See How a Nashville Studio Takes DIY to Decorator Status in 500 Sq. Ft

Last time we checked in with Katherine Vo, she was living in a colorful 750 sq. ft Orange County apartment. But in just a few short years, everything has changed. Katherine and her husband packed their bags and moved across the country to Nashville, Tennessee. With this being her first time living outside of California, she decided a style overhaul was in order. After selling most furnishings on Craigslist, the couple set out to decorate their new—even smaller—space (500 sq. ft, to be exact) on a tight budget. Her biggest splurge? A $250 IKEA couch. Read below to see how Katherine utilized every inch of space and included DIY projects for a personalized touch (without breaking the bank).

Name: Katherine Vo
Age: 31
Current occupation: Content Creator / Actor / Freelance Stylist / Fashion & Lifestyle Instablogger
Education: University of Southern California (USC), BA in Theatre