation stay guide: We compare hostels, rentals, and hotels to determine which kind of stay is right for you.


Hostels get a pretty bad rap. It’s true, there are many hostels that aren’t the most luxurious or or comfortable. So let’s be real—the word ‘hostel’ may creep us out. Will there be groups of hippies making hemp necklaces waiting for you when you arrive? Wasn’t there some horror movie about a hostel that came out a few years ago? Let it go! It’s high time to clear these hostel stereotypes from your mind. Throughout the entire world, there are an astounding number of chic, safe, and comfortable hostels that rival the nicest hotels and rentals. New and renovated hostels have popped up just about everywhere in the past few years, providing travelers with affordable and comfortable accommodations.

The Freehand Hostel in Miami and Chicago

The Good
If you have a strict budget or if you’d rather spend your money on meals and the sights while traveling, hostels are a great option for you. They’re almost always cheaper than hotels and vacation rentals, and can provide many of the same amenities and more. Hostels almost always have kitchens—a great money saver if you don’t mind cooking a meal or two during your trip. It’s also a safe bet that you’ll nearly always be around other travelers eager to help or make suggestions on sights to visit. Hostels are a great option for solo-travelers because it allows the chance to meet others, and have a community even while traveling alone. That being said, a hostel doesn’t mean you have to share a room with a group of strangers (unless you want to!) or that you constantly be around other travelers. There are plenty options that offer private suites and private bathrooms making it just as comfortable as a stay in a hotel (but at a fraction of the cost!).

Hostel World and Booking.com are two great resources that can help you find hostels worldwide.

The Bad
Even if you have a private suite, hostels don’t offer the same privacy as hotels or rentals. Because they are typically the least expensive option in a city, they often draw in young and sometimes noisy travelers which can be irritating when you just want to get some sleep. Also, there can be “unknown” hostel rules (e.g.—you can only get into the building after 9:00 PM) which makes things a bit more complicated than staying at a hotel or rental.

A hostel may be right for you if: 

  • You’re on a tight budget
  • You’d rather spend your money on sight-seeing, shopping, and meals
  • You don’t plan on being in your room much
  • You don’t mind losing some privacy to save money


Services like Airbnb, VRBO, and Home Away have transformed the way we travel. Now we have the option to live like a local and rent apartments, rooms, and homes while traveling. This is a great option regardless if you’re traveling with a big group, on a romantic getaway, or flying solo (literally). You can find the most quaint and stylish little apartments alongside luxury, high-end rentals making it perfect for most types of travelers.

Paris rental apartment via AirBNB

The Good 
Most rentals offer perks like free wifi and access to a kitchen as well as amenities (fresh towels, hair dryers, etc.) just as you’d find in a hotel. Because you’re renting a home from an actual person versus a larger hotel chain, you’ll often get sweet little treats like a bottle of wine or maps and guidebooks. Vacation rental sites share details about the amenities of each listing as well as reviews other travelers have left. Reviews and a host verification process are built in to help protect travelers; make sure to do your own part by communicating with your host, making sure they are prompt to respond and reviewing photos of the space beforehand. (Tip: Read the reviews in detail to make sure you minimize negative surprises!)

The Bad 
Unlike a hotel or a hostel, you can’t simply be transferred to another room if things go awry with your rental. Of course, rental services do provide support in emergency situations but things likely won’t be fixed quickly like they can be in hotels. There are also options to rent single rooms in homes, but (please!) exercise extreme caution before doing this as a female solo traveler. As long as you are smart about the risks, it can be an inexpensive and fun option to try.

A vacation rental may be right for you if: 

  • You don’t mind a little adventure
  • Regular hotel amenities like room service and daily maid service aren’t important to you
  • You prefer living like a local and immersing yourself in local culture when you travel
  • You want more privacy than a hostel offers


Hotels, while they are the most expensive option, can also be the most stylish, comfortable, and convenient pick. With a hotel, you usually know exactly what you’re getting. You have more flexibility, can change rooms more easily, get upgraded, and have numerous amenities.

The Good
Hotel standards are usually higher, and all in all, a hotel stay is a safe bet. Hotel loyalty programs, modern luxuries and amenities… the list goes on. While hostels and rentals can expose you to more risks and scams, hotels provide straight, up-front service. It’s simple to book a hotel (less research is involved) and you don’t have to worry about coming home to dirty towels or an unmade bed. Bottom line: If a luxurious weekend filled with room service, plush robes, and bad reality TV is what you’re after (nothing wrong with that!), a hotel is the obvious choice.

The Bad
All that being said, if you are on a tight budget, a hotel might not be the best option for you. Rates are high for centrally located hotels, food can be expensive, and there are often additional fees associated with your stay. If you are set on a hotel stay, make sure to keep an eye out for sales and opportunities to join loyalty programs for further savings. In addition, a hotel doesn’t really allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of a new place the same way a rental or even a hostel does.

A hotel may be right for you if:

  • You have a flexible budget
  • You enjoy spending time in a room with modern amenities when traveling
  • Privacy is very important to you
  • You don’t have as much time to research a rental or hostel

Our advice? Mix it up! Split your time between a rental and a hotel or hostel. On a week long trip, try to choose two locations in different parts of a city and split your time between both places. It’s not always possible on shorter trips, but it’s worth it on trips that are a week or longer. Truly the best of both worlds!

top image via Ace Hotel Los Angeles

  • Nora

    Kathleen Kelly 🙂

  • Aramide Esubi, 28, Chicago – I would love L&G’s Evangeline Mirror in gold and the Golden Metallic Bamboo Tray Table for my living room makeover! http://twitter.com/thesassypeach/status/357500529372442625

  • Alyson Odom

    – Alyson Odom, 28, Tallahassee

    – I love the sunburst and bloom rugs at lulu and georgia!

    – http://instagram.com/p/b3radbD30y/

  • Megan Knight

    Megan Knight, 32, Little Rock, AR- Love the romantic collection and the Montmartre Side Table! Everything is so fabulous- hope I win!!! http://instagram.com/p/b3sZIoBqUT/#

  • Chaney

    Chaney Widmer, 26, Washington, DC. I love the Maddox Chairs and Theda lamps! https://twitter.com/RicherFullerBe/status/357511597540925440

  • Kristen Toomey

    Kristen Toomey, 31, Boston, MA – I would love L&G’s White Audrey Lamp, Parfum Rug in Platinum, and Acrobat pillow in pink for my dream room makeover!

  • amandajunk

    Amanda Thomason, 34, San Francisco

    The Waverly rug is pretty! As is the cannon Lamp. http://instagram.com/p/b33PXFpWNM/

  • Jennifer Schooley

    Jennifer Schooley, 36, San Antonio, TX- I’d like L&G’s Ankara legged ottoman and the Black Coco Side Table for my living room makeover! https://twitter.com/SchooleyJ/status/357538414125535232

  • Cialina

    Cialina Ngo, 21, New York, NY

    I love the Madeline Armchair, the Churchill chair, and the Luxe Trellis Bookcase.


  • Katie

    Katie Nealon, 25, Santa Rosa, CA – Let’s get a Peyton Cowhide rug on those floors and some Birdaria Marble Manor art on the walls. and PLEASE let’s replace that ugly ceiling fan with a Sollis ceiling lamp! 🙂

  • Katie

    Oh yes, and my link! 🙂 https://twitter.com/knealon1/status/357549451574919168/photo/1

    (Katie Nealon, 25, Santa Rosa, CA)

  • Sarah Gerrity

    Sarah Gerrity, 26, Washington, DC

    I’m pretty obsessed over the Monroe table, Ballard shelf and the Nomad rug.

    http://instagram.com/p/b3yVfFnDSv/, https://twitter.com/gurrity/status/357531354314993664

  • Adi varburg

    can a fan outside the US can participate?

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Corn, 26, Charleston, SC – A couple of the Audrey Lamps in Beige and the Xandra Chair, Clear would be the glam touches I need for an amazing office revamp! http://instagram.com/p/b3_7mGiNLk/

  • Lorina Daiana Stan, 23, Brea, CA
    instagram link – http://instagram.com/p/b4CRt-KhBv/

    Favorites from L&G:
    1) https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/gunner-chair-beige-nailhead
    2) https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/adelaide-console-table
    3) https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/audrey-lamp-white

    I love any white details & furniture with gold accents 🙂
    Our living room is the place we are in most but it’s so dark it’s almost depressing, we could really use a designers help on this one.

  • Brittney Castro,CFP®

    Brittney Castro, 29, Los Angeles, CA- I would love the L&G’s Candice Olson Posh Tigress Rug in Soft White and of course the Allegory Chair in Violet 🙂 <3


  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Corn, 26, Charleston, SC – A couple of the Audrey Lamps in Beige
    and the Xandra Chair, Clear would be the glam touches I need for an
    amazing office revamp! Just entered #EverygirlFizzDreamRoom ! @TheEverygirl_ @Fizz56wine @LuluandGeorgia Room needs a revamp http://t.co/U12bE8ZYHp— Chelsea Corn (@chelsea_corn) July 17, 2013

  • Paola Parsons, 32, Los Angeles

    I love Lulu& Georgia’s Sloane Lamp and Sabine Rug.


  • Angee Wiser Robertson

    Angee Robertson, 41, Jacksonville, FL – I’d love East Village Indoor/Outdoor Pillow, Soft Teal and the Theda lamps for my bedroom makeover! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200976933522259&set=pcb.10200976943882518&type=1&theater

  • Meg Allenbach

    Megan Allenbach, 30, Haddon Twp, NJ – SO many awesome pieces at L&G!! It’s hard to narrow it down…but I’m really loving the Acacia Stool in raspberry, the Tristan Chair in beige, the Wild & Free Pillows in olive, and the Bria Rug in smoke gray – alll for my living room makeover!

    @megallenbach: @TheEverygirl_ @Fizz56Wine @LuluandGeorgia Major makeover potential right here #EverygirlFizzDreamRoom

  • Melanie

    Melanie Bartholomew, age 39, San Anselmo, California. I’m entering to remake my daughters room. The link is: instagram.com/p/b4CmpmOVbR/

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Corn, 26, Charleston, SC – A couple of the Audrey Lamps in Beige
    and the Xandra Chair, Clear would be the glam touches I need for an
    amazing office revamp!


  • Melanie

    I really like the gold Evangeline mirror from Lulu and Georgia

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Corn, 26, Charleston, SC – A couple of the Audrey Lamps in Beige
    and the Xandra Chair, Clear would be the glam touches I need for an
    amazing office revamp!http://instagram.com/p/b4LpChiNO2/ https://twitter.com/chelsea_corn/status/357573915293401088

  • Amanda Bischoff

    Amanda Bischoff, 35, Frisco Texas – I would love Lulu & Georgia’s Mila mirrored lamps and the Old West mirror for my living room makeover! http://instagram.com/p/b4JsSoN_BR/

  • Rachel

    Rachel Holleman, 26, Arlington, VA – I love the Palermo Mirror and the Tristan Chair in storm is awesome!


  • Kristin

    Kristin Geiger, 27, Greenville, South Carolina–I would love L&G Rana Pillow and Floral Cowhide rug (to name a few) for my bedroom makeover!!

  • Erin Redmond, 35, Clovis, Ca. I love the Evangeline Mirror in gold, the birdcage lamp, and adelaide console table. Love everything though!


