Are Your Periods Feeling Worse Right Now? Turns Out There’s a Reason Why
Hitting the snooze button more often when it's that time of the month? It turns out there's a name for the wintertime listlessness leading up to and during your period. Click here for more information on winter period fatigue syndrome.

5 Timeless Pieces Worth Investing In, According to a NYC Stylist

consider this your capsule wardrobe's starting point
Trench Coat
Black Tote
'90s Straight Jean
The same brand you know and love—now in a whole new format.

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Dr. Arielle Levitan, MD
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The Everygirl's Guide to Everyday Gatherings

We partnered with La Crema to show you how to make any gathering, whether it be big or small, one to remember. Grab a bottle of wine and prepare for hosting to become your core personality.
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