You Need to See The New Starbucks Spring Cups

1. Starbucks just released new cups, so we can all rest easy in the knowledge spring is finally on the way

I’m not going to lie, I will probably post the first new cup I get to Instagram. No shame.


2. GOT revealed the season seven premiere date with an interminable ice-melting Facebook post

Weird ice-melting stunt aside, excuse me while I just quietly go FREAK THE HECK OUT.


3. Have you seen the “Fearless Girl” statue that is now facing down Wall Street’s famous “Charging Bull”?

Source Federica Valabrega

The statue, which went up the night before International Women’s Day, is the perfect encapsulation of #shepersisted.


4. Joe Manganiello wrote Sofia Vergara a 40-page “love note” as an anniversary gift because apparently, he had a lot to say

I don’t know about you… but a 40-page love note is not the gift I want to receive. Edit, people. Seriously, you know he ran out of things to say halfway through, started repeating himself, and was all “nbd, she won’t read this far anyway.”


5. The latest K-beauty trend is here… and it’s rubber masks?!

Scary or scary good? This is important information I need to know.


6. Should we ditch the term “girl crush”?

We may love expressing our adoration for our favorite females, but does calling it a “girl crush” do more harm than good?


7. Apparently, the world needs to watch Emma Watson’s UN speech again

The “Beauty and the Beast” star has been dealing with some serious backlash recently for her Vanity Fair cover shoot. As she so eloquently expresses, “Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women.” It’s time to stop dragging each other down and start building each other up.