  • Jhan Francis, 25, Phila, PA – I really like the Serenity Table, Jill Rosenwald Fallon Arrowhead Rug, and Snow Branch Lamps. 🙂

    We’re newlyweds with a new home and our living room could use a whole lot of everything: http://instagram.com/p/b4b7V_kjvh/

  • Lucia Bayt

    Lucia Bayt, 27, Indianapolis, IN – I’d love L&G’s Tristan Chair in Beige, and the Parisa Cabinet for my office makeover! https://twitter.com/lmbayt/status/357619077101015040

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay Decker, 24, Milwaukee
    I would love love love L&G’s Marielle Throw in Creme and Maddox Chair in Storm for my living room makeover!!

  • centers.nicole

    Nicole Centers, 27, San Francisco Bay! I adore Lulu and Georgia and am currently loving the coffee twine rug and Violet Dusk art. Check out my loft on instagram: http://instagram.com/p/b4g7PviIaR/

    Also I have more photos of the space on my blog: http://www.eleganceandclutter.com/2013/07/living-room-project-phase-2.html

    Thanks all!

  • Katherine Duffy

    Hi Everygirls! I’m Katherine Duffy. I’m 24, just graduated in May, and living in Milwaukee, WI. I would love your help finishing the transformation of my room- I’ve put in a lot of work already, scouring craigslist, refinishing pieces, slowly purchasing investment pieces as my budget allows. I’ve been eyeing the Acrobat Pillows in peach and the Oxford Storage ottoman in sea mist from Lulu & Georgia for a while! I’d also love to add the Sabine Rug and Golden metallic bamboo tray table to my room.

    Here’s the link to my instagram:

  • Kay Long

    Kay Long, 49, Portland, OR

    The Holbein Lamp https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/holbein-lamp

    The Tristan Chair https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/tristan-chair-storm

    The Antoinette Pillow https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/antoinette-pillow

    Here’s my room now https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/1012001_10201662437192406_481358145_n.jpg

  • Elena

    Elena Dufner, 25, NYC – Love, love, love the Breaking Wave Pillow, Cole Slipper Chair, and the Cole Lamp. It is all just gorgeous.
    – https://twitter.com/elenamiriam/status/357480931264708608/photo/1

  • I lovet he Satya rug, and I seriously need to makeover my family room. It hasn’t been updated from the 70’s!
    Nancy, 60, Manassas, VA

  • ambarker79

    Anne-Marie Barker, 33, Alexandria, VA.

    I love the Nobue rug, the beatrice throw, and the timber cocktail table!


  • Emilie Paiva

    Emilie Paiva, 26, Raleigh, NC- I’m at a loss of what to do in our master bedroom of our first house! I do know that the Audrey lamps in white and the Mateo chair in grey from Lulu and Georgia would make a great start though!

  • Tanya V.

    Tanya Vandermoon, 28, Chicago {Lincoln Park}

    I can just see the Tristan Chair, Fiona Side Table and Audrey Lamp in Buttercup in my almost floor to ceiling bay windows – creating the perfect reading nook!


  • Wheeler

    Allison Wheeler, 26, Dallas (Oak Cliff), TX

    I’d love L&G’s Charlie bottle lamp, Atomic Table (for my ever-growing plant collection!) and Mirrored Bamboo Tray Table (bar cart, anyone?) for my living room makeover!


  • Lisa E

    Lisa Erlanger, 23, Los Angeles, CA. I’m overwhelmed! I’d grab the Barney Loveseat, Darby Dining Table, and a couple of Cybil Chairs to make my studio more guest friendly. Having just a bed is a little presumptuous 😉


  • Kelley Deal

    Kelley Deal, 34, Rocky Mount, NC – I would love the Lula and Georgia Porter Mirror or the Nobility Mirror for my bathroom makeover. https://twitter.com/kpd1010/status/357653216135086080

  • Guest

    Shavonda Gardner, 31, Sacramento-I’d love L&G’s Jaeda Rug in Pink Flamingo, Solis Lamp, and Navaeh Turquoise Lamp for my bedroom. It needs a major dose of pretty!!

  • Tamara Jaros

    Tamara, 23 from Elgin, IL. The adelaide console table, the acacia stool in raspberry and a storage ottoman would be lovely for my Photo Studio. I bought my first home almost a year ago and turned my spare bedroom into a studio space for my photography business. I haven’t had the time or finances to getting around to painting it, or furnishing it yet. This makeover would be amazing! http://instagram.com/p/b40aRfoWn8/

  • Megan McDevitt

    Megan McDevitt. 26. Bozeman, MT

    I’m loving the Luna Mae Runner Rug, Firecracker Rug in Mocha and Steel, Birch Lamp and Emiel Chair.


  • Shavonda Gardner, 31, Sacramento CA-I’d love L&G’s jaeda rug pink flamingo, Naveah turquoise lamp, and Solis lamp for my bedroom makeover

  • Megan McDonald, 29, Sarasota, FL — I love Lulu & Georgia’s Koi Fish Rug, Sollis lamp, and Monaco mirror for my living room makeover. 🙂 pic.twitter.com/1eAFETLHXY

  • SO • SarahObscura

    Hi! I’m Sarah R. Olsen, 28, Ocean Twp., NJ – I’d love L&G’s Amantha rug in Black Cherry, Andes Indoor/Outdoor Pouf in Lavender, Khloe Crystal Lamp, and the Xandra Chair in clear, for my bedroom makeover! http://pic.twitter.com/Q6Rdn0gZy5

  • Abbey Rose

    Abbey Rose, 33, Chicago – I’d love the L&G Venus Lamp, the luxe trellis bookcase and the Barney Loveseat for my living room makeover! http://abbeyrose25.tumblr.com/image/55739257137

  • Paula McIntosh, 32, Charleston, SC–I’d love the Silas Dining Table and the Zarine rug for my home office makeover. Oh, and a floor cushion for my furry office mate to lay on. http://instagram.com/p/b45rphJzvc/

  • Meredith Weprin

    Meredith Weprin, 30, Chicago. I would love the Pearl Bench, the Felicity side table, and the Churchill Chair, Field Grey (although I love soooo many things!). http://instagram.com/p/b47HCGMnv-/ and https://twitter.com/MereSLP/status/357681114304880643

  • Tiffany m a

    Tiffany Apostolou, 25, Astoria, NY. I’m craving the Cannon lamp and th oxford storage ottoman that would save so much valuable space in my teeny apartment 🙂 http://t.co/b7MjYp6dXr

  • Courtney D

    Courtney Denison, 26, Olathe, Kansas – A few of my favorite L&G items are the Takoda Rug in bubble gum and the Ruby Chair.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/courtneydenison/status/357680678755778560
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/b47i6tQmEO/

  • Ashley Westman

    Ashley Westman, 29, San Diego: I’ve tried to “Go Everygirl” in my loft office but have gotten stalled and overwhelmed! Would love your expertise, plus the L&G Russel Cowhide Rug and the Audrey Lamp on my desk to help me practice my calligraphy! http://instagram.com/p/b4-i82xdcS/

  • Kate Hager, 30, Quakertown, Pa

    i would love the warhol table and the aquarius decorative object!


  • India Vega

    India Vega, 31-Minneapolis, MN. So many beautiful items from L&G…my I drool over the “X marks the spot” table, “Eskimo” rug-steel blue, east village rug-oatmeal; they’d be great additions to the large living room and dining space. Next would be the Tristan chair in beige, I love the arms on this one!! My list could go on, and on! My space is minimal for now, but there is a TON of opportunity here! http://instagram.com/p/b5EJBVCEEV/

  • Boi-Yeanoh Adams

    “Boi-Yeanoh Adams, 32, Houston, TX, NY – The Montmartre Side Table will fit in well with the Industrial glam theme I want in my living room. The Aquarius Decorative Object will also go well on a coffee table[https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10101315515323808&set=a.863456833688.2475561.26722768&type=1&theater]

  • CharminglyStyled

    Maya McDonald, 24, Chicago, IL. I would be beyond grateful for our studio apartment living room/bedroom to get a much needed makeover! I could use some help making our limited space both beautiful and liveable.

    I love L&G’s decorative pillows {hello, sky blue domo pillows…}, Solis lamp, and Mae Mirror. My apartment is pretty bare, so any of those beauties would help!


  • // Michela Aramini // 24 // New York City //

    Hi Everygirls!

    My name is Michela, I am a fashion marketing manager at Condé Nast by day and blogger at Yours Truly (yourstrulynyc.sqsp.com) by night.

    I am DYING to makeover my studio apartment in SoHo but am putting all of my savings towards launching my personal branding business so right now Pinterest vision boards are as far as my decorating has gone! I’m all about personal branding and would love to win the Dream Room Makeover to make to make my apartment reflect my personal style.

    I absolutely love Lulu & Georgia! Here is my studio apartment makeover lust list:
    – Genevieve Gorder Mary Claire Rug, London Fog (the studio desperately needs a rug to make it feel like home! this one is THE one)
    – Xandra Chair, Clear (obsessed with this mod glam chair for my desk!)
    – Golden Metallic Bamboo Tray Table (I’ve always dreamed of a chic bar cart!)
    – Stacked Globes Lamp with White Shade
    – Blaze Mirror, Gold (because a splash of gold is a must)
    – Karma Decorative Object (the perfect decorative touch)

    Twitter love: pic.twitter.com/FKhipuxeKJ

    Thank you so much for this fabulous opportunity!

    xo Michela

  • Lisa

    Lisa Casey, 39, Los Angeles, CA – I’d love L&G’s Old West Mirror and
    Thunderstruck Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Rose for my living room makeover!


  • lauren

    Lauren Tachibana, age 30, Mililani, HI. IG: BubbsNPoots Twitter: @hellolashes
    -I would love the Rhiannon Lamp and Xandra chair for my dining room/living area makeover!!!

  • Kait Marie

    Hi ladies! I’m Kaitlin Williams, 25, from Valparaiso, IN
    Fell in love with Lulu & Georgia’s Inca rug and Birdaria Pegasus print in light grey. Also adoring your fencepost mirror!
    Here’s the link to my ugly living room! https://twitter.com/kaiwilli/status/357830713384529920/photo/1

  • AlDu

    Amber Dushman, 29, Chicago! I would love to layer Lulu & Georgia’s Naminia Rug with their Chadna Rug in my living room: https://twitter.com/amkapp/status/362305392887349251/!

  • HilaryRWalker

    Hilary Rose Walker, 26, Fort Worth, TX (down the road from Dallas)


    What I would give for a lovely new bedroom!! To start, I’d throw down the Snow Leopard Rug in Black and White and pair up the Lydia Lamp in Blood Orange. Vintage classic chic!!

    1) https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/snow-leopard-rug-black-and-white

    2) https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/lydia-lamp-blood-orange-set-2

    Fingers crossed that I win!

  • Emily H Dam

    Emily Dambrin,age 29, Atlanta, GA

    We just purchased our first home and the living room needs an update!! Would love the Stenciled Zebra Rug, the Sunset by Kent Youngstrom (wall art!), and maybe the Dixie indoor/outdoor pouf in blue!

  • Tessa Deyo

    Tessa Deyo, 27, Fort Worth, Texas – I’d love the BIRDCAGE LAMP the most, and the Matterhorn Vases, the Gemini Vase, and Stella Pillows for my bedroom makeover. Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/tessadeyo Instagram Link: http://instagram.com/p/b6UtTLOnyB/ Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/SundayChampagne

    I would love to win!

