10 Fashion Bloggers I Love Following Because They Share My Body Type


There have been countless times where I’m scrolling Instagram in bed (probably about to drop my phone on my face), and I come across a super cute outfit on a fashion influencer. But then I think: dang, I don’t look like that, so I’m not sure if I could pull it off. As a true lover of all things fashion, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration from wherever I can possibly get it—even more so now, with all of the extra free time on my hands. I love to scroll Instagram and see the creativity of fashion bloggers who are putting together cute outfits, sharing deals or their favorite pieces, and curating beautiful feeds.

However, I, along with a lot of women in the world, am often faced with a lack of representation in bloggers who look like me. I’ve spoken at length about the gap in the fashion industry for mid-size women, and the same problem occurs on social media. Bloggers who identify as mid-size, “midi,” or “in-betweeners,”—often wearing sizes 10, 12, or 14—are sometimes hard to come by, but more and more are popping up. If you’re also looking to add more bloggers to your feed, here are 10 of my favorites to consider.


1. Raeann Langas


2. Britney Vest


3. Kristina Zias


4. Karina (The Style Idealist)


5. Carrie Dayton


6. Sierra Schultzzie


7. Sarah Tripp


8. Holly Ah-Thion


9. Maria McFarlane


10. Abi (Mid Size Gal)


Are there any more mid-size bloggers that you love to follow? Comment below!