10 Genius Wedding Decor Hacks From Ikea


As of 2016, the average cost of a wedding is a mind-blowing $32,641—and to be honest, most people we know spend double that amount. We urge you not to be among them. There are many ways to save big (that don’t include having your crazy uncle officiate, or being committed to a psych ward from cost-cutting-induced stress). Here, 10 Ikea products that double as gorgeous wedding decor, to help you save your precious pennies for something more meaningful—like, say, feeding your future children.

1. Frames

Source: Pinterest

This one has become something of a star on the wedding circuit—paint it or paint on it, and use it for any number of purposes including table numbers, calls to action (like the Instagram handle pictured) and more.



2. Easels

Source: Pinterest

Here’s another piece of signage that can fit a number of different aesthetics, depending upon the paint job you give it (or don’t). Use it to greet guests, to list cocktail options, as a program and more.



3. Globe Lights

Source: Wedding Party App

Your lighting need not be fancy to look elegant and shed a romantic glow on your venue. We love the picture-perfect nature of these hanging lamps.



4. Bar Carts

Source: Pinterest

A little gold paint goes a long way in transforming this bar cart into something beautiful. We love the look pictured, but you can use anything that best works with your vibe. Use it for drinks, table numbers, desserts and more. Here are some great DIY instructions for dressing up your cart for the big day.

IKEA PS 2017, IKEA $100


5. Lanterns

Source: Brit+Co

Ikea offers a host of lantern options, but by far the most popular one for events, particularly weddings, is the Borrby. It comes in black or white, but can also be painted to match your theme. We love it stuffed with florals, succulents and, of course, candles.



6. Tea-Light Holders

Source: Pretty Little Weddings

These stems are so elegant we’d never guess they were straight out of the Ikea warehouse.



7. Succulent Holders

Source: Brit+Co

Use the same stems to hold succulents instead of candles for an über-Instagrammable option (these have been spray-painted for an dip-dyed effect).



8. Chandeliers

Source: Pinterest

Affordable but beautiful light fixtures can transform any space into a black-tie-ready venue.



9. Rugs

Source: Pinterest

They do wonders to transform a wild outdoor space into a cohesive venue.



10. String Lights

Source: The Knot

If lanterns and chandeliers feel like a bit much to you, try some simple string lights instead. These little sparklers do more than their fair share to add ambience—we love them tented, as pictured.

SKRUV LED Light Chain, IKEA $8


This post originally appeared March 31, 2017, on The Zoe Report.