  • Dominique Paolini, 24, Austin, Texas. From Lulu & Georgia I’d love: Nieve Mirrors, Moose Tracks Pillow, Lunara Lamp, Rustic Stump Lamp, Grace Console, Leah Pillow, Holden Marble Tables, Rustic Woods Tables- SO many great decor items! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=957793264484&set=a.569256091094.2094459.202302517&type=1&theater

  • MJ

    – MJ Natal, 25, North Hollywood, CA
    – Sweet Lilac Jute Rug, Blackened Timber Stool, Barney Loveseat
    – https://twitter.com/one_parade/status/357906797861945344

  • Emily H Dam

    Emily Dambrin, 29, Atlanta. My husband and I just purchased our first home in Atlanta and could use some inspiration in the living room! Love the Stenciled Zebra Rug in Caramel or Champagne, Sunset by Kent Youngstrom wall art, the Mountain Peak Pillows in Wheat…so much to love here! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10102355511757400&set=a.10100984914974340.3044092.4902592&type=1&theater

  • Jaida McKie, 25, Cincinnati, OH – I would absolutely love Birdaria Homer’s Chevron/Grey/Yellow wall art ( https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/birdaria-homers-chevron-grey-yellow ) & the Zeena Lamp in Chrome ( https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/zeena-lamp-chrome ) for my bedroom makeover [ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=401382273303513&set=a.401386376636436.1073741826.100002952327666&type=1&theater ]

  • Courtney Thompson

    Courtney Thompson, 32, St. Louis, Long L&G list for a
    potential living room make-over: Lina chairs, Sawtooth and Motega pillows,
    Florence throw, Essex nesting tables and the Charlie bottle lamp. Got to be in it to win it! https://twitter.com/CT_LivingAnalog/status/357917829221187584/photo/1

  • Mandy Hernandez

    Mandy Hernandez, 31, Covina, California

    I would love the Tangiers Kelim Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Flame & 2 Harper Tray Table Stand to use as nightstands in my bedroom makeover! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Laura Amandolare, 32, Boston, MA
    Lulu & Georgia Picks – Emiel Chair, Chadna Rug, X Marks the Spot Table, Ballard Shelf, Plush Star Pillows, Hidalgo Chair, Elodie Art and the list goes on . . .

  • Lindsaysloan

    Lindsay Sims, 26, Austin, TX – I’d love the Barney loveseat, Hadley side table, and Zimba lamps for my office makeover! http://twitter.com/lindsaysloan/status/357937399516508160/photo/1

  • Tiff Troutman

    Tiffany Troutman, 30, Prairie Village, KS The Breaking wave pillow and savage journal for my home office/guest room makeover. http://twitter.com/TWoodsTroutman/status/357943128201768960/photo/1

  • Katie Largent

    Katie Largent, 26, Bloomington,IL – My 1906 American Foursquare formal dining room is a space that needs some love! I think L&G’s Dancing Dahlia’s Rug, Mirrored Bamboo Tray Table/English Rose Rolling cart will soften and brighten up the space perfectly! :o) http://instagram.com/p/b6zABwCQmf/

  • Liz

    Liz Urso, 29, Cincinnati, OH
    If I won, I’d love these!
    – Acacia Stool, raspberry
    – Cupid Miror
    – Zyanya Rug, Marine Blue

  • Shira Rosenbluth, 24, from Brooklyn, NY. I love the Trellis Bookcase and Naveah Turquoise Lamp for my bedroom makeover! https://twitter.com/ASequinAffair/status/357967200432308225

  • Angela Kim

    Angela Kim, 22, Seattle – I would love the Ainsley Metallic Side Table and the Coal Chevron Ikat pillows for my living room makeover! http://instagram.com/p/b691VBjHwX/

  • HankOrange

    This comes at the perfect time! I just moved into a new place and I’m at a loss with how to decorate it. I need some ideas specifically for my office/studio which is located in the bonus room!

  • Catherine Ahern, 29, Alexandria, VA (right outside of DC) — I’d probably go with the Fiona Side Table and a couple Breaking Wave Pillows in Coral Reef for my living room, but I really want the EG editors’ insight before I commit! 🙂


  • Amber Whitehouse

    Amber Whitehouse, 32, Madison, WI – I’d love L&G’s malted cowhide rug, and naja ottoman for my living room makeover! “I hope I win the #EverygirlFizzDreamRoom! @TheEverygirl_ @Fizz56wine @LuluandGeorgia pic.twitter.com/hj7Bgn7YgK— Amber Whitehouse (@amberwstylist) July 18, 2013

  • Rebecca W.

    Rebecca W., 31, Wilmington, Del. SWF desperately seeking …. a bedroom that doesn’t look like it did 14 years ago!!
    Lulu and George’s Elle rug and Evangeline mirror (in white) would be a great starting point.
    Even my dog is begging for a shakeup and she’s only lived with it for 6 years: http://instagram.com/p/b7MdmxuRPJ/#

  • Mandy Voisin, 24 – Phoenix AZ. Love the Charlotte Chairs and the Evangeline Mirror. With a husband in med school, this would be a dream!


  • Mandy V. 24 – Phoenix. I love the Charlotte Chairs and the Evangeline Mirror. With a husband in med school, this would be a dream.


  • Natalia

    Natalie Kielian, 28, Springfield, NJ – the Koi Fish rug, Vega lamp & Industrial Nesting tables would fill this plain living room space very nicely: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10102810451878789&set=a.10102770723699379.1073741832.8835456&type=1&theater&notif_t=like

  • Leigh Ann

    Leigh Ann, 27, Raleigh, NC. I love the lamps & pillows, especially the pearl column lamp, the mila mirrored lamps, and the navajo rock pillow! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=722356275544&set=a.677226101774.2094347.47300988&type=1&theater

  • Leigh Ann

    Leigh Ann, 27, Raleigh, NC. I love the lamps & pillows, especially the pearl column lamp, the mila mirrored lamps, and the navajo rock pillow! http://instagram.com/p/b7p-VxuIVn/

  • Guest

    Belgin Palaz, 23, Washington, DC – I would love the Salvaged console table, the Mae Mirror in subtle white, and the Imagine Flokati Rug in Capri.

  • AsianCajunsCath

    Catherine Lee, 30, Atlanta
    My Lulu & Georgia Wish List:
    – The Electron Mirror would help bring some light a dimension to my drab bedroom.
    – The Silver Galaxy Nesting tables are the perfect bedside tables for a tiny room.
    – The Golden Lotus Lamp would add the perfect hint of glamour.

    – The Florence Throw is perfect for those rainy afternoons when I want to read in bed.
    IG Link: http://instagram.com/p/b8sPYcET08/

    xoxo, Cath

  • Emily Trout, 25, St. Louis, MO- The Emmeline side table is gorgeous! And I’m loving the Greek Key Dhurrie rug, too. They’d be awesome for my living room makeover.

  • Jena

    Jena Persico, 33, Arlington VA – Lulu & Georgia’s Emiel Chair and Sherlock Table would make my living room way more stylish! https://twitter.com/anej/status/358236593678581760

  • Emily Pirraglia, 24, St. Louis, MO

    I moved to St. Louis a year and a half ago, and arriving with practically nothing more than clothes and kitchen items left me living in a pretty bare bones apartment. I’ve managed to gather together art, a couch and a few other pieces I enjoy through Craigslist and estate sales, but my space is more functional (the futon is simply for extra seating) than fashionable. So what I’m saying is, it has definitely been (and continues to be) a process for me to accumulate pieces that actually reflect my style.

    With that being said, I loved looking through Lulu & Georgia’s items and imagining which ones pair well with my aesthetic. If I did not have money or space constraints, I would add the hollister table, masi nesting tables, timber cocktail table, emiel chair, edwards cowhide rug (layed over sisal), york lamp and mahari candleholders to my home.

    My Instagram link: http://instagram.com/p/b86dsaucs7/#

  • Eileen

    – Eileen Beaver, 26 and Columbia SC
    – would LOVE the fiona side table, rhiannon lamp and domino pillow in cobalt.
    – http://instagram.com/p/b9LYMkJk4r/
    So excited about this giveaway!

  • ann

    ann c., 35, studio city, ca – i would love L&G’s 2 golden lotus lamps, 1 suma rug, 2 tristan chairs, 1 dalia table, and all their pillows for my living room makeover!


  • Alex Gamez

    Alex Gamez, 20, College Station, TX – I love L&G’s gold/brass, neutral accents like the Hadley side table and the poufs. I’m so excited to be able to win my dream living room makeover! http://twitter.com/alxbgmz/status/358306188561113088/photo/1

  • Ali Pickens

    Ali Pickens, 23, Dallas, Texas – I’d really love a pair of the pink Aagney Pillows, the Pink Clay Genevieve Gorder Muraco Rug, and the X Marks The Spot Table for my living room! http://instagram.com/p/b9hqMJuvqw/

  • tweetyscute

    Theresa Janke. 37, Bonita, CA – I’d love to restyle my whole living room starting with L&G’s Tristan Chair in Beige, Theda lamp in buttercup and the luxe trellis shelf as you can see from my picture I am style challenged. https://twitter.com/tweetyscute/status/358332027587682304

  • Caitlin Medican

    Caitlin Dammeyer, 31, Annapolis MD. This brand new mommy would love a sophisticated dining room with the Adalyn rug in moss and the Shelby lighting fixture. http://instagram.com/p/b9rsZGJAF8/

  • Madaline

    Madaline Woodard, 38, San Diego. My living room/office area has a few good starting pieces, but the whole thing is still too sparse and needs to come together. I could break up the sea of tan carpet with the Parasol rug or Jill Rosenwald Hourglass rug in royal blue and put the curved elm shelves to good use. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=590157747717992&set=a.122029137864191.18599.100001713178327&type=1&theater

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Volcy, 23, Malibu –


  • Lauren

    Lauren Clarisey, 26 – Old Town, Chicago

    New condo and I’ve mentally decorated the entire living room with L&G! Citron Kadence Rug + Blaze Mirror + plenty of accessories to style the built-in bookshelves… Gita statue and Starlight vases, please!


  • hjordan

    Hilliary Jordan, 23, Minneapolis MN
    I love lulu and georgia and have been eyeing the Elin Console Table, and white Maude Chair

    here is a link to my very sad unfortunate looking living room/bed room, I just moved into a studio about six weeks ago and have ZERO idea on what to do with it, the picture just shows what I can see from my bed


  • Melissa

    -Melissa Brownell, 25, Chicago, IL

    -I love the Parker Hanging lamp, the Matterhorn vases and the Halle Nesting Tables to finish my living room.

    I hope I win the #EverygirlFizzDreamRoom ! @theeverygirl_ @fizz56wine and luluandgeorgia http://t.co/c8DputoGep— Melissa Brownell (@MelBrownell) July 20, 2013

  • DianaJane76

    Diana Lencioni, 29, Chicago, IL

    There are so many things at L&G that I love but just to name a few…the Neela stool in ivory, Pearl Wingchair and the Not So Often art piece by Kent Youngstrom.


  • Michelle Ritter

    Michelle Ritter, 24, Chicago, IL– L&G’s items make me swoon. Oh so pretty! I’d love the Salena Rug in Cloudy Gray and the Jos Coffee Table for my living room makeover! https://twitter.com/MsShellyLynn/status/358610537673801728/photo/1

  • Laura Mahony

    Laura Mahony, age 26, from Greenville, South Carolina

    If I win I would love to have the Churchhill Chair – love that tufting! and the Gabrielle Side Table.


  • HarlemLoveBirds

    Quiana Agbai, 32, Jersey City

    I like the Candice Olsen Alice Rug, Amber and the Jaden Counter Chairs from Lulu and Georgia.

