Who Runs the World? Girls! // May 2015

  • Copy by: Daryl Lindsey

“Millions of little girls are going to sit by their television sets and see they can be astronauts, heroes, explorers and scientists,” said activist Gloria Steinem when the late astronaut Sally Ride became the first American woman to travel to space in 1983. Last Tuesday was Ride’s 64th birthday.

Steinem’s words are just as poignant today as they were then. Women are still largely under represented as astronauts, heroes, explorers, and scientists, but we’re grateful to live in a world where that is changing every day. Here are highlights of women working to further those opportunities in the month of May: 

Women in: The News 

Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

At 93 years old the nation’s oldest park ranger hopes to inspire women and girls of color.

Organizers in Utah have created the first girl’s tackle football league in the US.

This amazing woman hopes to be the first female to row a boat from Japan to California.

Sexism in the armed forces is alive and well. Here are 5 things to know about female military service members.

Women in: The World 

Image via Prakash Mathema/Getty Images

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, these kung fu nuns (yes, you read that right) quickly became a part of the relief effort. 

Last week 30 female activists crossed the heavily fortified demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea to encourage dialogue and cooperation between the two countries.

A group of photojournalists’ work documents female empowerment all over the world—the result is gorgeous. 

Women in: STEM 

image via Regina Agyare 

A co-ed programming course in Ghana hopes to break harmful gender stereotypes. 

Google, Nasa, and Disney Jr. put their heads together to create a TV show that inspires girls to pursue careers in STEM fields.

The #girlswithtoys campaign uses social media to connect female scientists and engineers.

Women in: Entertainment 

Image via VEVO

If you haven’t seen T-Swift’s Bad Blood music video yet we probably can’t be friends anymore.

This elderly photographer’s creative self-portraits are sure to bring a smile to your face.

37-year-old Maggie Gyllenhaal was told at an audition that she was too old to play the love interest of a 55-year-old man. Say what? 

Is Mad Max: Fury Road the first truly feminist blockbuster action film?