Who Runs the World? Girls! // June 2015

  • Copy by: Daryl Lindsey

“Please love by giving and by taking. Give and be given. If you are only giving and not taking, you’ll know,” said author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche in her address to the graduating class of Wellesley College earlier this month.  “You’ll know from that small and true voice inside you that we females are so often socialized to silence. Don’t silence that voice. Dare to take.” 

Like Chimamanda, we’re of the firm opinion that a woman’s voice is one that is worth being heard. Here are some highlights from women who dared to make waves in the month of June

Women in: The News

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“Today we are here in a moment of unity in our state, without ill will, to say it’s time to move the flag from the capitol grounds,” said Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina in a press conference on Monday. In the wake of the deadly shooting at the Emmanuel Church in Charleston last week, the state will no longer fly the Confederate flag on government property.

Daily Show Correspondent Jessica Williams, flawless as ever, weighs in on the controversy surrounding police overreach in Mckinney, Texas. 

We loved reading #GIRLBOSS, but new controversy surrounds author Sophia Amoruso and Nasty Gal, the popular online clothing company she founded. The company is being sued by an ex-employee for allegedly “systematically and illegally terminating pregnant employees.” Ouch. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

The trailer for He Named Me Malala, a documentary about 17-year-old activist Malala Yousafzai, was released this week. ALL THE FEELS. 

Women in: The World

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Young Syrian refugees create inspiring photos of their future selves, sending the clear message that there is a future for them beyond the life of war. 

The new media outlet Muslim Girl aims to once again make Muslim women active participants in conversations about Muslim women. Check out their fundraising campaign here

The traditional practice of footbinding was banned in China 103 years ago. Photographer Jo Farrell tracked down some of the few women still alive who underwent the procedure, documenting the last of China’s “lotus feet” in this haunting photo series.

Women in: STEM

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Italian astronaut Samantha Christoforetti set the record for longest single space flight by a woman earlier this month. #goals

Female scientists prove just how #distractinglysexy they are in response to one male scientist’s sexist claims about women in the workplace.

The nonprofit organization Feminist Approach to Technology (or FAT) aims to educate young Indian women and girls in science and technology in order to break down stereotypes and empower the next generation. Right on. 

Growing up, Bill Nye the Science Guy was the best part of science class. Nowadays, he spends his time encouraging young female scientists to get out and learn.

Women in: Entertainment

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Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler discuss the making of Pixar’s Inside Out.

If you haven’t binge-watched the entire first season of Sense-8 yet, we suggest you get on that ASAP. Stars Janet Mock and Jamie Clayton talk Sci-Fi and gender equality in this interview with MSNBC.

Cue the nostalgia: The Powerpuff Girls are back.

YouTube comedian Franchesca Ramsey has teamed up with MTV for a new web series, MTV Decoded, to bring in-depth discussions on race and culture in America to a wider audience. You’re welcome. 

Superstar Zoe Saldana voices her frustrations with Hollywood’s treatment of pregnant women

An Amy Winehouse documentary is on its way, but making it didn’t come without its challenges.