    Instagram link: http://instagram.com/p/cAUpK_uLg2/

  • Mary Watson

    Mary Watson, 23, Akron, OH. I’d love to cheer up my place with the Marielle Throw in Lime Sorbet and the Sabine Rug, but the hand-me-down furniture may need to go, first! http://instagram.com/p/cAhyIuHeZW/

  • Nancy Wander

    Nancy Wander, 34, Kansas City, MO – I am so in love with so many things from Lulu & Georgia but some of my favorites include the Emory chair, mandarin serving tray and Balloons artwork by Kent Youngstrom. It reminds me of my daughters who are obsessed with balloons! pic.twitter.com/8nC7YGwK0e

  • Melodi Gibbs

    Melodi Gibbs, 29, Detroit, MI – I would love L&G’s Violet Dusk Wall Art and the Garden Rose Rug for my bedroom Makeover! http://instagram.com/p/cBOqjMul5c/

  • Amber McMullin

    Amber McMullin, 27, Dallas, Oregon- I would love to win, my living room could use some help! I adore the golden lotus lamp, the nieve mirror, the coco side table, the jos coffee table, and the sabine rug from lulu&georgia. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200668887062969&set=a.1541787423005.2074683.1184544405&type=1&theater

  • afoster_13

    Amy Foster, 26, Denver, CO– My best friend just moved out of my den and the room is now a blank canvas! The Tatum Rug in Meyer Lemon, Lee Ceramic Lamp, Churchill Chair in Ecur and Parisa Cabinet would make this room the perfect office/den/dressing room! https://twitter.com/afoster_13/status/359049275273007104

  • Jessie D. Miller – 31- St. Louis, MO

    Oh lordy I would LOVE to win the Lulu & Georgia giveaway! As an interior designer I spend all of my time beautifying other people’s homes, so my own gets pretty neglected. If I was so lucky, I would trick out my bedroom using a pair of Lotus lamps, a Theos rug, and a pair of Ethyl armchairs to play up the Hollywood Regency vibe I have throughout the rest of my Pre-War apartment. This would be there perfect welcome home present for my boyfriend who is returning from Afghanistan in the fall, a sexy boudoir!


  • claire

    Claire Lacy, 29, Monticello, IN-
    I think these items would modernize this old living room of this lake house-the Barney Loveseat, Genevieve Gorder Dot Rug in Neon Lime, and vega lamps! https://twitter.com/ClaireLacy/status/359330428785655809

  • Tiffany Bucknell

    Tiffany Bucknell, 42, Elmwood Park, IL – What’s not to LOVE from L&G! Being a VERY indecisive person does not help in this sitch…so I’m picking the Lyla rug and the Sutton table but I’d adore any of the pieces from L&G!

  • Claire Lacy

    Claire Lacy, 29, Monticello, IN-
    I think these L&G items would give new life to this old living room of this lake house-the Barney Loveseat, Genevieve Gorder Dot Rug in Neon Lime, and vega lamps! https://twitter.com/ClaireLacy/status/359330428785655809

  • Katie Cooley

    Katie Doyle, 33, Lexington, KY (6 hrs from Chicago-where I am from!) Ok, I love the Maddox chair and the Churchill chairs, the Muirlands side table, the colt bar table and the spheroid mirror from Lulu and Georgia for my wish list. My living room is just too…dark. Dark tables, dark couch…I want to lighten it up in neutrals with pops of color! http://instagram.com/p/cExFPXrtaJ/

  • Priya

    Priya Arthur, 32, Washington DC – I’m getting married in less then 90 days and need to furnish our newly bought love nest. The L&G’s ROCHELLE TABLE, XANDRA CHAIR, CLEAR, and CHURCHILL CHAIR, TWO-TONE would simply look stunning in our living room. Thank you!

    LINK: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=590384804317954&set=pb.100000393189799.-2207520000.1374519714.&type=3&theater

  • alingris

    Alexa Lingris, 29, Chicago – I want to so badly curl up in the Tristan chair!! Also loving pretty much every L&G rug – especially parfum, feather, gobi, bastille, marble, bloom…I can go on and on!

    I just purchased my first condo and am slowly but surely trying to fill my home with things I love…it is just going much slower than I ever anticipated 🙂


  • Guest

    Sarah Payne, 27, Dallas. I would die for the Barney Loveseat & Jos table! https://twitter.com/sarahooty/status/359436127456858112

  • Sarah Payne, 27, Dallas. Love the Barney Loveseat and the modern Jos coffee table.. and I would pair it with a bold, colorful rug like Kunda. My last apartment flooded leaving all of my furniture ruined and living off of the floor for too long. Lesson learned: never go without renters insurance!! I’ve finally settled into my new studio and some help getting off of the floor would be fabulous <3


  • Lisa Butler, 27, Tulsa, OK. I’m moving to a new apartment in a couple weeks with hardwood floors, so I’d love a Genevieve Gorder rug (can’t decide which one I like more, the Dot or Mary Claire!). I also love the Jill Rosenwald Arrowhead rug and wouldn’t mind picking up some pillows (thinking the Acrobat pillow would look great on my bed!). http://instagram.com/p/cFlR32M538/

  • Megan Wright

    “Megan Wright, 26, Bowling Green, KY – The Prism Rug in Rosy Peach is to die for. That sleek white Lina Chair and the York Lamp ceiling light would also look pretty fab in my home office. https://twitter.com/megan_wright/status/359463908144185346

  • – Justine LoMonaco, 26, and Astoria

    – I love the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pillow (Cloudy Sky), Theda Lamp in Snow (set of 2), and the Mabel Storage Bench

    – https://twitter.com/justinelorelle/status/359679258026733568

  • rissygrey

    “Marissa Grey, 29, Brooklyn, NY – I’d love L&G’s electron mirror and painted desert rug for my living room makeover! [http://instagram.com/p/cHrvxPhGjP/]”

  • Bre

    Bre Wenzinger, 32, Santa Monica, CA. I just moved into a new “ladyplace” and my bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover! I’d love a pair of L&G’s Lille Mirrored Side Tables, and the Jackie vase is also calling my name.


  • Lynsey

    Lynsey Daniel, 30, Dallas!

    My cute little home office has so much potential. Dreaming of black, white, gold with a few pops of color. Can you imagine the Gita Decorative Object, Matterhorn Vases, and Copenhagen tray? #dreamcometrue #therestofmyhouseisawesome


  • Madeline Whitney

    Madeline Crawford, 24, Chicago; I would love Lulu & Georgia’s Winged Fancy Pillow, York lamp, and Parfum Rug in Platinum to glam up my studio http://twitter.com/mcrawford2242/status/359864395360247808/photo/1

  • rachel

    rachel wang, 29, indianapolis, in

    I’d love the Seraphine Indoor/Outdoor rug in cream, Shelby Hanging Lamp (large), two Emiel chairs and the Olle side table.


  • Gilit

    Gilit Cooper, 27. New York!!

    Ooh, L&G!!! I luuuurve the Indie Rug, the Rhiannon Lamp (or the Wren Lamp, can’t decide!) and that mirrored side table! Plus a million other things, obviously 🙂

    Here’s my bedroom in major need of a makeover, I cannot seem to pull it together and Lulu & Georgia is a dream source!


  • Alison F

    Alison Fyhrie, 30, Forest Park, IL:
    We told Brooklyn good-bye, and Illinois hello.
    Only one problem now- yikes! This room is mad yellow!
    Grandma’s china is placed on a card table with care,
    in hopes that The Everygirl soon will be there!
    Perhaps L&G’s TicTac Rug to feel snug?
    Some Xandra Chairs for some flair?
    We’ll sip Fizz56 and say a toast from the heart,
    “Thank you Everygirl for giving us a fresh start!”

  • LittleAL

    Angela Lagana, 28, NYC – my room and make shift closet would love some additions such as….

    Beckett Chair? Yes, please -https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/beckett-chair

    I love a rug I can dig my feet into – https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/productdisplay/pouf

    Let there be light….next to my bed – https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/julianna-lamp-black


  • Lauren

    Hello! I’m reposting with a proper link 🙂

    I’m Lauren Clarisey, 26, and just moved in to an amazing condo in Old Town, Chicago. That means I have a blank slate, including beautiful built-ins that need some serious styling! The Gita object, Inga tray, and Starlight vase would be a great start. Add the poppy Salena rug for the perfect pop of color. I’ve mentally decked the place out in Lulu & Georgia already!

    Having a new home to decorate is so much fun, but a little daunting too! I would love some Everygirl help 🙂

    Here’s the link to my Instagram picture: http://instagram.com/p/b9-IbMsETR/

  • talesha_r

    Talesha Redding, 27, South Bend, IN – I’d love L&G’s Quinn graphic rug in
    light charcoal and the home office desk design for my bedroom/office space

  • Cerrissa Kulpa, 29, Brooklyn, NY – My extra bedroom/music room/craft room/office for two needs help! The Cole floor lamp and a couple of the Nora Chairs for the desk would help, or maybe the Emiel Chairs if we are getting fancy. The room could also use a rug like the Rocketship Rug or Genevieve Gorder Dot Rug. Really anything geometric and colorful!


  • kerry

    Kerry Trimmer, 28, NYC – I love Edith Dining Chairs & the Coco Side Table in Cherry Red! https://twitter.com/ktrimm/status/360498538930638848

  • Katie Rose

    Katie Rose Robison, 25, Tallahassee, FL – I’d love 2 of L&G’s Audrey lamps with the white base, and 2 of the x-marks the spot tables! https://twitter.com/katierose126/status/360577378348568577

  • Niki Edwards

    Niki Edwards, 43, Smiths Station, AL
    I’d love the Maddox chair and new table that looks best with it

  • Melissa Campbell

    Melissa Campbell, 24, Detroit – So hard to choose but I really
    love the Taylor rug in black and the Ziva mirror from L&G!


  • Sammie

    Sammie Bowen, 25, Houston, TX

    I’d love the X Marks the Spot Table [https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/x-marks-spot-table], Audrey Lamp (white) [https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/audrey-lamp-white] and the Sabine Rug [https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/sabine-rug] for my bedroom makeover!


  • Vanessa Schmidt

    Vanessa Schmidt, 24, San Antonio- Oragami Mirror, Tripod Lamp, Declan Chair, Xandra Chair, Neela Stool, Madeline Armchair,
    Harper Tray Table Stand http://instagram.com/p/cPSNxFiHjQ/

  • Morgen Schröder

    Morgen Schroeder, 22, Dallas, TX

    Alaina & Danielle – Please help me transform my boxy, boring, beige living/dining area into a fun, colorful, and inviting space! Lulu & Georgia’s Cheyanne Rug (https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/cheyanne-rug), Vega Lamp (https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/vega-lamp), and Declan Chairs (https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/declan-chair-natural-wood) could get us started and after that we can thrift, buy, and DIY our way to a beautiful new dream room!


  • Kristen C.

    Kristen Cass, 25, Wichitawesome, KS – A few Lulu & Georgia pieces I love are the Sollis Lamp, Audrey Lamp, Garden Rose Rug, Blaze Mirror, & Ferah Pillow in gold. I’d love any of these for my bedroom makeover!

  • HankOrange

    Amy Upshaw, 32, Richmond Hill, GA I’m loving the ceyden and aleria pillows and the teal spotted ikat pillows, the meredith rug, sydney lamp… the list could go on and on!! The ‘babe’ wall decor is awesome too. It would be great in my studio!

  • Alison Dawson

    Alison Dawson, 26, Boise, ID

    I’m would be thrilled to receive Lulu and Georgia’s Barney Loveseat, Trapeze Rug, and Highrise Vase for my guest bedroom makeover!


  • Guest

    Yenny Bonilla, 23, Atlanta, GA- I would like the Ravenna Bench for my bedroom & A set of lamps to match my room!


  • Mallory Brasseale

    • Mallory Brasseale – 26 – Birmingham, Alabama
    • Lulu & Georgia’s Jaeda Rug in Olive + a pair of Miles tables would make the living room in my ’60s rancher much more retro-chic.
    • Find a photo here: https://twitter.com/mallorysue/status/361511169648898049

  • Nicole

    Nicole De La Vega, 28, New York City, NY – I’d love the Xandra Clear Chair, the Ikat Pillow Sets and the Raine lamp for my bedroom makeover! I hope I win the #EverygirlFizzDreamRoom! @TheEverygirl_ @Fizz56wine @LuluandGeorgia pic.twitter.com/5tOs3iKDFN— Nicole De La Vega (@de_la_) July 28, 2013

  • Nicole

    Nicole De La Vega, 28, New York City, NY – I’d love the Xandra Clear Chair, the Ikat Pillow Sets and the Raine lamp for my bedroom makeover!

    LINK: https://twitter.com/de_la_/status/361568731522023424

  • Katharyn Vera

    Katharyn Vera, 25, Chicago, IL. LOVE the Serenity Table and the Ethel Armchair for my living room makeover!


  • Nicole

    Nicole Zajdel, 22, Chicago, IL

    I’m inspired by feminine pieces with a vintage feel! These items are at the top of my Lulu & Georgia wish list:
    Celine Side Table
    Lamp by Rouse & Jones print
    Celuk pillow, bronze

    Pic of my space: pic.twitter.com/IrAMVvWEbj

  • Jordan Troublefield

    Jordan Troublefield, 22, Dallas, Tx- I love the Barney loveseat. we need more seating for the family room so people don’t have to sit on the floor! HA and maybe a pair of Audrey lamps to brighten up the den instead of the ugly ceiling fan!


  • Alana Brooks, 25, Boston. I’d love to add some color with some of the fun throw pillows and some additional seating in our dream den! http://instagram.com/p/cVKilpOWOH/

  • Guest

    Tracy Russell-Beck, 28, Raleigh, NC. How do you narrow it down? There’s too much to love! However, I’m a sucker for amazing rugs and would need to include the navy Cycloid Rug in our living room makeover. Coveting the Hadley Side Table (total splurge moment) and Audrey Lamp too. My husband and I have been living in the house for over a year and this unused space is way due for a major upgrade! See what I’m talking about here…http://instagram.com/p/cU2FCsMUoX/

  • Tracy Russell

    Re-posting not as a guest 🙂

    Tracy Russell-Beck, 28, Raleigh, NC. How do you narrow it down? There’s too much to love! However, I’m a sucker for amazing rugs and would need to include the navy Cycloid Rug in our living room makeover. Coveting the Hadley Side Table (total splurge moment) and Audrey Lamp too. My husband and I have been living in the house for over a year and this unused space is way due for a major upgrade! See what I’m talking about here… http://instagram.com/p/cU2FCsMUoX/

  • Stephanie Renz, 28, Atlanta, GA. I would love LOVE love to win L&G’s Golden Metallic Bamboo Tray Table, the Aquarius Decorative Object and the set of Theda lamps in Buttercup for my living room makeover! They are all at the top of my wishlist!



  • Guest

    Jessica Canfora, 24, Chicago.

    ** obsessed with the evangeline mirror in white ** marguerite pillow ** ceramic buddha ** maddox chair ** jill rosenwalk hourglass pouf **

    my bedroom has so much potential and needs a little tlc! check it out here:




  • Denise Elliott

    Denise Elliott, 45, San Diego, CA – I’d love Lulu and Georgia’s Beckett Chair and the Mila Mirrored lamps for my home office makeover! I’ll be starting college (again) next month and this room is totally NOT functional OR stylish in its current (sad) state. Help? https://twitter.com/lottalatte/status/361702900713537536 and http://instagram.com/p/cVggmwi-Sx/

  • Jaclyn Garcia

    – Jaclyn Garcia, 25, and San Juan, Puerto Rico
    – S.O.S would love be so grateful if I won a place where I can be comfortable after a long day in grad-school to watch a movie, study and eat. Audrey lamp for my lovely desk (which don’t currently own any), Xandra chair for sitting 🙂 lovely. lovely beautiful Pillows patterns, pop of colors for my blah sofa. Grey Lilou pouf. Copenhagen tray, Esra pillow, Siren pillow, Tatum rug, Lark side table, Spotted Ikat pillos, Japanese maple plate set.
    – Links same area different views.




  • Crystal Spears

    Crystal Spears, 27, Louisville

    Emory Chairs, mabel storage bench, oxford storage ottoman! LOVE!!


    • Crystal Spears

      For some reason my paragraph did not post when I submitted my entry. I should mention that I have a sweet daughter that is 2 weeks old and a 23 month old. The kiddos have completely taken over my house! We are very much in need of the living room makeover them to because when family comes to visit we do not have enough seating. Nor do we have anywhere for them to sit drinks, snacks, etc. We need a functional living space not only that is kid friendly but also adult friendly. My husband and I are also both headed back to further our degrees. Having a “nook” or “study space” in the room that allows us both to study while interacting with the kids would be wonderful! Please help!!! 🙂

      • Crystal Spears

        And my nieces names are Lucy (whom we call lulu) and Georgia! So it is meant to be! 🙂

  • Erin Wheeler, 25, Atlanta, GA – I would love the Xandra chair, the Audrey lamp in white to offset awful fluorescent lighting, and the Beverly rug for a pop of color in my office makeover! We just moved in two days ago! http://instagram.com/p/cWoi2_x11S/ and https://twitter.com/erinmwheeler/status/361861835630186497

    • Oh my gosh, why did I not notice the stallion in canary?!? Can I add that to my wish list? 🙂 I’m an equestrian and just moved to a horse farm where my horse is boarded! The stallion would be perfect!

  • Haley Spector, 24, Chicago – Seriously loving L&G’s Parfum Rug, Hazel Chair and Dalia Table in Gold to give my living room a much-needed revamp. So chic!

  • Ashley Lucchese, 29, Chicago – would LOVE the Firecracker Rug in Aquamarine & Slate and the Haleigh Ceramic Lamp for our guest bedroom makeover! https://twitter.com/ashleynicolecat/status/361895104522362883

  • Amber

    I wish I could apply!! I don’t move into my new place until Next week and I can’t take a picture 🙁

  • Brady Campbell

    Brady Campbell – 26 – Denver, Colorado. I would die to have the Beverly Rug in my bedroom! https://twitter.com/brady_e/status/361926082502479872/photo/1

  • Blair Culwell, 26, Chicago — Our dining room would be so much happier with he Finley Console, Lina Chairs & the Bria Rug, or maybe the Luna Mae Rug… http://instagram.com/p/cXOpS4S1gP/

  • Stacy Graves, 27, Dallas, TX – Our bedroom is a blank slate. It definitely needs some wall decor and accessories to make it look and feel complete. I’d love the Mae Mirror in pastel green, the agate table decor for the nightstand, and the Earnest Chair in pistachio to make a cozy reading nook in the corner! https://twitter.com/stacyandcharlie/status/361956545870839808

  • Ceperk

    Courtney Perkins, 28, Charlotte, NC. I’d love the Goldie Rug or the Cherokee Rug to brighten the place up, paired with the Jackie vase and the small and large Adele vases! Also would love to have a comfy reading chair – the Tristan Chair looks perfect for this! http://instagram.com/p/cWTxdwKLug/

  • Devon Adams

    Devon Adams, 28, Wilmington, DE – I would love to add the Canals Rug (maybe in poppy?!) and a pair of the Hidalgo chairs to our living room. I can’t believe I’m actually posting a picture of the nightmare that is our living room! http://instagram.com/p/cXkf7oHG1w/

  • Catherine Crain

    Catherine Crain- 22- Anderson, South Carolina.

    I love the gabrielle table, Evageline mirror in Gold, Pearl column lamp, ornamental flourish rug in fuschia. I love it all!


  • leslie watland

    Leslie, 28, Chicago. Entered via instagram at http://instagram.com/p/cXs90zDIwk/ I love Lulu and Georgia’s palisades rug, hollister table, spotted ikat pillows and taye trays.

  • Annie

    Annie Bloomfield, 28, VA Beach! I love the clear Xandra chair, the Ethel armchair (left!), the Cycas pillow, and the Pari Rug! http://instagram.com/p/cXzxB6sVCq/

  • Mary Elizabeth Hamilton. 26. Raleigh, NC. Moving into my fiance’s house soon and his master bedroom is straight out of the 80s, check it out, https://twitter.com/MB_Hamilton/status/362044032291045376. There are so many awesome items from Lulu & Georgia! My wishlist would include the Cerulean Circle Lamp, the Hollister Table, The Inga Tray, and I could create a whole room around the Scorpion Pillow!

  • Guest

    PART 2!

    Jessica Canfora, 24, Chicago.

    my bedroom has so much potential and needs a little tlc! check out the facebook post here:


  • Allie

    Allie Griebel | 23 | Chicago

    Don’t get me wrong – I love my little Lincoln Park apartment (look at all that natural light!) — but I don’t think it’s full potential has been reached. I have no doubt Alaina & Danielle would help us make the most of our fabulous space.

    Where do I even begin with L&G — I love the classic churchhill chair + trumpet honeysuckle pillow combo. LOVE the agate table decor & mahari candleholders. Also – the jaeda rug in pink flamingo is amazing.


  • Jaclyn

    Jaclyn McClary, 26, Stillwater, OK. I love the Audrey lamp and the electron mirror!


  • Jess Canfora

    Jessica Canfora { 24 } Chicago

    { obsessed with lulu&georgia’s ** evangeline mirror in white ** marguerite pillow ** ceramic buddha ** maddox chair ** jill rosenwalk hourglass pouf }

    my bedroom has so much potential; just needs a little tlc! check it out here:


    • George

      i like the facebook one!

  • jhgood

    “Julia Good, Chicago – I’d love L&G’s Catalina console and a shag rug (Harlow? Pouf? can’t decide…) for my living room/work from home space makeover! http://instagram.com/p/cZqLQwj9BC/

  • Tyesha

    Tyesha Turner, 28, Richmond, VA– I’d love L&G’s Equinox Silver Bullet Lamp and the Mandarin Serving Tray for my Kitchen makeover! http://instagram.com/p/cZqw0mGiRH/

  • Loreen

    Loreen Hospodar, 31, Chicago – It’s time to brighten up my space, and the L&G Garden Rose Rug would be perfect. Wouldn’t mind having the Kace Lamp and Hadley Table too. http://instagram.com/p/cZrUz4FEOf/

  • Rose Hebein

    Rose Hebein, 24, Milwaukee, WI. I love to add the theda lamps in cobalt, the birch lamp and the maddox chair in walnut to my living room! https://twitter.com/rlhebein/status/362288340680187905

  • Agnes Kim

    Agnes Kim, 30, Los Angeles but doing this for my mom in NYC.
    Lark Side Table, Audrey Lamp in Beige and so many other things!!

  • Heather Sebastian, 29, Port Townsend, WA – I’d love L&G’s Beauty Full Pillow, Copenhagen Tray, and Churchill Chair for my living room makeover! https://twitter.com/KaizenFashion/status/362302847095812097

  • Kendal Rogers

    Kendal Rogers, 26, Atlanta – I love the Leighton Lamp, the Brooklyn Nesting Tables, and definitely need some fabulous throw pillows! https://twitter.com/LaVieJolie0/status/362317099495993344

  • Tabitha Ellett

    I just gave my hand-me-down furniture to my brother for his first apartment. The living room/entry area is sitting vacant, except for some antique chairs I’m going to restore, and is ripe for a makeover with the Everygirl’s help! The Mabel Storage Bench by Lulu and Georgia would be perfect addition for an entry way area, while the Candice Olson Chandelier Rug in Black Beauty would make a statement over the hardwood floors hiding under that ugly rental unit carpet.

    – Tabitha Ellett, 31, San Francisco

  • BlairSays

    Blair Robertson, 30, Chicago IL.
    I am an EveryGirl and I work from home in a sad guest room which doubles as my office. It has a slanted ceiling and awkward layout and is in need of some help! I adore the Parfum Rug in Metallic as a great neutral base. The Mae Mirror in Subtle White would be so cool on the slanted wall for some visual interest. I am also in love with the Mirrored Bamboo Tray Table, the Serenity Table (good to have serenity in an office!), as well as the Adele Vases (large and small) for some decorative touches. So many great items to choose from!
    I mean take a look at this room…don’t you agree it needs some love? http://instagram.com/p/cZ5vpCyDgD/
    I’ll drink some Fizz56 to that!

  • My name is Jade Sheldon-Burnsed, I’m 26 and live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Cory. We just moved into a new space and a few items I have my eyes on for our bedroom include the Raveena Bench, Wilson Chair and SladeLamp! http://instagram.com/p/cZ8EzjueON/

  • Julia Hohne, 29, New Orleans, Louisiana! I finally have an office in our home and it’s literally a blank canvas! It’s such an amazing space, I would LOVE some help from the fab ladies at The Everygirl! There are lots of sweet details like this antique light fixture, wood beam ceilings, brick accents and little nooks for flowers. I’ve been eyeing the LuLu & Georgia Promenade Rug in Seal Grey, love the spotted Ikat pillow set, and of course the Mae pillow!! There are endless options for design… http://instagram.com/p/cZ_AsoHZL6/

  • Ema Capoccia

    Ema Capoccia, 25, Bound Brook, NJ. I’ve lived in my apartment for the past three years and never finished putting together my bedroom! I would love some help, please! Some things I’m thinking that I love from Lulu & Georgia: a Beige Churchill chair for reading, and a Royal Blue Florence Ottoman to put my feet up after a long day! Also, a pair of Ivory Theda lamps for my nightstands and a Nieve Mirror on my wall!


  • Heather Paulding, 30, Leesburg, VA. I love the Namibia Rug, sade trays, and the canary cage board for the dining room makeover! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201819469915102&set=o.253422144735381&type=1

  • Allyson Shelley

    Allyson Shelley, 26, Atlanta, Georgia — We have left behind some furniture following a move and would LOVE a little help updating our place. I am obsessed with L&G’s hourglass pouf in gray, the brooklyn square coffee table, and the Tristian chair. https://twitter.com/amharten/status/362335716799291393

  • Sara

    Hey Girls! My name is Sara Janonis, I’m 25 and live in Chicago! I’d love to work with Alaina and Danielle to update and upgrade my living room! I am currently obsessing over Lulu & Georgia’s Tristan Chair, Apache Rug, Audrey Lamps & Breaking Wave pillow. https://twitter.com/sarajanonis/status/362359085263376384

  • Melissa Leal

    Melissa Leal, 31, Tewksbury, Ma – I’d love L&G’s Cabaret Mirror, Pink Antoinette Soap, and Silvered Branches Wall Decal for my bathroom makeover! Hope I win I miss my long baths! https://twitter.com/MelissaLeal07/status/362365856853942272/photo/1

  • Ashley @ Any Lovely Thing

    Ashley Lovett, 28, Austin, TX – I’d love to own the Painted Desert rug, Raine lamp, Fiona side table, and Tristan chair for my new bedroom! http://instagram.com/p/caUI5EJHtr/# and https://twitter.com/anylovelything

  • Sonja Butler

    Sonja Butler, 42, Overland Park (metro Kansas City) – I would love to get a refresh on my living room (heck you could pick a room!). Adore Lulu & Georgia’s In the Mail Pillow, Taye Trays and the Takoda or Dynamic Diamonds Rugs. https://twitter.com/sonjabutler10/status/362380260773343234

  • Alicia Barry

    “Alicia Barry, 27, Brooklyn, NY – I’d love Kace Light, Stella Pillows, and madarin serving trayfor my living room makeover! http://instagram.com/p/caUsd9Kvj4/”

  • Guest

    Sonja Butler, 42, Overland Park – I would love to have my living room refreshed! Thought Lulu & Georgia’s In the Mail pillow was super cute and like the Taye Trays and Takoda and Dynamic Diamond rugs. https://twitter.com/sonjabutler10/status/362380260773343234

  • Kim

    Kim Menaster, 26, Los Angeles, CA – I’d love L&G’s Beckett Chair and the Cheyanne Rug for my living room makeover! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10102499041113396&l=86f08e44ee

  • Kristina

    Kristina Beall, 29, Falls Church, VA (outside DC) – I need help in this blank canvas pulling in these funky antique chairs to match our mix of comfy-global-fresh-yet-slightly-traditional style. Maybe the Boho Boucle Rug Storm, Drew and Drake or Bouchart mirrors and Taj Mahal lanterns to start!… http://instagram.com/p/caWbnoFIdO/

  • Erica goldfine

    Erica Goldfine, 25, Chicago
    I’m obsessed with the Tangiers rug and the Kuta pillows for my bedroom (newly moved!)

  • Megan Bjurstrom

    Megan Bjurstrom, 23, Milwaukee, WI – So many pretty things from L&G that I love, but I think the Beverly Rug, Mare and Mane Bookends in Ocean, Gabrielle Side Table, and Pendulum Mirror are just what my vintage apartment needs to freshen up!

    With cream walls and wood floors its a blank slate that needs some love and good creative thinking. So much work to be done, and I would just LOVE the help of The Everygirl, L&G, and Fizz56! (And if Danielle’s gold elephant statue made it in, I’d be over the moon!) https://twitter.com/mkbjurs/status/362390261273350144/photo/1

  • Whitney

    Whitney McGregor, 27 (I think. Give or take a year), Greenville, SC
    I would love to own dozens of the items on Lulu & Georgia but ill just focus on the stuff that might work in my room in question… I adore the Sabine Rug. I also really like the Jill Rosenwald Fallon Arrowhead rug. I love the golden lotus lamp too. I could definitely use the Statlite vases and a few Kamile pillows as well!!

  • Whitney

    Whitney Abraham, 27, Columbus Ohio- I’d love the silver bullet ceiling lights and Luna Mae runner rug. But honestly anything will help my poor entry room! http://Instagram.com/p/cadpqQNbBL/

  • Mackenzie Swanhart, 24, Boston, MA – I’d love L&G’s LuLu and Georgia Bloom Rug and Audrey lamp for my bedroom makeover! Crossing my fingers! https://twitter.com/KenzieSwanhart/status/362404680283848705

  • Melissa Alam, 25, Philadelphia, PA. I’m dying to have the Vibrant Henna Rug, Caitlyn Rug, Bangkok Pillow, Rana Pillow, and I’ll probably keep adding pretty much everything if I don’t stop now! https://twitter.com/RingTheAlam/status/362403984121663489 & http://instagram.com/p/cafeHYIgvD/

  • Kristen DeAmicis

    Kristen DeAmicis, Boston/Quincy, MA, 36. I would love the Lalita rug, mirrored bamboo tray table, or the chinoiserie table for my dining room in my new (first!) home. Just stripped the wallpaper and the room is ready for a new look and a little love. http://pinterest.com/pin/193654852700062850/

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Delker, 27, Seattle, WA – I’d love a Bedulu pillow in neon and the Zimba lamps for my bedroom makeover! [http://instagram.com/p/cahqUCAWya/]

  • Hello! I’m Colleen Geohagan from Charlotte, NC. I’m 27 years old. I have slowly been decorating our house that we moved into in January and have this fantastic bedroom space that has been neglected. I would love the Tristan Chair (in beige), the Parisa Cabinet, and the Nieve Mirror! And basically most of the stuff at Lulu and Georgia. Here is the link: http://instagram.com/p/cagfWuwfck/

  • Amber Barnett

    Amber Barnett, 26, Mayfield, KY – I’d love L&G’s Union Jack rug and the venus lamp for my bedroom makeover! https://twitter.com/imaginecre8play/status/362409499342041088

  • KinzieLee

    Kinzie Rieckmann, 23 – Atlanta, GA Myself and two of my best girlfriends just moved into a house and have to start from scratch! We desperately need a room makeover for our living room! We have nothing for our walls, so pieces like the Violet Dust or Easter Basket wall paintings, paired with some Lydia lamps would turn our house into a home! 😀 http://instagram.com/p/caimwDh8HC/

  • kofsr

    Riley Scherer, 23, San Francsico, CA – I would love L&G’s Maude Chair, Jet Black, Luxe Trellis Shelf, and the Zuri Lamp to makeover my bedroom! 🙂 https://twitter.com/kofsr/status/362410118752661504 (seriously needs a little help)

  • Megan Markowski

    Megan Markowski, 31, Chicago. I love the roulette lamp and the caberet mirror!




  • Jameka

    Jameka Prince, 32- Chicago, IL. I would love the Bloom Rug in Mustard and the Golden Metallic Bamboo Tray Table to makeover my bedroom:)

  • Kate Hughes

    Kate Hughes, 23, Port Washington, NY – I’d love L&G’s Crosshatch Etagere and No. 1 Pillow for my bedroom makeover! http://instagram.com/p/cakQ09gXrh/

  • Marisa

    Marisa Woods, 24, Boston- Love the Ballard Shelf and Zimba lamp! https://twitter.com/thefuzzybee

  • K.C. Hurst

    K.C. Hurst, 29, The Hottest Coolest City Ever – Austin, TX! Ummmm, where do I start with my lust list from L&G? Oh, the dreamy space I could create with just a few key pieces. Ready for a list? Here ya go:

    1.Any rug from the Tallulah collection (I’m especially fond of the Luna Mae),
    2.Two Emblem garden stools in gold,
    3. Joss coffee tables (I’d put two of ’em together for some glass table drama…oooohhh)
    4. The Ansley side table (yay, more gold!)
    5. The birdcage lamp (perfect for my pet parakeet, no? JK, but I seriously love that bad boy)
    6. The pearl loveseat and wingchair….so lovely!

    I probably should stop now, right? Here’s a pic of my open concept living/dining space in our ’50’s ranch that could go from “potentially-gorgeous” to “gorgeous-gorgeous” with some Everygirl design-love-magic! http://instagram.com/p/cahDkjBLkF/

    p.s. Right outside of those french doors is a Texas-sized pool, so if y’all are worried about this Texas heat, I’ve got you covered! I’m also known to make a mean poolside cocktail 🙂

  • Andrea Ravenelle

    Andrea Ravenelle, 23, Boston, MA — Lulu and Georgia has such pretty decor options, but knowing how to put it all together is sometimes overwhelming. I’d love to incorporate the Brook Rug, the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf in Silvery Gray, the Hayden pillow set, the No.1 Pillow, the Beatrice throw, Adalaide table, the Lana Lamp is so beautiful and I love the ampersand bookends they are some of the cutest little decor accents I have seen! I love neutral but pretty colors and accents but I feel like I don’t know how to put anything together well and transition my room from my old high school room, to an adult room which I desperately want to after having to move home after graduating from college. I want to feel like my room is a grown up space that is my own space where I can retreat to after work and spending time with my family.

    Link to my Instagram room photo:


  • Kelsey Kreiling, 25, Chicago

    Lulu and Georgina’s Pink Flamingo Jaeda Rug would be a perfect match for my little flamingo pal and these geometric Matterhorn vases are just delightful!


  • Celeste

    Celeste Lim, 34, Mount Vernon, NY

    I love the L&G Antoinette Tufted Bench, Livia Table, and Xandra Chair White!


  • Katie McGraw

    Katie McGraw, 27, St Paul, Minnesota

    I would love the Brassbird by Kent Youngstrom wall art and the Golden Lotus lamp in my bedroom makeover!


  • K.C. Hurst

    K.C. Hurst, 29, The Hottest Coolest City Ever – Austin, TX! Ummmm, where do I start with my lust list from L&G? Oh, the dreamy space I could create with just a few key pieces. Ready for a list? Here ya go:

    1.Any rug from the Tallulah collection (I’m especially fond of the Luna Mae),

    2.Two Emblem garden stools in gold,

    3. Joss coffee tables (I’d put two of ’em together for some glass table drama…oooohhh)

    4. The Ansley side table (yay, more gold!)

    5. The birdcage lamp (perfect for my pet parakeet, no? JK, but I seriously love that bad boy)

    6. The pearl loveseat and wingchair….so lovely!

    I probably should stop now, right? Here’s a pic of my open concept living/dining space in our ’50’s ranch that could go from “potentially-gorgeous” to “gorgeous-gorgeous” with some Everygirl design-love-magic! http://instagram.com/p/cahDkjBLkF/

    p.s. Right outside of those french doors is a Texas-sized pool, so if y’all are worried about this Texas heat, I’ve got you covered! I’m also known to make a mean poolside cocktail 🙂

    • K.C. Hurst

      Sorry for the double posting. I didn’t see that it was posted until I hit refresh. My bad 🙁

  • Laurie

    Everygirl – you are the best ever – partnering with Lulu + George and Fizz Wine, well, simply and amazing trio. I am Laurie, 27, St. Louis. My office, which is really our dining room is in desperate need of some style and organization. Hopefully in the form of the Salvaged Console Table, The Hazel Chair, and the beautiful aron mirror to bounce some light around.


  • Amanda

    Amanda Gering, 21, Chicago–I am obsessed with the Peri pillow and the Bria rug!!


  • MelDVila

    Melissa Vila, 32, Land O Lakes, FL

    I’d love the Birdcage Lamp or the Mira Mirrored Lamps for my master bedroom makeover. Beautiful!



  • Caroline Hellmuth, 27, Jacksonville, FL

    I’d love to go all Emily Henderson on the living room of my condo by combining two different decorating styles: retro modern and bright nautical. Lulu and Georgia’s Cole Lamp would be the perfect piece to reflect the condo’s 70s heritage, while their bold and colorful Starfish Pillow acknowledges the fact I live at the beach without screaming it.


  • Lillian Bueno

    Lillian Bueno, 23, Chicago, IL..I would greatly love and appreciate this room make over!! My husband and I are college students and work down town and never seem to have time to decorate nor have funds to make our dream bedroom in beautiful Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago,IL! You and your staff are so inspiring and encourage my life, please help reflect this in our bedroom!! Xoxox Lilly B.

    Would love to win:
    Metric Rug, Lillie mirrored side table, birdcage lamp!!!!, Mae mirror subtle white, day of the week chalkboard..love it all!!


  • Esi

    Hi, I’m Esi Impraim, 33, in Chicago. I’d love the Tristan chair or Solitaire pillows in any color at L&G for a much needed makeover of my living room. Here’s the link to my tweet: https://twitter.com/semicharmedla/status/362428092590997504 🙂

  • Darlene Campos, 23, Chicago, IL – I’d love L&G’s and the VIOLET DUSK WALL ART, ROYAL INK RUG, and the CABARET MIRROR! http://instagram.com/p/capphgkFFv/

  • jenn

    Jennifer Nash, 30, Sanford NC. There are so many great things. Here are just a few things I would love to have:

    the navy pillow top ottoman
    barney loveseat
    emiel chair
    zeena lamps
    genevieve gorder anoki rug in cool aqua or her patchouli rug in teal & lemon

    My bedroom is in desperate need of help. I moved in back in October and this room has been completely neglected while I renovated other rooms in the house https://twitter.com/jennash77/status/362427030333190144/photo/1

  • Jordan LaRae

    “Jordan Isaacson, 23, St. Paul, MN – I’d love L&G’s Lille mirrored side table and the Rochelle table for my bedroom makeover! https://twitter.com/jordanlarae

  • Alyssa Loring

    Alyssa Loring, 27, Boston, MA
    My bedroom makeover needs the Theda lamp set in Snow, the Gemini mirror, navy pillowtop ottoman, and a really great chair (the Tristan?). I’m also obsessed with the Ethel armchair- please bring that into my life!

  • Fatima Ibrahim

    Fatima Ibrahim, 23, Chicago, IL – I’d love L&G’s Quinn rug in light charcoal and the Theda lamps for my bedroom makeover! http://twitter.com/FatimaIbrahim/status/362436801144692737/photo/1

  • carla

    carla m. holden, 35, hollywood, ca – i’d love the bedula pillow royal blue and the dylan vase in cream for my bedroom makeover! woo!! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/carlamholden

  • Winter White

    Winter Harrell-White, 34, Long Beach Ca PLATINUM NOIR LAMP and COMPASS GARDEN STOOL, IVORY are items that I really like from LuLu and Georgia http://instagram.com/p/ca94b2pKBs/

  • Christina Foster, 28, Boston. After just moving in a few months ago and sloooowly decorating, this would be a great help and inspriation to get our butts in motion!! Even though I can hardly narrow it down to three pieces, here are my favorite so far- the estella mirror, darby dining table in white and of course, the l & g sheepskin!! Yikes!! Can’t wait! Both of these rooms need some hugs and kisses all over them! http://instagram.com/p/cah1JhBFai/ http://instagram.com/p/caiFukhFa9/ Also shared on instagram!!

  • emma godfrey

    Emma Godfrey (emmainprogress) 33, Brooklyn, NYC – I would LOVE L&G’s Catalina Console table and JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS RUG, ROYAL BLUE for my living room makeover! pic.twitter.com/0CQ7PzLaLA

  • Julia Ryan

    Julia Ryan, 31, Richmond,VA

    I would love the Coal Chevron Ikat Pillow, and the Genevieve Gorder Blue Rug



  • Steph Perez

    Stephanie Perez, 36, College Station

    I love all things Lulu and Georgia especially the Desert Sunset Rug, the Cheshire Rug, the Acacia Stool, and the Candy Button Garden Stool.


  • Sehee

    Sehee Chung, 30, Brooklyn
    Love Muirlands Side Table, Brooklyn Side Table (of course!), Gabrielle side table, nicolette chair, and Blackened Timber Stool from Lulu and Georgia. All very feminine rustic. This needs a makeover: http://instagram.com/p/cbgbbFEgYD/

  • Jenny Dixon

    Jenny Dixon, 34 of Pittsburgh. Sometimes a blank slate is the most daunting design challenge. Please help me design my dream living room in our new house!

    I would love the L & G’s Barney Loveseat , JILL ROSENWALD HOURGLASS POUF, and COLBIE RUG, SILVER GRAY



  • Elizabeth Cincotta

    Elizabeth Anne Cincotta, 28, Assonet, MA – I’d love L&G’s Pearl Loveseat and Bench with the Celuk Pillow, Acrobat Pillow in Pink, Breaking Wave pillow in Driftwood, and the Hadley Side Table to add some sophistication and style to our sunroom, the last room of our brand new house that needs attention! http://instagram.com/p/cblyXzSPyk/

  • Guest

    Elizabeth Anne Cincotta, 28, Assonet, MA – I’d love L&G’s Pearl
    Loveseat and Bench with the Celuk Pillow, Acrobat Pillow in Pink,
    Breaking Wave pillow in Driftwood, and the Hadley Side Table to add some
    sophistication and style to our sunroom, the last room of our brand new
    house that needs attention! http://instagram.com/p/cblyXzSPyk/

  • Katherine

    Katherine McCord, 28, Boston, MA
    – Mirrored Bamboo tray table, Churchill Chair in beige, Nailhead Bench in beige, equinox lamp
    – https://twitter.com/katherinemccord/status/362571823323439104/photo/1

  • Ginger Sauers Dupré

    Ginger Dupre, 40, Jacksonville, FL – I’d love L&G’s Audrey Lamp and the Blaze Mirror for my bedroom makeover! https://twitter.com/gingerphoto/status/362587434346754049

  • phronsie

    Phronsie Godwin, 37, Denver, CO – I would love the Catalina Console Table, and perhaps the Pearl Wing Chairs to mix up the seating at a dining room table!


  • Whitney

    Whitney Knudtson, 27, Chicago

    Love the Churchill chair and the Beverly or Blue Belle Rug for my living room makeover! (And like a million other things!)


  • Ali Derr

    Alison E. Maruca, 28, Annapolis — I LOVE L&G’s Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf (any color), the Tristan chair, Pillowtop Ottoman, and the Birdaria Believe Mantra — http://instagram.com/p/cb1Ye3umKN/

  • Angela

    Angela Sayre, 29, Dallas, TX – I’d love L&G’s Raine Lamp and Estella Mirror (among a million other things!) for my bedroom makeover! https://twitter.com/AngSayre/status/362595767040475138

  • TabathaWM

    Tabatha Muntzinger, 29, Dayton OH — The Garbo stool in Amethyst stole my breath and the Grace console table is just majestic for my office makeover! I posted my entry to Twitter: https://twitter.com/tabulous/status/362603869894742016

  • Bonita Weaver

    Bonita Weaver, 32, Tuscaloosa, AL – L&G’s Adelaide Console Table and Xandra Chair in Clear would make the makeover of my living room absolutely legendary!


  • kayla meyers

    Kayla Meyers, 23, Chicago [Lakeview]
    I’m obsessed with L&G’s Blaze Mirror in Gold!

  • Maura Gomez

    Maura Gomez, 31, Boston, MA- It’s very hard to narrow it down to a few items, but I’d love the Namibia rug or any of the natural style rugs as well as the xandra chair! I love all the accent chairs and poufs at Lulu and Georgia! My loft style bedroom needs some color and warmth partly due to the high walls and industrial ceilings! https://twitter.com/MauraGomez15/status/362609306199281665/photo/1

  • Vanessa Torres

    Vanessa Torres, 28, Chicago – I’d love L&G’s Ethel Armchair, Blaze mirror- gold, Waimea Canyon Rug- seaglass

    My living room/office needs help it has the most awkward layout.

    Twitter: @Vtorres2
    IG: VTorres31

  • Jocelyn Duran

    Jocelyn Duran, 25, Bakersfield, CA – I would LOVE the White Xandra Chair and the Barney Loveseat for my living room makeover please! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151846267299047&set=a.409348979046.208307.583959046&type=1&theater

  • Amy M.

    Amy Michaels, 21, Schiller Park, IL (Chicago suburbs)

    My bedroom is in dire need of some styling! I love the Hayden pillow, dumbo elephant figure, subtle stripes dhurrie rug in capri, and the Beatrice throw in cream.


  • Stephanie

    Stephanie Klose, 25, NYC

    -Taylor Rug, Ruby Chair, Secretary Lamp


  • Jennifer Robinson Hodaj

    Jennifer Robinson, 34, Chicago, IL – I would love to win this makeover as I’ve just moved into a new apartment and I’m lost when it comes to decorating. I would love to win the Xmarks the spot table, Chinoiserie table in gold, Serenity table and Matterhorn vase from Lulu & Georgia.
    Dream room makeover #EverygirlFizzDreamRoom @TheEverygirl_ @Fizz56Wine @LuluandGeorgia http://instagram.com/p/ccOYooswV3/

  • Becka Grapsy

    Becka Grapsy, 23, Arlington. From L&G – I would definitely want the pendulum rug, the Bedela pillow (really, all the pillows!), and the Day of the Week chalkboard – so cute but useful for keeping track of my busy schedule of work, training (I compete in CrossFit) and graduate school! http://instagram.com/p/ccRXOEgUGu/

  • Kathy

    “Kathy Farro, 31, Cincinnati, Ohio – I’d love L&G’s Hermes Owl and dancing dahlias rug in Amber for my living/dining makeover! https://twitter.com/MtAdams1208/status/362652263216463872/photo/1

  • Megan Bower

    Megan Bower, 28, St. Louis
    I love the Theda Lamps in Cobalt, the Pacific Wave Pillow in Pacific Blue, and the Meredith rug for my bedroom makeover!

  • Christne Deya

    Christine Deya, 22, Chicago (Boystown)- I am OBSESSED with Lulu & Georgia’s Panopic stripe rug in poppy red. I feel like it would add such a fun blast of color to my all-white studio!

    I just moved to Chicago and this would be a great chance for me to feel confident and proud of my space when inviting new friends and grad school classmates over. I mean, come on, doesn’t everybody want to be THAT girl with the bangin’ apartment!?!?


  • Kaitlin Ballesteros

    Kaitlin Schott, 28, Arena, WI
    There are SO many things I love from Lulu and Georgia but the desert fire Pouf and the IKAT SHAG RUG both go great with my earthy aesthetic!


    The room I shared is our living room and both pieces would look great with our light flooring!

  • Kimberly Johnson

    Kim Johnson, 40, Nashville, TN- I love L&G’s Oxford Storage Ottoman, Mae Pillow and the Lana Lamp. They would be great to perk up my sad bedroom. Ironic that the room where I have sweet dreams is such a nightmare. Help! https://twitter.com/roqberry/status/362707547997745153

  • michelle wilkinson, 23, san diego. i adore lulu and georgia’s audrey lamp in white, sade trays, and golden metallic bamboo tray table. http://twitter.com/stripesprinkles/status/362708500968783872

  • Carolyn Noble

    Carolyn Noble, 27, Washington, D.C.
    Love a pair of the Audrey Lamp – navy, the kamile pillow, and the golden bamboo tray table to name a few!

  • instantphoebe

    Phoebe Wu, 25, Evanston, IL
    I’d love to win the navy/white Audrey Lamp, Ainsley metallic side table or Fiona side table, and the Leyti rug. I moved into my studio not too long ago, and it desperately needs help, ha.

  • Rachel

    Rachel Dorton, 27, Chicago. I love Lulu and Georgia’s Isla pillows and Brooklyn side table. http://twitter.com/At_first_blush_/status/362734399768387584/photo/1

  • Amellia

    Amellia Quapp, 23, New York City – I would love to turn my drab living room into a space that I can be proud to entertain friends in! The L&G Mirrored Bamboo Tray Table would be a perfect cocktail station and a great place to store a case of Fizz56 Wine. The juxtaposition of Out of the Nest Chair and the Emiel Chair would add a sense of whimsy while providing friends a place to relax. PLUS, winning this would be an unforgettable gift to my roommates!


  • Michelle Clancy

    Michelle Clancy, 38, Boston, MA – I’d love L&G’s Churchill Chair and accents such as their Ampersand Bookends and Rayna Pillow to design an office sitting room space. https://twitter.com/MichelleClancy/status/362736098050465792/photo/1

  • Yenny Bonilla

    Yenny Bonilla, 23, Atlanta, GA- I would LOVE the Rochelle Table for my bedroom & ferah pillows in grape!

  • denise_nicole87

    Denise Wright, 24, Akron, OH – My bedroom has been 10 months in the making, and as you can see, I haven’t gotten very far. I would love, love, love the Mia lamp, coal oak shelf & my walls are begging for some of the Rouse & Jones wall prints! 🙂 http://instagram.com/p/cdCd33GUwZ/

  • openandclothes

    Rebecca Miller, 29, Chicago – Lulu & Georgia’s Miles Table and Totem Vase would make a great addition to my bare living room!

  • Nancy

    Nancy Whalen, 31, New York love the beverly rug, inga tray, bea mirror! http://instagram.com/p/cdEKSNxggM/

  • Dee Gee

    Delia Gibbs, 40, Hampton – Oh me, oh my, I wonder why
    the (Cascade Mirror) is not hanging high,
    In my room I cry
    (Belvedere Hanging Lamp) say I,
    (Antoinette Tufted Bench), I sigh
    and Salena Rug, Blue Wave, Lulu and Georgia..
    Please, May I??
    Thanks. https://twitter.com/delig1122

  • Katie Scudder Bruce

    Katie Bruce, 29, Bellevue, Washington- I would love the Shelby Hanging Lamp and the Quinn Rug for my Bedroom Makeover! http://instagram.com/p/cdI2HnuJ24/

  • Shannon Smith, 26, Charlotte NC. I’ve been coveting a pair of the Audrey lamps in white, and the mirrored bamboo tray table! I’m an interior decorator that has done NOTHING in her master bedroom, and I know it could be fab! Help! https://twitter.com/Burlap_and_Lace/status/362781188261281794

  • Guest

    Help me accentuate the views!! Danielle Higgins, 30, New York City, NY – I’d love love love L&G’s ankara poof, Brooklyn side table and Tristan chair to fill my bare living room! I can’t believe I’m finally moving into my dream “big girl” apartment but it’s just finished being built, so here is a photo of my soon to be living room (minus the furniture): https://twitter.com/DaniMarie325/status/362784465631731712

  • Erin Egleston

    Erin Egleston, 31, Lancaster, California–I’m in love with L&G’s Painted Desert rug, the Eliza chair, and the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass pillow in Maize!

  • Janet

    Lura Anyanwu, 25 (as of July 26!!! yay for quarter life crisises lol), Chicago, IL


  • Jessie D. Miller – 31 – St. Louis, MO

    I’m already picking out paint colors to go with a pair of Lotus lamps, Ethyl chairs, and a Theos rug! I need touring sexy back to my boudoir STAT! Please oh, please pick me! Regardless, painting starts this weekend! 😉


  • Dani Allain

    My name is Danielle Allain, I’m 26 years old and live in Fairfield, CT with my fiance Dan. We purchased our first home together last year and have been working on the house since, room by room to make it feel a little more like our home 🙂 I have been a fan of everything Lulu & Georgia ever since we moved in! A couple things that I think would really spruce up this room are the Brooklyn Coffee Table (square) and the Feather Rug (natural). Thanks for your consideration and for such a great contest! xo https://twitter.com/thatgirlMOOK/status/362924033488064514/photo/1

  • TheSweetestYears

    Amanda Marra, 26, Arlington,VA – I’d love L&G’s Jill Rosenwald Lacey Rug and the Brooklyn Coffee Table, square for my livingroom makeover! https://twitter.com/SweetestYears

    Used to love the look of this room setup in my old Philly loft apartment, but it doesn’t match the modern feel of our new grownup apt 🙂

  • Rachy Rach

    Rachel Moore, 24, Chicago, IL
    I am head over heels for the Damon Cowhide Rug, Central Park Cabinet, and the pillowtop ottoman (sea mist) <3 from Lulu and Georgia for our living room mermaid mansion makeover! XOXO


  • Claire

    Claire Kammer, 35, Evanston, Il. I would love to see elegant pieces like the Juliana lamp and celuk pillow in my bedroom makeover in my new place! http://t.co/bJU46mZf1T

  • George M

    Does anyone know who won? If so, where is it posted?

  • Mandy Gransell

    Mandy Gransell, 13, L’Anse Michigan
    I would really like the Montmartre side table, and the Theda lamps. They are fantastic!!! https://twitter.com/msgdog09/status/470378258517991424

  • Sherri Nutter

    Sherri Nutter, 41, Clarksville Virginia – I would love the costal decor with the blues and greens! Love the bright colored pillows too! http://instagram.com/p/pUXX5hvR5c/

  • Lacy

    Lacy Smith, 28, Avon, IN. I would love the Gemini Mirror and the Coucou natural rug! https://twitter.com/WrapitupwLacy/status/492493097591242752/photo/1

  • Stephanie Carballada

    -Stephanie Carballada. 23. Philadelphia, PA.

    – I love the asher side table, timber cocktail table, rizzo bench in hot pink, mirrored bamboo tray table, tamalpias pillows, and so much more!!!!

    – http://Instagram.com/p/q-iAzHiZg9/

  • Nikk.Brocco

    Nikki Brocco, 26, Long Island, New York! I’m loving the Asher Side Table in Silver, the Luxe Trellis Bookcase, the Balsam Side Table , Taj Mahal Lanterns, Chestnut. These would all be lovely for my bedroom makeover : D http://instagram.com/p/rAm7ootFTw/

  • Susan thompson

    Susan Thompson, 35 from Charlotte, Mi
    I would love for my very blah living room your very lovely https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/ina-indooroutdoor-rug-green-tea
    Also your https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/factory-metal-floor-lamp-ebony
    I know these 2 items will help bring more flavor to my dry drab living room!


  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Hollingsworth, 41, Dublin, CA – I’d love the Ronan Bookshelf and the Ottaway Office Chair https://twitter.com/jhollingsworth/status/539165593836867585

  • Nancy Shirley Christino

    Nancy Christino, 32, Philadelphia, PA. I would die for L&G’s Quinnipiac Gray Rug and Two Toned Maddox Chair in my family room. What amazing pieces!

  • Prof. Me

    Amy Lynn Hess, 39, Atlanta, GA – I’d love to see the Arlo Desk Chair, Aiya Removable Wallpaper, Salma Moroccan Pouf and the Bloomingdale Chair tie together this room of vintage finds!

  • Jessika Gay

    Jessika Gay, 28, Miami, Florida. I’d love the remix pillow, yellow, calderas vase, ginger, gold love print, pink and orange butterfly print. http://twitter.com/nonessential45/status/620794064791695361/photo/1

  • Eva

    Eva Sall, 14, East Orange, I would love the gray couch and white desk chair for my bedroom makeover.https://instagram.com/p/-XcZJcqJdY/

  • Laura Chism

    Laura Chism, 28, Yellville, AR – I would love Kate Spade New York Gramercy Leopard Ikat rug, grey and All Under Control By Kent Youngstrom https://www.instagram.com/p/BIVhdDYj0q8gX9dC64xKbeUCPShfmtUhbMHvKU0/?taken-by=lchism

  • Autumn Kucka Moricz

    Autumn Moricz, 40, Pinckney, MI – I would love the Moroccan Pouf, Isabella Pendant and the Belen rug in gray! https://twitter.com/ajmoricz/status/818542830482321409